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Jentezen Franklin Net Worth – 2024 Guide

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Jentezen is one of the most famous preachers in the world. He is an American evangelist pastor, best-selling author, and motivational speaker. He wrote the most popular books- Right People, Right Place, Right Plan, and Fear Fighters. He is the one who dedicated his entire life to serving people and promoting awareness on religion and peaceful community.

Are you curious to know more about him? If yes, here’s complete information about his net worth, family background, achievements, and less known exciting stuff. So, read-on!

About Jentezen?

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Jentezen was born on July 21, 1962, to Billy and Katie Franklin in North Carolin, USA. He has four siblings- Jill, Jennifer, Doyle, and Richie. He is a Free Chapel Pastor in Gainesville, Georgia. He’s also a Free Chapel minister in Georgia and California.

Early Life & Family

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He happily married Cherise Franklin on September 5, 1987. Initially, Jentezen dated Cherise. Later, he proposed to Cherise, and she happily accepted their relations. Finally, upon their parent’s blessings, they got married.

Earlier, Jentezen and Richie Franklin joined Atlantic Christian College. After the completion of graduation, Richie soon followed his father’s path and joined as a preacher. Even Jentezen followed his brother and traveled with him.

They started preaching at the same time. Initially, Jentezen was so nervous and unable to speak in front of most people. Later, he followed God’s footsteps and devoted his entire life to God.

Her Career And Major Milestones

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Jentezen became a senior preacher in Free Chapel after the death of former preacher Roy Wellborn. The church helps people recovering from traumas and sufferings of life. Jentezen helped people and preached to them the right way out of love. Moreover, he started his first service with a modest membership of 300 people.

In 2003, it moved to the new location and had 3000 people. In 2007, he further established a church in Irvine. As he always wished for a church in Atlanta, he moved to Free Chapel in Atlanta in 2018. He actively participated in eradicating racial discrimination. And he won the Martin Luther King Jr Mantel of Destiny Award.

He is a well-renowned preacher, speaker, and evangelist on television. He has given numerous motivational speeches about community and regional on Kingdom Connection TV program. His speeches are most popular and admired by most people.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Jentezen Franklin

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Here’re a few less-known facts about Jentezen Franklin- Read on.

Jentezen hosted three family-focused conferences.

He lectured today’s most influential speakers and musical guests on “Forward Student Conference,” “A Wedding Conference,” and “The Divine Women’s Conference.”

Net Worth

Jentezen Franklin’s net worth is $2 million. He has over 359k Instagram followers, and his income as a senior pastor is $64,000. Moreover, it’s known that his shows broadcast on several other television networks such as TBN and other church channels.