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7 Common Furnishing Mistakes All New Homeowners Make

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Moving into your new home can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. After going through the tedious process of buying a new home, first-time homeowners might be tempted to rush through the furnishing process, to just get it done in a jiffy.

Furnishing, however, is not that easy, and hurrying through it will often lead to pricey regrets down the line. Listed below are some common furnishing mistakes that you need to be aware of, as a new homeowner.

1. Not Hiring A Professional

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Most homeowners don’t hire a professional like an interior designer or decorator, because they assume that they won’t be able to afford their services. However, it is important to note that you needn’t hire these professionals for the entire project.

You can just pay them for concepts like a mood board, color scheme, and ideas on the kind of furniture that’ll go well with your interior spaces. Hiring a professional will also help you figure out some basic furniture layouts. Some companies offer online services as well!

2. Underestimating or Overestimating the Scale

In their excitement of finding the perfect piece of furniture, homeowners might forget to consider the space available. You must measure the length, width, and height you have available in a particular area, even before you browse for furniture.

If you’re buying big furniture that can’t be dismantled and assembled in your house, make sure you measure the doorways as well. This will help you determine if you can get the furniture in without any hassle.

While the scale is often overlooked by homeowners, it is a factor that has the most visual impact. So, it is important to balance things out. Remember, a small room will not look good with an oversized sofa, and small vintage pieces in a spacious living room laid in an open floor plan will look out of place.

3. Buying Everything At Once

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For new homeowners, it’s super tempting to buy everything on one trip, to be done with moving in. However, this is a mistake that they often regret, because furnishing in one go inevitably leads to clutter.

You can approach this in a better way, by taking ample time to plan out the theme or decor style of each room. Consider the natural lighting, the activities in the room, and the pieces that you already have.

You can, of course, buy basic furniture like beds, mattresses, and chairs, but take enough time with other things. Your home should tell the story of who you are as a person. You should favor function over aesthetics, to create a truly beautiful home!

4. Not Having a Budget

If new homeowners don’t have a budget fixed before they furnish their home, then they’re in big trouble. If you don’t have one, you’ll either buy too expensive furniture or too cheap ones.

If you plan to stay in your current home for only a short duration of 5-6 years, buying an expensive sofa will only make you feel financially guilty down the line. On the other hand, buying something cheap that won’t last you a few years is not worth it.

To find the line, select a neutral theme for all your larger furniture. You can add splashes of color, textures, and patterns using inexpensive accessories like pillows, rugs, or planter boxes.

You can also try to buy your furniture from reputed second-hand stores or yard sales, for great offers. If you want a great deal on sofas and other furniture, click here and browse away!

5. Sticking to Conventional Decor

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New homeowners tend to place all their furniture right up against the walls of the space because this is what convention dictates.

The problem with this is that most new homes have a spacious open floor plan, and pushing things up against the wall will make your home feel cavernous and pretty dull.

So, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get those creative juices flowing. Experiment with angles and spacing to add more personality to the space. For example, you could arrange your couch set or chairs away from the wall for a cozier, welcoming ambiance. You could also use furniture to connect two spaces or break up a large space, like the living room and dining area in an open concept plan.

6. Covering the Entire Wall With Decor

Just like new homeowners tend to put a lot of furniture in a room, they can also go overboard with filling every wall with decor.

Hanging a painting, artwork, mirrors, or shelves on a few walls here and there, can tie up the whole space. However, if every wall is filled, the space also seems smaller and claustrophobic.

You can use accent walls to highlight your best artwork or family photos or place them on the mantel. Use these to your advantage and draw focus to certain points or unique elements in rooms that you would love to awe your guests with.

7. Selecting Too Many Styles

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If homeowners have too many styles trying to assert their dominance in one room, even the most well-organized space will look and feel chaotic. So, try to pick one, utmost two styles and a unified color plus material palette and stick to these. There are a plethora of styles to choose from, so select something that resonates with you.

Homeowners may also overlook transition spaces like corridors, stairwells, or foyers when selecting the house’s theme. They’re some of the most important spaces, and help unify the house!

You can also use some organizational pieces here to add the wow factor and make a good impression on visitors.

Final Words

Some first-time homeowners believe that furnishing is an easy task and they can get it done within a few days. This leads to mistakes that could’ve been avoided, and ultimately regret. If you’re about to furnish your new home, take note of these common mistakes and the tips on how to avoid them, to pull your gorgeous home together!