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5 Essential Travel Tips for First-Time Curacao Visitors

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Curacao island is an ideal destination if you want a relaxing and comforting vacation on the beaches of the Netherlands. You have a lot to see and places to visit on this island.

The island is famous for its delicious cuisine, mouth-watering grilled seafood, hidden beaches, national parks and much more. An ultimate paradise to spend your summer vacations.

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1. Places to visit and things to do

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If you are a visitor to Curacao island for the first time, then you must start your vacation from Mambo beach. It is the most famous beach in Curacao. The beach hosts beach parties that provide you with the best open-air nightclub experience with non-stop live music and DJs, especially on Sunday nights.

Take a tour of the Hato caves that are located close to the airport. These are ancient caves that were once hiding spots for escaped slaves. You can avail yourself of the 45 minutes guided tour to the caves to see stalagmites, stalactites, bat colonies, and cave drawings that were drawn back over 1500 years.

Explore the capital of Curacao, Willemstad. It has colourful houses, sidewalk cafes and waterways that will give you the vibe of visiting Amsterdam. The place is ideal for bringing gifts for your friends and relatives. Also, you will find restaurants, galleries and shops everywhere.

Don’t forget to hike around Christoffel Park. It is a national park where you can see wild animals and rare plants, including 10-feet tall cactus. If you like diving, then dive into the shipwreck that sank in 1978, which has now become a famous diving spot.

2. Travel cost on Curacao Island

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The average hotel price in Curacao Island starts from 200 AGN each night. Many hotels provide Wi-Fi facilities but not all, and if you want to stay in high-budget hotels, then you can avail of swimming pool services. You can also rent an entire house/ apartment, which costs around 250 AGN per night.

The average food expenses might vary depending on what you eat. You can find a variety of seafood to eat that looks exquisite and tastes mouth-watering. The local cuisine in restaurants is a combination of Dutch, Caribbean, African, and South American flavours that are cooked equally delicious.

Common fast foods like sandwiches, burgers cost around 6-14 ANG based on what you eat. The average cost of a regular meal at restaurants can cost up to 25 AGN. You can also opt to cook your food with basic groceries that can cost up to 120-130 AGN for a week.

3. Money-saving tips

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Vacation at Curacao island might seem costly and a little out of your budget. If you are visiting Curacao Island for the first time, then you should know these money-saving tips so you can plan an affordable vacation.

Stay with local households – if you want to plan an affordable vacation at Curacao island, then better plan ahead of time. If you are lucky enough, you might find Couchsurfing hosts that offer free accommodation to visitors while you get to connect and stay with local households who can provide you with more insider tips like exquisite places to visit, which are not much famous etc.

Have a barbecue meal – you can cook a barbecue meal at the beach, which is very common in Curacao. You can save huge expenses on food if you are good at eating barbecue seafood. Beaches have barbecue pits that allow you to cook your meals and skip meals at expensive restaurants.

Avoid taxi rides – if you are travelling to a different country for vacation, then you must always avoid taxi rides until it’s an emergency or you have a high budget. But if you are planning a vacation on an affordable budget, then avoid taxi rides and choose a local bus service or rental car services. Taxi rides on Curacao Island are very expensive.

Rental car services – if you are planning a low-range budget, affordable vacation to Curacao Island, then you better book rental car services. Either you can get a car and drive it yourself, or you can hire a local driver who is well-familiar with the shortest routes. It is the most economical way to travel to more places at cheaper rates.

4. Best time to visit Curacao Island

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The best timing to plan an affordable trip to Curacao Island is during the shoulder season. Avoid going on peak seasons unless you have a high budget for the luxurious trip because the expenses on accommodation and food are kept high to make more profits.

December to April is the peak season when beaches are crowded with people, and the prices of every amenity and service are usually higher during these months. The ideal temperature during these months ranges from 25°C – 35°C, perfectly suitable for swimming and diving.

Visit during the shoulder season from July to September so that you may avail of amenities and local services, including accommodation at much cheaper rates.

5. List of stuff you must keep in your backpack

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Curacao Island is famous for its tropical weather. The warm and windy temperatures make it an attractive destination for vacations and holiday tours. Hence, you must pack more casual clothing so you can enjoy the beaches and nightclub parties comfortably.

Apart from that, bring your water shoes to avoid hitting the rocks while you are on the beach, bug spray to prevent mosquito bites, and don’t forget your sunscreens for lazy afternoons on the beach. Also, pack your swimsuits and diving equipment and first aid kit.

The Bottom-line

Curacao is an attractive destination for vacations and holidays with your family and friends. The tropical, warm, and windy weather makes your vacation more soothing and enjoyable. Vacationing in Curacao can be quite expensive but follow these tips to save some money and cherish your best memories forever.