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American Assassin 2 – Release Date, News

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Based on the famous novel by Vince Flynn, American assassin is a widely popular thriller film released in 2017. The movie was written by the very talented Edward Zwick, Michael Finch, Stephen Schiff, and Marshall Herskovitz. The movie displayed amazing fight scenes and for that, it was even nominated for the Taurus world stunt awards.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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American assassin is the revenge story of the protagonist, Mitch, against terrorists. Mitch lost his family because of a bad incident when he was just 14 years old. After years of moving on with his life, another drastic event shakes his life.

On the day Mitch decides to propose to his girlfriend, she is killed in a shootout due to a terrorist attack. Mitch is shattered and decides to take revenge. He takes the help of the CIA and undergoes special training to investigate the attacks against civilians. He is trained by a former U.S. Navy S.E.A.L and the parts of his training are very motivating.

Through his investigation, he uncovers the plan of terrorists to instigate the third world war. To stop this from happening, he and his team go through a power struggle. This movie is full-on action-packed and some of the fight scenes are very well executed.

The Cast

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The role of protagonist Mitch is played by an extremely handsome and talented actor, Dylan O’Brien. His performance in the film was loved by his fans and the audience.

Other actors include Michael Keaton playing the character of Stan Hurley, Taylor Kitsch in the role of Ghost, Charlotte Vega starring in the role of Katrina and Sanaa Lathan cast as Irene Kennedy. The cast was well picked and their acting was appreciated by the viewers.

Minor roles and supporting roles were played by other artists like Trevor White, Simon Connolly, Chris Webster, and Buster Reeves. The movie was finely directed by Michael Cuesta.

When Can We Expect The Release Of American Assassin 2?

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American Assassin has done admirably in terms of revenue generation. The response from the viewers was also remarkable. Keeping these things in mind it is possible that fans might get a sequel of the movie. However, no news or confirmation from the creators is there.

Things You May Want To Know About Dylan O’Brien

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Dylan O’Brien got famous for his role in the series “Teen Wolf”.  This show created a loyal fan base for him. However, his entry into the film industry was through YouTube. He loves playing baseball and also plays the guitar. He was even part of a band known as “Slow Kids”.

He has become a very popular actor and is trending many times for his good looks.

Summing It Up

American Assasin was a movie loved by innumerable people. This increases the chances of its sequel. No confirmation is given on the subject but the enthusiastic fans will keep on hoping. This movie is a perfect blend of action, edginess, and inspiration. This is what makes it stand out to the audience.