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Worldwide Well-Known Brands – Gildan and Next Level Apparel

Shopping for clothes or looking for high-quality apparel items to supply your print-on-demand business can be complicated and confusing. This is why you should do proper research before investing in clothing items. With so many different companies available nowadays, making the right choice can take some time.

You need to study the market, read various articles and look more into customer reviews to learn more about the companies you wish to supply yourself from. Despite the extensive range of styles, cuts, sizes, and colors, what matters the most is the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process, the cutting and sewing techniques applied, and the money you are spending on the products.

Gildan and Next Level apparel are two companies well-known worldwide that produce one of the best blank clothing items available. Their passion for developing and selling exceptional craftsmanship items has satisfied the needs of many customers that chose to buy from them. With over thirty years of experience, these companies focus on creating t-shirts of high quality. They offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes that reach up to any expectation. The financial advantage is that these two manufacturers sell their products either in retail or wholesale.

Gildan Activewear Inc.

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Gildan activity’s top priority is providing customers with premium quality clothing items made with attention and professionalism, since 1984 when the company was founded based on the production of a small knitting mill in Canada, Montreal. Listening to customers’ opinions and requests has helped act as a guiding force to raise the company on the market and turn it into a real competitor. They are one of the largest and most trusted clothing companies currently existing on the market and supply their items all over the world.

This huge apparel company respects both customers and employees. Through the help of the ESG- Environmental, Social, and Governance program, Gildan is taking significant steps to make positive changes by introducing special programs for employees’ wellness and health. Moreover, they are starting to organize various sustainability initiatives and community efforts to change how their production process influences the environment. Over the years the company has had a strong commitment to transparency. They have been ranked the 6th on the 2024 transparency index list out of 250 evaluated brands.

Next Level Apparel

The Next Level Apparel company, like Gildan, is one of the bestsellers of premium quality apparel on the market. Their shirts are made with such passion that they are considered to be more than just a clothing item – a way of connecting to communities. In 2003 this company came on the market offering lightweight and comfortable t-shirts. Trying to meet their customer’s needs, they have chosen to use a blend of fabrics consistent with 65% polyester and 35% ring-spun cotton. This blend helps create long-lasting clothing items whose color is more persistent than the ones on full cotton.

Next Level Apparel employees focus on making the best attires. They are committed to providing quality in every fabric, cut, and style produced. With great attention to detail, their products have received a high percentage of very positive customer reviews. Their mission is simple:

  • Providing the best quality possible regarding materials, cuts, styles, and design.
  • Focused on innovation and always finding a way of improving their techniques.
  • Passionate and responsive to customers’ demands.
  • Committed to the communities and fully aware that everyone can order from them; hence they need to meet their expectations.


Source: unsplash.com

The term sustainable has been introduced in the clothing industry, but some may not know it. Sustainable development is a process that meets and supports all of the environmental, ethical, and economic rules. This sustainable movement tends to adjust and create innovative systems, supply chains, and ethical and environmentally friendly items. Fashion is a strong art form industry that possesses the capacity to inspire others. This aspect creates one good reason why its industry should set an example regarding how companies should adjust their manufacturing processes to be more environmentally friendly.

Ethical and sustainable fashion work together, and one cannot exist without the other due to the connection between their effects on the environment and social life. More ethical clothing industry has to be one where all regulations and processes are adjusted accordingly to help create a safer and better industry regarding employees’ treatment and environmental protection.

Both companies, Gildan and Next Level Apparel, are fully committed to being advocates for this mission, proudly creating sustainable clothing items while respecting all regulations regarding ethical behavior and the protection of the environment.

Wholesale Sellers

Both companies offer the possibility of buying their items in bulk wholesale on wordans.com. There is a long list of advantages when buying items wholesale. The essential one is the great money value you benefit from per product when buying in bulk. If you look to supply your company’s employees or start a small business reselling clothes, this is the perfect option for you to reduce your costs.

It may not be a big difference if you only need a few shirts but for more than 50, imagine that you can save up to at least 1 dollar per item. Wholesale deals are made for the benefit of both parties. The customer gets to benefit from items priced at a fraction of their retail price, and the company benefits from making a name of itself, and by selling more goods at once, boosting its cash flow. Buying in bulk helps the company increase its production and enable the purchase of raw materials, supporting other businesses too.

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking to open a small print-on-demand business or you are holding a campaign and need to provide your employees with high-quality logo branded shirts, you should definitely consider buying from Gildan and Next Level Apparel. Their clothing items are of exceptional quality, and they meet all the ethical and environmental requirements while selling at a reasonable price.