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6 Benefits of Led Light Therapy for Your Skin

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Light therapy is a skin treatment technique that has gained immense popularity in the past few years. Several studies have shown that light of different frequencies is effective in dealing with a plethora of problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Apart from these, the therapy also reverses age-related issues like fine lines and pigments. However, the frequency of light to be used varies depending on the specific problem to be dealt with.

New-age skin treatments like light-based treatment have solid scientific backing, yet many people are not fully aware of the technique. Many people do not know how light helps in dealing with skin issues. Hence if someone wants to go for this technique, it is a good idea to visit this site to learn more from a doctor lead skin care clinic.

Reasons Why LED Therapy Can Be A Boon For The Skin

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Removes Dark Spots From The Face

At times dark hyperpigmented spots may develop on the face, which can darken the overall skin tone of a person. These dark spots can be a sign of an underlying disease, or they can be quite harmless. In either case, it is essential to consult a professional dermatologist.

If the hyperpigmentation spots are harmless, the doctor may suggest a light-based technique to get rid of them. These dark spots appear because of the overproduction of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that is naturally produced by the body. It is beneficial for the body as it protects the body against harmful UV rays of the Sun and, in turn, prevents skin cancer.

However, if the melanin secretion is much more than expected, the face shows dark brown colored spots. Pulsed emissions can break the accumulated melanin and thus rid people of pigmented spots on their faces.

When excess melanin is broken down, the skin tone also improves greatly. Thus, the person appears fairer. Green light is beneficial for breaking down excess melanin. Green light is particularly suitable for this purpose because the frequency of green color is such that it reaches up to those layers of the skin where the excess melanin is deposited.

Improves Circulation Of Body Fluids Like Blood

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Body fluids like blood and lymph remove wastes and supply oxygen to different body parts. When circulation is improved, the wastes get removed faster and more oxygen is supplied in a given area. Techniques like massaging the face, regular exercise, drinking green tea, and UV ray-based treatment on the face are great for improving circulation.

Regular massaging and exercise require a lot of time and effort. However, light treatment is convenient and takes much less time. A session of this therapy typically lasts anywhere between twenty to twenty-five minutes. Moreover, people do not even need to visit a clinic. They can get masks online if they know the right frequency of light and the proper treatment regime that is suitable for their problems.

Retains Youth For A Long Time

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Light therapy has found great acceptance as an anti-aging procedure. When people grow old, their body components degenerate at a rapid pace, and the rate of renewal does not surpass the rate of degeneration. Hence proteins like collagen and elastin, which keep the skin tight, elastic, and strong, are also present in fewer quantities in old people.

The therapy works by stimulating the production of proteins like elastin and collagen. As the amount of these proteins increases, the wrinkles disappear. In fact, stimulating the production of natural proteins has specific advantages over other anti-wrinkle techniques like botox injections.

In botox, small doses of tetanus are injected to make the skin taut. However, if the injection volume is not well regulated, then it might make a face too tight and affect everyday speech.

Helps Deal With Acne

Acne or persistent red pimples on the forehead and cheek region is a common problem of many teenage girls. The underlying cause is bacterial growth in areas that get clogged by the overproduction of oil. Blue color light is very effective in dealing with acne as it has the ability to penetrate up to the source of the bacteria and directly kill them.

Helps Deal with Diseases Like Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition where itchy, dry patches develop on the skin. They can be triggered by a number of irritants like regular stress, high moisture, cold, etc. Frequencies corresponding to red color have been shown to work against the symptoms of psoriasis. However, the psoriasis treatment regime uses multiple approaches to manage the symptoms. The treatment involves oral anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid treatment, and topical medications in combination with light therapy.

It Is Safe To Use

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Most people are wary of using light to treat their skin because they fear it might cause skin cancer in the long term or damage the eye. However, LEDs do not cause skin cancers. But if people have a genetic condition predisposing them to skin cancer, they should avoid applying light-emitting diode-based therapy on their faces.

Again, people who regularly consume drugs like isotretinoin should consult a doctor before they start any light-based regimen. Unlike UV rays, visible and infrared light frequencies are not harmful to the skin. Although some side effects like rashes, redness, and itchiness may occur, those are mostly related to improper use of technique and not the technique per se.

Also, most clinics take good care to protect the eyes and other sensitive parts of the body so as to prevent any harm from the light-emitting diodes.


LED-based therapies have gained a lot of prominence over traditional techniques like bleaching or UV rays. This technique is not harsh on the face and does not cause the face to burn, as in the case of bleaching. Likewise, it does not have potent side effects as in the case of UV ray-based therapies. The only limitation of the LED-based technique is the high costs involved. However, with LED masks that people can use at home, the cost of the treatment is expected to go down.