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5 Things to Tell the Difference Between Good and Bad Quality Rugs

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Home décor comes in an overwhelmingly wide number of was that people often have trouble keeping up with. The amount of furniture and elements that have to come together in order for a place where people live to become a home they never want to leave is staggering. While there are some universal pieces that every single home needs, there also exist those that dance on the fine line between necessity and luxury. It is more than okay to have something just because you want it, but the absolute majority of things we have in our rooms actually serve an important purpose.

Most of us will argue that furniture used for sitting and relaxing like couches, armchairs, and beds are the most important type. Others perhaps cherish storage room more and elements used for putting things on like wardrobes, dressers, tables, desks, and cupboards. Whatever the case, it is more than clear that we need all of these if our home is to fulfil all of our needs as well as those living with us. In such a chaos of organizing a home and buying new stuff, people tend to forget about one crucial part, the rugs. 

Source: pexels.com

Rugs, or carpets depending on the type and size, are necessary to tie everything else together and cover the floor in a way it make sense and is appealing to the eye. Apart from making us warmer in the colder days since we do not have to walk over the colder tiles or wood, rugs also serve a very important purpose. Traditionally and historically, they have been crucial parts of home since they showcased class and social status. There are some truly beautiful carpets out there that can really take your home to a whole new level. 

In this article though, we will be focusing on the differences between good and bad quality rugs. If you are having trouble differentiating between them, this article will be of great use to you. Make sure to read through it carefully and to learn even more about rugs, make sure to check out persianandmodernrugs.com

1. Patterns, Designs, Edges

The easiest way to tell if a rug is of good or poor quality is its design, more accurately the pattern it has. The best of the best have very symmetrical patterns that despite their complexity look seamless and oddly precise. Moreover, their edges are always square corners without anything sticking out or being out of shape. On the other hand, bad rugs and carpets have multiple creases, their edges are curled up and the patterns are obviously out of line and not in harmony. This is due to the technique used for its creation. Whereas expensive rugs are usually hand stitched during extensive periods of time, poorer ones are made by machines that value quantity over quality. 

2. Texture and Wool Used

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The best rugs out there are almost exclusively made out of fine wool. This is something most people know. However, the type of wool is also a clear indication of the quality of the model at hand. There is a major difference between top quality rugs and anything else in terms of wool texture. Good pieces have shiny and fluffy wool that is white, off-white, shell, beige, cream, or colored but still of good texture. Bad quality rugs are usually darker and faded and the signs of oxidation and improper care can be seen with every fiber of wool. Basically, if it feels nice, warm, and cuddly, it is a good example.

3. Knots and Consistency

The most difficult thing to spot but still one that makes perfect sense to talk about and evaluate are the knots. In the good quality models, the knots are always even despite the overly complicated and intricate weaves they may have. Exactly like with the patterns and designs, bad rugs have no consistency whatsoever with their knots. They are constantly asymmetrical and despite the efforts of making them consistent, they can never be on the same level as top-tier, high-quality rugs. 

4. Price

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Like with all other things on the market, the price can be a clear indicator of how good a rug really is. If it is in the upper hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you are probably looking at a very good rug that will last you a lifetime. These are the ones that have all the good things we talked about previously and they are probably made by the hand of expert rug makers who have the techniques like braiding, hooking, and weaving down to a science. You probably already know that Persian rugs are the best of the best and they are synonymous with luxury rugs and carpets. They have been for thousands of years and the tradition is very much alive today. They are made of heavy textile and with the technique of weaving. Despite being a huge part of culture and tradition due to the art that can be done on them, they also have home use and are treasured pieces and investments nowadays.

5. Additional Things to Consider

We have now gone over the most important things you should worry about when determining the quality of rugs you are browsing. There are however still a few things worth mentioning that we will now talk about.

For one, it should go without saying that you should avoid synthetic fibers in your rugs. Not only are these rugs the absolute worst quality, but they are not so convenient to clean and maintain. Also, they have very short lifespans and if you manage to stain them you may be unable to clean it.

Rugs that sport odd and unconventional shapes are pleasing to the eye and could be fun to own. They could be exactly the thing you need in your home. However, they are usually of worse quality than proper and larger square rugs you would have in your living room, dining room, or bedroom. This is not to say that all small and weirdly shaped rugs are bad. On the contrary. But since they require less work and are easier to mass produce, there is a higher risk of them being of poorer quality on average.