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Exploring The Sensual Symbolism In Frida Kahlo’s Art

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Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who showed imagination in her paintings. She was diagnosed with polio and bedridden for a few months at age five. Her right limb and feet are damaged and thinner than her left foot and joined many sports to recover from that. She was mostly attached to her father throughout her life.

She explored various topics in her art, like race, gender, and sexuality. Today she stands as a respected idealist icon and well-known artist. People greatly admire Frida Kahlo for her unique character and diverse background. She has become a sensual symbol of women’s willpower, a passionate person from Mexico, and her history and determination made her an inspirational person.

These sorts of raw emotions and passion and sensuality can be found on bbw cam, just like we see on Frida Kahlo’s. Beyond all this, she was a genuine female living with her rules. Frida Kahlo’s original paintings typically have deep meanings, a mixture of originality and imagination.

How Frida Kahlo Develops An Interest In Paintings?

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Frida Kahlo finished her schooling at National Preparatory School in Mexico City in 1922. In that school, only 35 females were enrolled, Frida one of the female. She was immediately well-known in school for her outspoken and brave nature. In school, she saw the mural artist Diego Rivera. Diego was working on a painting called the creation of the school campus. Frida took an interest in that, and she often watched how he was doing and taking an interest in that. She said to her friends that one day she wanted to marry him.

Frida was interested in politics, so the same year she joined the friend’s gang, who all had the same interest. At that time, she became interested in the famous politician Alejandro Gomez Arias. One day Kahlo and Gomez went on the bus, and the bus met with an accident. The bus met with the streetcar, and Frida got injured severely.

Her pelvis and spine got fractured; she immediately took to the hospital, where multiple operations were done, and she got mentally and psychologically disturbed. For a few months, she got bedridden at home. At that time, in bed, she developed a lot of interest in painting; she first made her portrait. Her parents encourage her to paint, and she develops more interest in painting.

A Look At The Most Famous Frida Kahlo Artworks

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Now we know Frida, so let’s look into her beautiful and inspirational artworks. They give more information about her artwork and the style of her paintings. All her artworks give us more insight into her thought process and lifestyle.

Frida And Diego Rivera: Pain And Love

Kahlo again got connected with Rivera in 1928. They had a romantic relationship and got married soon. After some time, their relationship became violent, as both had lots of affairs.

In 1940 she made one self-portrait with cropped hair. Kahlo is seen wearing a man’s suit, holding a pair of scissors, and having her hair fall about the chair she is sitting in. This represents how she would trim Rivera’s hair when he had affairs.

Memory, The Art

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In 1937, she made one artwork showing pain over her husband’s love affair with her younger sister Christina. In this painting, the size of Kahlo’s broken heart at her feet reveals the depth of her suffering. Her face didn’t have any expression, but it was full of tears, and she was wearing a European-style dress with cropped hair. Memory, the heart painting, clearly conveys that she was a broken heart. A steel rod with seesawing cupids on either end punctured her torso, sharing the experience of suffering a realistic image.

The Two Fridas (1939)

Kahlo completed this painting after divorcing Rivera. In this painting, two Frida she painted; one Frida is with a broken heart and wears traditional dress, and the other Frida is with modern clothing. This painting expresses the loneliness and depression after the divorce from her husband. One fine arts company in Mexico bought this painting, through which she earned $1,000. That was the highest price Frida got during her entire lifetime.

The Broken Column (1944)

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In the year 1944, Kahlo painted her most famous artwork. In this portrait, she presented herself nude and split from the middle. Her spine got burst from the middle. She wore a surgical dress and nails all over her body. First, she didn’t cover her lower part, but after, she covered it with a white cloth. Through this painting, she shows how much pain she went through. She underwent many surgeries during this time, so she suffered from physical pain and protected her back with corsets. She has gone through many treatments, but nothing worked for her.

Tragic End

In 1950, her health condition worsened; she got gangrene in her foot. So many operations were done, and she was in bed for nine months. But she never stopped; she painted so many artworks. In the year 1953 solo exhibition was held. Attending the exhibition was very hard for Frida, but she arrived at the exhibition and attended it. She arrived in bed by ambulance, celebrated her welcome ceremony, and welcomed all attendees. After a few months, she again underwent one surgery in which part of her right leg was removed to stop the gangrene.

She was depressed due to her physical condition she got suicidal thoughts in her mind. Despite all these physical challenges, she took part in a political issue once she came home. She joined the protest against the US-backed overthrow of President Jacobo Arbenz. That was her last public appearance. After one week of her 47th birthday, she passed due to a pulmonary embolism. She passed away in her adored blue house. But there is a rumor regarding her death that she committed suicide.

Popularity After Death

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Kahalo’s popularity increased after her death. Her beloved blue house was inaugurated as a museum in the year 1958. She is the icon of female activism due to her feminist image. A Biography of Frida Kahlo’s book was published in 1983 by Hayden Herrera after this public awareness increased for this renowned artist. In 2004 one movie was also released named Frida, which won so many awards.


Kahlo’s sensuous symbolic artwork is fascinating and represents her inner world and experiences. By using emotions and desires in her painting, she conveys the message. She used brilliant colors and symbols by which she showed her pain and pleasure. Frida’s hard work and struggles motivated other women to stand up for themselves. Her self-portraits are famous and inspirational throughout the world which preserves her legacy and creativity.