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Things To Consider When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

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The difficult enough situation of divorce and family separation is inevitably followed by a series of legal and administrative steps that need to be taken. In order to reduce additional stress, it is a good idea to get in touch with a lawyer or a professional specializing in these matters as soon as possible and familiarize yourself with all the details that follow during the relatively long divorce process.

In addition to the fact that being informed will reduce the uncertainty regarding what awaits a person who is divorcing, the word and advice of experienced lawyers who are experts in the given legal field are an important dose of support and preparation.

From technical instructions to the relevant institutions, consideration of the specifics of the family situation, to official representation in court, lawyers are here to provide all the necessary services so that the process of separation of spouses ends peacefully.

So, now that you know that hiring one is something you will greatly benefit from, it is time to consider a couple of things to find the right one.

Find a lawyer who can understand the complexity of your situation

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According to Rose Family Law, a good lawyer is someone who will first listen to your side of the story and how it came to be that you need a lawyer’s consultation. You need to understand that the lawyer should listen to your side but that his job is to deal only with matters related to the law, that he is there for you but that he has to put emotions aside so that you can communicate about things related to the case.

In order for the case of divorce to proceed in your favor, your lawyer must be familiar with all the details and understand why you felt the need to hire him. Also, he must know how he will conduct the procedure based on all the collected data.

Create your needs and expectations

It is important that you understand the case that has been brought against you or that you are bringing yourself so that you know what kind of lawyer you need. In this way, you will narrow your search for lawyers by the areas they specialize in and find the one who is the right expert for the divorce situation in which you need him.

Advocacy is a broad term and over time lawyers specialize in certain areas in order to be the best at what they do. At the very first consultation, ask whether your chosen lawyer has had a case like yours and how he plans to handle the proceedings. Although he cannot tell you the details of previous cases, he can guide you on how he plans to handle your case and what is allowed and what is not.

Credibility is an important factor

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Most people seek a lawyer by recommendation and this is an important factor in choosing the one who will help you solve your divorce problem. To be sure that you will win the case or solve the problem in the shortest possible time and in your favor, ask about the lawyers in your city.

As the tariffs of proven and good lawyers are generally similar, you need to find one who deals with what you plan to hire him for to be sure that you will understand each other during the consultation.


During the planning and creation of the strategy, it will be necessary to be in constant contact with the lawyer, especially when the process starts.

It is necessary that you have open communication with the lawyer and that you feel comfortable and safe to turn to him at any time to entrust him with some information or ask a question. Agree on the way to communicate and transfer information to make sure that you solve everything as soon as possible.

How to tell if a lawyer is successful in handling divorces?

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The answer to the question is not simple and depends on several factors. And before that, can we even know who are the best divorce lawyers and how? In most countries there is no list/directory of the best lawyers, nor does the ethics of lawyers allow the publication of such lists, so anyone who claims to you that he is the best divorce lawyer, is almost certainly not, because he does not adhere to his professional ethics in the first place.

The best lawyers don’t need to be those who often appear in the media, and the age of the lawyer is not a criterion either. Thus, good and excellent divorce lawyers can be found both among younger and older lawyers, as well as among those who are not so popular in the media.

Certainly, to help you solve the family problem that has befallen you, every good divorce lawyer will first examine your situation in detail in order to give you adequate advice and suggest the most painless and appropriate modality for overcoming the marital problem. As we have stated before, it is best to overcome the problem by agreement when possible.

This is where consensual divorce is the most acceptable, and it implies that the other partner wants a reasonable agreement, and when he doesn’t, then you already have a dispute. In those situations, the advice will be to file a lawsuit, because a lawsuit for divorce is then almost inevitable. Therefore, the most important criterion in determining the modalities for divorce is your specific situation.

Divorces are more common today than before, so more and more people decide to take this step for various reasons. The most common reasons for divorce are fraud, lack of financial income, loss of emotions, violence, addictions, and disagreement about important views on marriage – when marital relations are seriously and permanently disturbed.