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How To Wear Animal Prints With Style in 2024

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After all the time we spent staying at home and isolating from everybody because of the pandemic, it is time to go out a little bit and show your best fits since everything is looking like it is getting under control. Since the warm summer days already started, you can meet up with your friends and go out with them. Also, the festivals are open again so you can go and show your style.

If you are following trends, you already know that the animal prints are back and there are numerous ways that you can combine them in your style. Especially if you already own some animal print pieces, you don’t have to be ashamed to wear them you just need to combine them in your fit perfectly. In case you don’t own any animal print pieces, it is maybe time to go shopping and find something that you will really enjoy wearing.

In this article, we will talk about the many different ways that you can combine the prints in your outfit, and how to style yourself perfectly.

Leopard print

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This is the most famous pattern and there is an unlimited amount of options and clothes that you can choose from. Every single item that you can wear, you can find in this design starting from clothes, shoes and also, accessories. It is very crucial that you don’t wear everything with the same pattern because you will ruin your style. When combining your outfit, you should choose only one thing with this print so you can differ one thing from another.

Many people are connecting this fit with older women but that is simply wrong. If you know how to wear your clothes right you will look great no matter what you put on. This is a great print because has a vibrant color that will attract attention and will make your outfit look well thought out.

Zebra print

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This type of design is great when making a combination with only two colors. Because the print has a contrast, everything will look good on it. You can buy tops that have this type of design and combine them with a skirt or make the completely opposite thing and combine a zebra print skirt with a blacktop as seen on Sanctuaryclothing. When trying to style animal print you should always wear as little as you can because wearing everything with the same pattern will not look good.

Other than clothes, this pattern is great for accessories. Especially purses because they will make your fit better and will change your style completely. If you are wearing a minimalistic fit, adding a bag or a purse with a patterned design will break the monotony and that is what you are looking for. You can also find footwear with this design but in my eyes, it is better to use it in clothes and accessories and have a simpler design on your feet.

Cow print

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This is maybe the most popular design at the moment and you can easily combine it with your fit no matter the occasion that you are dressed for. This pattern does not only come in black and white although these colors are maybe easiest to match. You can find cow print in brown and since that is one of the colors that are trendy at the moment, you can style it well and have a perfect look.

There are many pieces with this design that you can choose from starting from skirts, pants, but also t-shirts and accessories. You can even get boots with this design if you want to look more extravagant. The usual combination with this print would be cow print pants with a matching color top. Another option is to wear something simple and to add patterns with an accessory that has this print on. In addition, you can do your nails with it, to match it perfectly.


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This is the second most famous design that every woman wants in their drawer. The options are numerous. You can wear high heel shoes with this design when you are dressed more formally, but it is mostly used in outfits for going out in clubs or something similar. The pants with this pattern are also popular and they are really easy to be matched in your style. Since they are the part of the fit that offers the pattern, the other colors should be more minimal if you don’t want intentionally to look colorful with different patterns.

Another way to add this pattern to your style is to get an accessory with it. Usually, the purses come with this design and they can improve the outfit if you are dressed with one or two colors on you. Make sure that the colors match so you don’t ruin it.

Gator skin

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This skin is mostly used for shoes and watches but it can also be used for purses, bags, and wallets. Since there are not many items with this pattern you can easily choose what to combine them with. The shoes are the most exposed item that is made with this pattern. Their purpose is mainly for formal appearances and dressing when you are trying to impress someone. One of the items that look the best is the knee-high hills. You can wear them with a slightly shorter skirt or a dress for a more provocative look.

Accessories made with this design are great as well. For example, wearing a dress with high heels will go great with a purse with this pattern and you can even add a watch with this kind of strap to your outfit to improve your style even more.


Dressing up is a personal preference and everyone should dress as they want, not just because it is a trend right now. If you find yourself liking these prints then feel free to try some of the advice from the above. Keep in mind not to overdress with the same design and most importantly try not to combine every single animal print together. If you are a person who doesn’t like to experiment a lot, wear simple outfits with something to add pattern or color and you are good to go.