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Bleach New Season – Review and Release Date 2024

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A popular Japanese animated show that had a massive run is Bleach. Stretching from it being first aired around October 2004 to ending after a whopping three hundred sixty-six episodes around March 2012 tells the tale. Bringing nostalgia to the fullest is a reminder of how the show formulated a chunk of fandom for everything anime.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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Bleach finds resonance in a manga series boasting the same name whose creator is Tite Kubo. Running for such a long time the series has seen multiple runs in different languages. The releases include German, French to Spanish.

The drama unfolds the life of Ichigo, a boy who is a high schooler and is bestowed with the power to see ghosts. The boy is said to have been transferred the powers by a soul reaper herself making him one in the process. Rukia Kuchiki, the power giver was on a mission to avenge a spirit said to devour humans and their souls. The show is directed around the newfound adventures in the life of Ichigo and how the powers bring with them added responsibilities.

Ichigo is now saving the town from the hollows that have been plaguing innocent beings since Rukia is unable to get her powers in any way. He is assisted in his mission by his friends, each of whom possesses distinctive abilities. His comrades include Orihime, Uryuu, and Yasutora and they come together in the fight to help a departed soul journeying into the afterlife. Bleach got an abrupt ending even though the show was counted amongst the top threes in the anime world.

Casting Choices We Can Expect

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Bleach Season Seventeen will see the plotline revolve around the “Thousand Year Blood War” that will see the army of Quincy making their way back headed by Yhwach. All eyes were on the revered Soul King. He wanted everything to be absorbed in between where the world of humans would cease to exist. Yhwach will see the last of the Quincy, Uryu take over as the successor. While Uryu’s coming into the scene sees a major rift with Ichigo and his friends.

Some predictions corroborate that the storyline is also set to delve deep into showcasing battles where Nanao and Nemu rise above in protecting individual captains. A guaranteed confirmation on a backstory focusing on Ichigo and Uryu has also been predicted. This would indicate an elaborate part covering the angle of relationships with parents and with each other for these two.

Yhwach would have to face one last battle. A further time jump spanning a good ten years will see Orihime and Ichigo getting married while Rukia is married to Renji. Yasutora chooses boxing over everything while Uryu is now a doctor. The central characterizations would remain the same.

When Can We Expect The Release

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Bleach has eyed 2024 for its mega comeback. The show will be aired after a good 8 years of gap. The abrupt ending will get a fitting finale thanks to its maker Kubo who announced the plans on the occasion of Manga’s 20th anniversary last year.

Summing It Up

The future for Bleach fans looks promising with several projects planned apart from the major finale. The finale season might see twenty episodes being aired. Bleach is supposedly slated to get an art exhibition in the latter half of 2024 that could coincide with the season’s release.