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How Much Internet Speed do You Need for Home Use?

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These days we all depend on the internet. Not only from the quality of the internet connection, but also from the availability and security of the service we receive, both from our local internet provider. Operators can offer you a wide range of internet services, but also speed. Once you realize what a choice you have, it can be difficult for you to make a decision so easily. Of course, don’t do it hastily but think hard. This applies to all factors that will affect your decision about internet speed.

So, you need to estimate approximately what your needs are on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Think a little about the characteristics of your internet connection by bringing it into line with what you are doing on the internet. If you are still not sure what you need to consider before making a final decision, keep reading. We will try to indicate all the items you need to consider. Discover all about it below.

Understanding bandwidth

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So, Megabit is the amount of internet connection that is consumed as well as the level mark when it comes to its use. Your task is to maximize your knowledge of the speed range on the market. Only in this way will you be able to calculate the internet speed that will suit your home. However, providers often mention internet speed and bandwidth. It is necessary to make a significant difference. When it comes to speed, it is clear to you that this refers to the speed of reading data on a particular device and is measured in Mbps. Bandwidth represents the speed of downloading or loading, and is measured the same in Mbps.

There is no universal standard for the speed that a house needs, because it depends on various factors. In any case, it can reach gigabytes and more. Large families, companies, etc., have this or more speed at their disposal. When it comes to fewer people this can only be a higher cost and so look at your needs and the general conditions of your home. If you want to find out download speed of cable and fiber internet, that are two different types, visit here.

Upload speed vs. download speed

Now that you have clearly delineated certain terms, you need to understand the specific difference between equipping and downloading. In doing so, we think you should choose what you will use more often and determine what speed you need accordingly. Of course, it is important to consider both, but set yourself a priority. Upload speed refers to the time it takes for the internet to post a video on Youtube, send a message, etc. Download refers to the speed of internet connection when reading a web page, video, etc.

If you do a little more research, you will find that providers can offer you some great plans when it comes to calculating download and upload speeds. So, think a little about your habits and the time you spend in the house, the members of your home and many other factors that you will read more about below.


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When it comes to basic streaming, you may not need too much bandwidth. However, this may depend on several other things, such as your devices and their characteristics, but also the number of devices you are using at one time. For example, for Netflix needs you will need 5 or a minimum of 25 Mbps depending on whether you are using 4k or HD. To ensure you have adequate bandwidth for your streaming needs, it is also helpful to consider implementing bandwidth monitoring to track your usage and make necessary adjustments. In that case you will need more than that and we advise you to at least double this number of Mbps…

Know that 25 Mbs would be enough for YouTube at 1080p when it comes to two or one device. Then you can also play online games and read webpages quickly. For all the other needs of a small household it may be an okay choice, but for more than that it won’t be fast enough. This will be mostly affected by the number of devices.


As we all know online games are activities that require fairly fast internet. It is simply necessary to have a good internet so that other players from the server can communicate with you. Of course, one of the worst-case scenarios is precisely the situation in which the game is holding you back and it is difficult for you to interact with other players. So think on time and choose wisely. On the other hand, some online games such as games of chance and the like do not require much speed at all.

In that case, 5 Mbps would be enough, but be prepared for some potential problems. This speed could ruin your consistently good gaming user experience, because you can never trust a slower internet. It will mostly betray you at some point. If you live alone, we advise you to choose something better than that, and maybe 25 Mbps would be ideal.

Working from home

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It is quite important to accept the fact that the quality of the Internet varies during the day, during the week. And that depends on the device from which it is accessed, location, type and load, the behavior of nearby users, but also users who access the same content and applications as you. Sometimes nothing can guarantee you quality. That is why it is always better to fence yourself and choose a slightly faster internet connection, especially when you work from home.

Then you should not rely on a bad internet, because it could disrupt many business processes. Either way, consider your needs when it comes to work. Home business is becoming more and more popular and it will probably stay that way. This means that you will need a fast and reliable internet connection. However, you will easily understand exactly what speed you need. For example, if you can use Netflix we’re sure you can use Zoom as well. In any case, this depends on the type of work. So maybe you download files often or participate in meetings and then 25 Mbps is fine.


Internet quality is a set of measurable parameters that will influence your final decision. So, keep in mind all the factors and their interrelationships. Don’t forget about a good choice of internet providers. This will definitely affect your subjective sense of internet quality. We hope that with this text we have managed to help you decide on the appropriate internet speed.