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Curious About Red Light Therapy? You Are Not Alone! Here Are the 4 Most Common FAQs About Red Light Therapy

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Technological advancement has led to the production of many skincare products and procedures. However, not all are skin-friendly and some may end up doing more harm than good.

Among the exceptional and effective skin care procedures is red light therapy.

Read on to learn more about red light therapy and why it is most preferred by people who want to improve their health.

What is red light therapy?

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RLT is a therapeutic technique that uses a low-concentrated wavelength of light for skin treatment for issues like wrinkles, persistent wounds, aging, and scars. Many confuse it with LED Light Therapy, which treats various skin conditions. The difference is that Red Light Therapy uses infrared radiation to produce local heat, while LED Light Therapy is a non-thermal dermatological therapy.

Red light therapy was initially used in space to promote plant growth. The intense light enhances the photosynthesis process leading to plant growth in the absence of sunlight. This prompted the study of using RLT for medical applications on human cells.

According to research, red light therapy has several benefits to the human body that are discussed below. It can also be used as an activating agent for other types of medication. In this case, it is called photodynamic therapy.

You can find the treatment in some salons for cosmetic purposes or in medical institutions where it is used for serious conditions such as cancer treatment, psoriasis, and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Learn more where you can find this therapy.

In what ways is red light therapy beneficial?

Promotes wound healing

RLT promotes faster wound healing by increasing the rate of tissue repair in your body. The procedure is especially beneficial to people who suffer from diabetic foot ulcers. These wounds often increase in size and require intense treatment. Red light therapy helps by stimulating the healing of these slow-healing wounds.

Relieves pain and inflammation

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Pain relief and reduced inflammation are among the core benefits of red light therapy. Thorough research shows a significant pain reduction in patients with meniscus tears, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, osteoarthritis knee pain, and many others. This fact led to the approval of the use of RLT to treat pains, especially in the Achilles tendons, by the FDA.

Aids in muscle repair and recovery

There is ample evidence that shows how RLT is beneficial before and after your workout. Exposure to the red light reduces muscle strength loss, minor impairments, and muscle soreness. Having the procedure before your workout will also help reduce knee muscle fatigue; hence it is very helpful, especially for athletes.

Heals the skin

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Skin benefits are among the main reasons red light therapy is most sought out. It is a treatment that is skin-friendly, safe, and can be used on all skin tones and types. The therapy increases collagen production, which in turn improves skin elasticity.

RLT’s anti-inflammatory effects make it favorable for clearing and rejuvenating your skin. It enhances the natural decrease of oil production in your skin. In addition, the therapy also promotes a notable decrease in bacterial levels in your skin. Therefore, you can say goodbye to other skin chemicals with harsh and drying effects.

Most dermatologists use red light therapy as an additional treatment for acne. When used alone, RLT may not get your skin cleared completely if you have severe acne.

Are you looking for an anti-aging secret? Red light therapy is a remarkable choice. This therapy protects your cells from damage, clears lingering scars, improves facial texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and increases fibroblast production, which is a significant contributor to skin rejuvenation and great complexion.

RLT aids in detoxification and circulation

These laser treatments stimulate increased activity in the lymphatic system and this helps in an easier detoxification process. Red light therapy also stimulates the formation of capillaries which increases blood circulation in your body cells.

This allows for better oxygen and nutrient delivery in your body.

Reduces cancer treatment side effects

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RLT is a very beneficial aspect of cancer treatment. Radiotherapy can be very harsh to your body and skin. Red light therapy helps in faster healing, reduced pain and inflammation, and skin rejuvenation. The therapy helps make cancer treatment more bearable and comfortable for your skin.

Promotes hair growth

Research shows that when you undergo red light therapy, it results in increased hair follicle activity. The therapy improves hair density, thickness, and shine.

Does red light therapy have any side effects?

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Red light therapy is a painless and safe procedure. However, like every other treatment, some people may experience side effects after exposure to these laser treatments. The side effects are often associated with faulty equipment and too much exposure.

They include:

• Burns and blistering
• Risk of eye damage

Researchers are still working on determining the optimal dose for red light therapy to ensure that you enjoy the benefits with little to no side effects.

What is expected during the Red light therapy?

The part of the skin to be treated should be fully exposed and should not be covered with any clothing to ensure maximum results. The heating that is expected during the procedure can be uncomfortable; hence some institutions will use a fan in the room to help you feel more comfortable.

It is important to wear eye protection especially if you are sensitive to light to prevent eye damage. The procedure needs to be done regularly depending on the advice given by your physician or dermatologist to ensure you maintain the results.

A minimum of 30minutes break is taken after every procedure to ensure that the bed has cooled off. There are no special oils that you are expected to apply and makeup will not interfere with the procedure. However, it is best not to apply anything when going for red light therapy.

You must consult with your physician before using red light therapy if you are on any medication, especially if you are taking medication such as tetracycline, photosensitizing drugs, and Digoxin.


Red light therapy has promising results to ensure your body, especially your skin is healthy. Therefore, you should consider adding it to your skincare routine by discussing it with your physician or dermatologist. Get that glowing skin with an amazing feeling you have always dreamed of today.