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Why Gamblers Lose Money Online — And How to Avoid the Typical Pitfalls

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It is a mistake to assume that every online casino is inherently evil. While fraud is possible, the number of trustworthy vendors is significant. Gamblers may be tricked by cyber criminals, but they may also lose as a consequence of reckless behavior. Discover the typical pitfalls and embarrassing mistakes to avoid. This knowledge will help you make the most of your online gambling experience.

You may think that EasyWinnings require gaming the system or using a sophisticated strategy. In reality, only some of the games involve specific skills, and any player can win at any time. However, the outcome is determined by a single piece of software (the random number generator), and it is completely unpredictable. Unfortunately, too many players fail to recognize the implications of randomness.

Typical Mistakes

Most of the following recommendations are derived from the principle of randomness. If you know how the games work, set a clear budget, and stick to your betting limits, gambling can be a pleasant experience. Learn to gamble safely and responsibly to prevent yourself from getting addicted or losing too much.

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1. Willful Ignorance

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Shrewd gamblers consider all the pros and cons of the casino before creating an account.

They check the licensing information, security policies, the results of RNG audits, and other objective criteria. However, not every user is willing to do in-depth research or any research at all. Those who register at casinos at random risk exposing their data and losing their deposits.

2. Misunderstanding RNGs

In most casino games online, every outcome is completely random, as it is determined by a special virtual engine called “random number generator“. This system is the cornerstone of fairness, and it requires regular audits. If you see the eCOGRA logo on a site, it confirms that its RNG has passed the test. In addition, reliable providers usually share the certificates confirming the positive result of the latest audit.

The average user may think that casino operators tweak their RNG in any way they like.

In reality, they do not have access to this piece of software. It comes from the software studio together with the games. Naturally, shady websites are still manipulative, but audit certificates are reliable, and you can always contact the testing agency to verify the information.

3. Confusing Luck with Skill

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Very few games, such as poker or blackjack, require specific skills from the player. The vast majority of titles in a casino library are games of luck. For example, slots, which are preferred for their simplicity and entertainment value, are perfectly random. All you need to do is place your wager and set the reels in motion. The RNG determines the symbols that land across them.

4. Betting Too Much or Too Often

The only strategy you should have concerns your approach to betting. You need a strict budget with specific limits for daily, weekly and monthly gambling. These thresholds should never be exceeded. You could create some physical barriers — for example, limit online transactions via your online banking app.

5. Ignoring Volatility

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Some slots are programmed to bring payouts less often than others. The frequency always correlates to the amounts you can win. For example, million dollar games like Mega Moolah cannot be expected to deliver their biggest jackpots every month.

Decide what is more important for you — winning often or winning a lot. Slots with low volatility will deliver steady payouts, but do not expect to win a fortune. The more volatile a game is, the rarer the wins are. This term is used interchangeably with “variance”. You can easily find volatility information for any slot by googling its name.

6. Ignoring RTPs

Return to player is an indicator telling you how much a casino will pay you on average. It is calculated for a long-term gambling scenario, and it can be as high as 97% for the most popular platforms. The casino always has an advantage, so 100% is impossible. After all, every site is a business designed to bring profit to its owners.

When comparing casinos, look at their RTP. This should not be your only criteria, but it is still important. An RTP of 97% means that for every $100 spent on bets, you will get $97 back in the long run. As this is an average estimation, it does not mean you cannot win or hit the biggest jackpot.

7. Not Checking Pay Tables

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Every slot has a pay table. This chart shows all winning combinations with the size of the corresponding payouts. Use this information to evaluate the chances objectively. Games with more paylines require you to make larger bets. Winning is easier when there are fewer symbols.

8. Getting Emotional

Any strong emotion, be it fear, anger, or joy, clouds your judgment. Never play in a casino when you are depressed or overly excited. In such situations, you are more likely to make irrational choices, exceed your betting limits, and make other mistakes that can wipe off your deposit.

If you find yourself on a losing streak, leave the casino. Do not let your frustration translate into unnecessary and expensive bets. Staying will only exacerbate the monetary loss. In gambling, your psychological state is just as important as in trading in the stock market. Traders must never deviate from their strategy, but some of them are also prone to chase losses.

Final Words

Gamblers fail for different reasons, but ignorance and loss of self-control are the most common. Online casinos are built to be fascinating and potentially addictive. You must realize that game results are perfectly illogical, as they are based on a mathematical sequence. This is true for any trusted gambling vendor.

You cannot manipulate the odds with some insider betting strategy. Accept the fact that gaming the system is impossible, as every outcome is independent of the previous one.

Do not become obsessed with winning a fortune — this rarely happens. Instead, allow yourself to enjoy the gameplay, immersive graphics, and flawless soundtracks.