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How to Mod Your Vape – 2024 Guide

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These days, most people who are new to vaping are using pod vapes, bar vapes, and other disposable e-cigs. While these kinds of vapes do offer a foolproof experience, they aren’t customizable at all. The vapor comes out the way it comes out, and that’s it. You can’t adjust things like the temperature of the vapor or the wattage used. You can’t refill the tank. You can’t make your own vape liquid flavors or enjoy vaping techniques that allow for a more flavorful experience.

Many experienced vapers like vape mods for that reason. Once upon a time, when e-cigarettes weren’t as common, many vapers built their own “box mods” inside, well, boxes. These days, you can buy beginners’ vape mods that allow you to change the batteries and tanks, and many even have electronic settings that allow you to adjust the temperature of the vapor and more. If you’re good at Ohm’s law, you can build your own vape mods from scratch. Here’s what you need to do to get a modified vaping experience.

Try a Beginner’s Vape Mod

If you’re an absolute beginner at vaping, try a store-bought vape mod before you attempt to build your own vape. Vape mod kits are typically regulated, which in this context means that they contain a microchip that controls, or regulates, the current traveling through the coil inside the vape. That’s an important safety feature that mechanical, unregulated vape mods lack. It’s not uncommon for unregulated, mechanical vape mods to explode when they are built and used incorrectly.

Most vape mod kids are going to be larger than most disposable e-cigs, bar vapes, and pod vapes. They have a lot more electronics in them to allow for a much more customizable experience. Many vape mods allow you to switch out the batteries, for example, so if you need something that will last for a couple of days, you can choose a powerful and long-lasting 18650 battery. Most mods will accept multiple kinds of batteries and many will self-adjust to the type of battery you put in.

You can also adjust things like the temperature of the vapor, making it cooler so it’s less harsh on your throat, for example. And many vape mods also have screen readouts or touch screens that display information like battery life. You can adjust the number of volts you’re using with each draw, cranking up the power so you can create bigger clouds of vapor, as many people like to do.

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Vape mods allow you to run multiple tanks of vape liquid, just switching them out when you feel like a different flavor or mix. You can even make your own vape juice from water, glycerin, and flavoring. Many experienced vapers use a variety of vape tanks, sometimes using different tanks with different vape mod settings or even on different days of the week.

You might even want to experiment with different vaping techniques that can offer a more satisfying and flavorful experience. For example, some veteran vapers use vapes with rebuildable drip atomizers where, instead of having a tank filled with e-liquid, you instead have to drip some e-liquid onto the vaporizer coil every couple of puffs.

An alternative is the squonk vape, in which the vape juice is contained in a rubber bottle attached to the bottom of the vape, and you squeeze the liquid up into the vape each time you want to take a puff. The effect is similar to that of the drip atomizer. Both are said to provide a uniquely rich and flavorful vaping experience.

Experiment with Building Your Own Vape

Once you have some experience with vape mod kits, you might want to try building your own vapes. Make sure you understand Ohm’s law before building any unregulated mechanical vapes – run afoul of it and your mechanical vape might explode. You may want to get into the vaping scene by attending vape shows and expos and talking to people who build their own unregulated vapes. You may even be able to program your own regulated vapes if you are good with electronics.

Potential dangers of vape modification

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Modifying a vape device can introduce several potential dangers and risks, which is why it’s important to understand and consider them before attempting any modifications.

  • Battery-related Hazards: Vape devices typically use lithium-ion batteries, which can be potentially dangerous if mishandled or modified incorrectly. Modifying your vape may require disassembling the device, which can expose the battery. Mishandling or damaging the battery can lead to short circuits, overheating, venting, or even explosions.
  • Reduced Safety Features: Vape devices are designed with built-in safety features to ensure proper functioning and prevent potential hazards. Modifying your vape may result in the removal or alteration of these safety features, compromising the device’s safety mechanisms. This can increase the risk of accidents, such as overheating, battery failure, or user errors.
  • Inadequate Knowledge and Experience: A vape device requires a good understanding of electrical circuits, Ohm’s law, and battery safety. Without the necessary knowledge and experience, it’s easy to make mistakes that can have severe consequences. Lack of expertise may lead to incorrect coil builds, improper battery usage, or using incompatible components, which can pose risks to your safety.
  • Voided Warranties and Insurance: Well, modifying your device often voids the manufacturer’s warranty and may render any insurance coverage null and void. If your device malfunctions or causes harm after modification, you may be left responsible for any repairs, replacements, or associated damages.

If you’re unsure about the modifications or lack the necessary expertise, it’s strongly recommended to seek guidance from experienced individuals or professionals in the vaping community.


If you’re new to vaping, don’t feel like bar vapes and pod vapes are your only options. You can have a completely customizable vaping experience, and it’s all as easy as choosing a vape mod that gives you the features you want.

Once you have some experience vaping and know exactly what you want out of your vaping experience, you can move on to building your own vape mods, and find your own place in the vaping community.