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4 Main Causes Of Marriage Failure That Increase Divorce Rates


Marriage breakdown is a very common scenario nowadays and you may even have witnessed it firsthand. It may not necessarily have been you, but maybe your parents, friends or relatives.

You are hence well aware of what to expect in any case. However, no matter what the case, this is a situation, which most people would not want to be in. However, considering the modern situation and family structure, it is unavoidable at times.

Not Understanding the Symptoms

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In most of these cases, you will not even be wary of the original causes that lead to the breakdown. A lot of people keep their personal life secret and that is exactly how it should be.

A certain percentage of people, however, choose to share quite a lot of their personal life with friends or family. This is where the problem lies. A marriage institution is between two people and it should stay that way too.

The problem starts right when you share your secrets with others. If you cannot keep secrets to yourself, you should not expect others to keep them for you. If your parents went through a marriage breakdown, you might have heard various details leading to this ultimate step.

However, never burden another person with your own problems, although you could confide in a single person, preferably your partner.

Not Keeping Things Simple

If you have decided to share your life, you might as well fulfil your vows that you have made to each other. If you could study the problems in your life in a positive light and work on the details to solve every minor problem, breakdowns should never occur. Never wait for a situation to worsen, as it hardly has a positive side, ever!

Not Spending Enough Time With Family

As a child, you must have wept alone and prayed so that your parents might resolve their marriage, without having to take any drastic step. This is the kind of emotion that a child has to bear.

If you are married, with children, try your best, not to create any marital problems. Minor differences are present in every marriage and this is quite natural. However, every problem can be solved in an easy way, which you just have to figure out. Never give up!

Not Spending Enough Time With Family
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Nowadays even children seem open to the idea of their parents getting divorced. This is primarily because they do not spend enough time together as a family, to miss either parent from their lives. Their parents do not hold any importance in their lives.

This is due to both parents working simultaneously. Holding a marriage together is not an easy job, although, a little effort goes a long way in keeping things in check.

Lack Of Sex Life

When is the last time you spice things up with your partner? Infidelity is an important reason for most marital breakdowns, although, it is not the only reason.

Hence, make sure your sex life is interesting, as it may be a reason for the two of you breaking apart. Have you been fancying a new partner lately?

Try to share everything with your partner, as hiding facts will only increase tension. A conjugal relationship is utterly important too, in a healthy couple.

How To Get Past A Marriage Breakdown

A marriage breakdown is that phase of a marriage, when either one or both partners feel that they cannot go on any further. It is a very difficult situation to be in and needs extreme care in handling. Divorce is often seen as the only possible way out of this, although it is not true in most cases. What most couples fail to grasp is that, a relationship can be revived from any position, unless they want that to happen.

Work Things Out Together

There are numerous cases of couples having moved back together, even after filing for divorce. These people live a normal life, without any traces of their past haunting them. This is possible only if you want it to happen. The way you handle a crisis defines you. However, when your marriage is at stake, looking to prove your point should be the last thing on your mind.

If you are fighting, there is still hope, as there is something worth fighting over. The moment you start taking things lightly and ignoring each other, the real breakdown occurs. Never cease to communicate with your partner, under any circumstances, as it may result in major problems. Try to be on the same page with your spouse, as it helps while serious discussions are being made.

Stay Away From Temptations

Try and sort things out with your spouse, before looking for a new partner, as history repeats itself, even though one might not want it to happen. A marriage breakdown revolves around bigger problems than just mental pain and blockage.

Stay Away From Temptations
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For example, in your marriage vows, you had promised to stick to each other in good and bad times. Try to remember the good memories that you share, as it might help you change your mind about the way you perceive things.

Time to Step Up and Take Responsibility

Stop blaming your spouse for every problem that might occur and start taking responsibilities for yourself. You are a grown individual and should be capable of taking your own decisions.

Engage in discussions whenever possible, as a healthy conversation is always welcome in any relationship. Try to be an avid listener, as it is a prominent quality, more desirable than being an avid speaker.

Do not intervene when the other person is making a statement and wait for your turn. A marriage breakdown can be prevented, if both partners are willing to give it a shot.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to continue forcing yourself to accept something against your principles. These are the times that test your mettle. Keep living and stay in love, as it is the only way to live. Hatred has never brought anything productive so far!

Ending Note

Marriage breakdown often leads to divorce and things are very difficult to get back, from that point. Always remember nothing is impossible. There is always a certain process to get things done and you just have to figure things out. Stay focused, stay positive and most importantly, stay in love! Reading reviews online can never help you, unless you decide to get up and act, now!