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Bhane Net Worth 2024

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There is one thing that gives us the confidence to walk into a room that is filled with judgemental people: our dressing sense. Well, this may have been exaggerated but the truth is that everyone feels good and confident while wearing good clothes. That is the power of fashion.

When the category of fashion is dealt with in the right way then it can do wonders for every person, including the team behind it. No one would have thought that the fashion industry would become profitable. It did and all the credit goes to the brains behind it.

About Bhane

One such brand that is changing the way the fashion industry works is Bhane. Bhane is a brand that looks sophisticated and seems to be targeting people with heavy pockets. The regular customers of the brand would tell you otherwise except for the fact that the brand is sophisticated.

The Delhi-based fashion brand was founded in 2012 by Anand Ahuja. The name of the brand translates to, “The Rising Sun” in Gurmukhi, a language that is spoken by Sikhs.

The brand targets urban youth by centralizing around the objective of retaining its humility.

Early Life & Family

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The brand is managed by Anand Ahuja. He serves as the Managing Director of the fashion brand.

He was born on July 07, 1983, in New Delhi to a businessman, Sunil Ahuja, and a homemaker, Beena Ahuja. He has three siblings- two brothers and a sister. His brothers are named Anant Ahuja & Amit Ahuja and his sister is named Priyadarshini Ahuja.

Despite being from a wealthy background, he completed his education till post-graduation before starting his business. He did his schooling from a Delhi-based school called, “American Embassy School”. He, later on, pursued a postgraduate degree in business from Wharton School of University, Pennsylvania.

He completed his Master of Business Administration from the University and began exploring the fashion market. This is when he met Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood actress. He married her on May 08, 2018. Both of them have been happily married ever since and are now working to expand the business empire.

Bhane’s Career And Major Milestones

Since the time the brand has been founded, there have been a few milestones that the team has achieved. Here are the milestones achieved by the team:

  • Since the team had a strong backing of the business family, the expectations and pressure to make it successful were probably unbearable. However, the team beat all the expectations by focusing on their core services.
  • When the brand was started, nothing seemed to be going the right way as the team was lean but the workload was more than expected. The brand struck a balance and generated a revenue of ₹11.14 crore.

Few Things You Didn’t Know About Bhane

It is a popular fashion brand and we can all agree to that. However, here are a few things that you probably did not know:

  • The brand signifies progress & optimism and highlights the ever-changing environment of humankind.
  • Anand Ahuja is also the owner of the Veg Non Veg Shoe Store.
  • He started his entrepreneurial journey from his father’s business – Shahi Exports.

Net Worth

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As of 2024, his net worth is expected to be around ₹48.31 crores. His earnings come majorly from Bhane and Shahi Exports, both having an annual turnover of ₹3,000 crores and ₹33.44 crores respectively.