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Weekend at a Muay Thai Camp of Boxing in Thailand

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Are you the one who loves to travel to an exotic island, and spend your day on the beach with a cold drink? Well, you are just one of the tourists who have Thailand as their dream destination. Several reasons have made Thailand so much popular among tourists all around the world.

There is no doubt that people love to explore different environments all the time, but the holiday in Thailand is just one that no one can resist. Now you might be wondering what exactly is there that most people are always dreaming of spending this year’s summer over there. First of all, there are beautiful palm islands, and crystal clear water, with exotic beaches.

Reasons for Muay Thai Boxing Holiday Importance

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Well, there are so many other holiday destinations as well with similar features, then what extra is in this part of Asia? So that extra feature is Muay Thai boxing. Most of you might not even be aware of this type of Kickboxing or martial arts. Thailand is a homeland for one of the deadly art of history, which was named Muay Thai boxing or Art of Eight Limbs.

The reason why this type of training is named as Eight Limbs art is because in this type of martial art you are not just going to use your hands or feet, but there are few techniques where you need to use your knee or elbow as well. So, from this you can easily imagine how brutal this art could be. Furthermore, Muay Thai was just a part of military training to make them fierce in battles, just in case they face close combat.

For many centuries it was just a method to show off your skills in battle, but then the situation changed when Muay Thai turned into a sport.

Training or Health?

Now the tourists that are attracted towards Muay Thai boxing, and visit Thailand for its training are the ones who are either Sports Enthusiasts or Health Conscious people. Phuket Island is one of the largest islands in Thailand, and this is the place where you can find one of the best Muay Thai Camp in the whole of Thailand.

The best thing about Phuket Island is that it has a lot of fun activities available for you which includes snorkeling, underwater diving, Freediving from a cliff, spending your day on a luxurious yacht, getting a massage from renowned spas and above all learn Muay Thai from few of the best Muay Thai Trainers in the world with their outclass camp facility.

Thailand being one of the exotic destinations in the world, most people even choose Phuket Island as their wedding venue as well, to make it even more romantic.

Top Muay Thai Boxing Camp Location

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Phuket has been one of the best places where you are not just going to spend your summer holidays, but it can also become a memory from where you start a new journey of life with your marriage ceremony at one of the exotic spots on Phuket Island. Now obviously if you are a sports enthusiast or you have a keen interest in some kind of sports then Muay Thai camp could help you a lot in this respect.

As an athlete, you must already have some training, and be well aware of the tough exercises, well Muay Thai boxing is one step ahead. As over here you are going to get training under strict techniques that will not just get a perfect shape for your body, but it will also boost up your stamina as well. Especially if you are looking for a career in some kind of sport where some brutal force is required.

Muay Thai for Health

Similarly, if you are looking for a career in Muay Thai Sports then still you need to enroll yourself in any of the best Phuket Muay Thai Training Camp. Similarly, if you are just some ordinary person, who is looking for some weight loss tricks, and to find different fitness methods, you would love Muay Thai. There are many tourists, especially women whose sole purpose of visiting Thailand is due to health, and they want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. So, Muay Thai could just be the perfect addition to the daily life routine for the rest of your life.

Enjoy and Train at Same Time

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Now as far as your holidays are concerned in Thailand, then there is nothing to worry about because Muay Thai boxing is not some 24/7 training exercise. All you need is just one or maximum of two or three hours daily and sometimes just on weekends to get your body in perfect shape.

This is the best thing about Muay Thai, that in such a short amount of time, you will be able to burn more than thousands of calories from your body, and it also trains your body to be durable. Most people when getting to their old age had to face the problem of the joints, but when you start your training for Muay Thai, then you already have stronger bones, and joints, that even in your old age you will never have to face any such problem, and you can stay energetic and fit as you were in your teenager.

Muay Thai Holiday at Suwit Muay Thai is just your perfect vacation plan for Phuket because enow you are not just enjoying the exotic locations, and eating a lot of new local food, but you are also training yourself to stay healthy.

All in One Holiday Destination

No other holiday destination would provide you with so many features all at once. Many people see exercise as a part of their life routine, which makes it boring, but when it comes to Muay Thai boxing then with so many new techniques keep you interested in it. This is also one of the reasons that people plan for Muay Thai Holiday, to adopt a healthy lifestyle without any trouble of training it on a daily basis.