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Importance of Evidence:

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Evidence is commonly described in legal procedure and UAE Law of Evidence as any information supplied by either side to support their position with the intention of giving the courts the capacity to unambiguously determine or decide the case.

The Federal Law No. 10 of 1992 On Evidence in Civil and Commercial Agreements governs and regulates the use of evidence in civil and commercial cases in the United Arab Emirates (Evidence Law). In addition, the UAE Law of Evidence also specifies the manner and rules for presenting relevant material, including the use of written evidence, oral testimony from witnesses, expert testimony, and other pertinent topics. Advocates in Dubai will let you know which law is relevant and where it is implemented.

What law is relevant here? Which kind of proof is Recognized?

  • Emirati Evidence Law
  • UAE Evidence Law
  • The Evidence Law is the applicable law (UAE Law Number 10 of 1992, as amended).

Examples of Evidence:

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  • Written Proof.
  • Evidence from witnesses.
  • Evidence of facts already accomplished and presumptions.
  • Admission and testing of the opponents.
  • Oaths
  • Observation and Evidence of Situations.
  • Expertise

What types of written evidence are there?

There are two categories of written evidence under UAE law of evidence:

Customary Documents Official Documents

  • Official Papers: In accordance with the law and within the bounds of his or her authority and jurisdiction, a public official or someone working for the government attests to what happened before him or to what he was warned about by the parties concerned in an official paper.

Even then, the significance of non-official documents depends on whether the parties involved have signed, sealed, or fingerprinted the papers in question.

If the original of the official document is available, a certified copy—whether typewritten or photographed—shall be deemed evidence to the extent that it complies with the original.

  • Typical Documents: If a signer doesn’t specifically state that his handwriting, signature, seal, or fingerprints don’t belong to him, the document will be assumed to be theirs.

It is not necessary for an heir or successor to deny anything; it is sufficient for him to say that he is unsure whether the handwriting, signature, seal, or fingerprint belong to the person from whom he has inherited the right.

A customary document cannot serve as date proof for others until a proven date has been assigned to it.

Prioritizing Client’s Interests:

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