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CBD Edibles – Should You Try Them?

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CBD is all over the news, and probably every person has now heard about it. Those with anxiety or pain issues have fully embraced it. With additional states legalizing CBD each year, the CBD market has ballooned. Surprisingly, a huge chunk of the population lacks the full facts about and its uses. One of the products that people are unsure of is edibles. So, what are edibles, and should you use them? Read on to find out.

Overview of Edibles

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The word edible is self-explanatory since it means something that can be eaten. That is indeed true with edibles since people can eat them like food. While CBD oil consumption remains at an all-time high, new CBD users show a preference for CBD edibles. Perhaps the new users want to avoid the unpleasant taste of hemp. On the other hand, you can add food and spices to edibles to enhance the flavor.

The process of creating oil and suppositories is long and complicated. That is not the case with edibles because you can add CBD to a piece of chocolate in a few minutes. Similarly, ingesting edibles is straightforward and natural. Moreover, you will have exact knowledge of CBD composition in your edibles.

Various Categories of Edibles

Gummies were the primary type of edibles for many years. They remain the preferred choice for most users, but their share of the market has significantly dropped over the last few years. This is not surprising since several types of edibles have entered the market. Gummies now have to compete with tea, coffee, chocolate, among other edibles. There is even beer and syrup with CBD components.

1. Gummies

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Virtually all vendors like Botanicam of edibles stock gummies. CBD gummies essentially are candies infused with fruit flavors. The exact taste varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the main sweeteners are sugar and stevia. This is one of the things you will be keeping an eye on when choosing your gummies.

2. Chocolates

It has become common to associate users of CBD chocolates with wealth. That is because a chocolate bar with CBD components goes for an incredibly high price. At the same time, very few companies specialize in making chocolates. Their main ingredients are milk and Belgian chocolate. Furthermore, they indicate the amount of in the chocolate to help consumers.

Either way, you will part with at least $150 for just 1,000 milligrams of chocolate CBD. Other types of CBD cost a fraction of that price tag. Therefore, chocolates are customarily bought as gifts or for special occasions. Nevertheless, you can try making it at home. If you decide to go ahead with this idea, you will need a recipe, chocolate morsels, vanilla, honey, and coconut milk.

3. Coffee

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Cafes and restaurants in many countries are introducing CBD coffee on their premises. The most significant upsurge is in the United States, where cafes selling CBD-infused coffee are popping daily. E-commerce retailers have caught wind of this trend, and they’re now selling CBD coffee on the internet.

Much attention and resources are needed to prepare high-quality coffee. Usually, chefs pick high-quality beans such as the Arabica type before infusing them with CBD. If the process is conducted with a military-grade position, the resultant coffee won’t taste different from regular coffee. You will still enjoy the usual coffee notes while expecting the benefits of CBD.

4. Tea

CBD tea is the latest entrant to the CBD edibles family. Its consumers can’t stop talking about its many health rewards. That may not be far fetched because people have been adding herbs to tea for a long time. Besides, tea comes in several flavors and varieties. For example, it’s common to find tea with ginger and peppermint ingredients. Therefore, adding CBD to tea comes as no surprise.

Some of the main benefits of tea include:

Should you Consume Edibles?

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There are many forms of edibles on sale. Choosing an ideal edible is not difficult if you know your needs. Nevertheless, the vast majority of consumers prefer gummies.

The journey towards choosing the ideal CBD edible begins with self-evaluation. You need to determine the type of experience that you are looking for from CBD edibles. If you want to get high, you may look for CBD edibles with substantial THC content. If you want an absolutely intoxicating edible, your purchase will include edibles with CBD from cannabis flowers.

The vast majority of edibles have equal percentages of CBD and THC. For example, CBD coffee will have 15 milligrams of THC and 15 milligrams of CBD. You can, of course, request the percentages and ratios to be changed so that you can get your desired effect.

Not everybody is looking for intoxication from CBD edibles. Some people have medical conditions that they want to treat by using CBD. While these people want the medical benefits of cannabinoids, they are scared of the intoxicating reputation of CFC. Thankfully, there are many CBD edibles with zero THC content.

How Can You Differentiate Between CBD Edibles and THC Edibles?

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CBD and THC are both found in hemp and marijuana plants. They have similar chemical compositions, but their effects differ significantly. While both products have medicinal benefits, THC comes with an additional “high” feeling. That is because it modifies your CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain. On the other hand, CBD avails several medical benefits without getting you high. That is because it does not interact much with CB2 and CB1 receptors in the nervous system, the brain, and other organs. In fact, it can prevent THC from interacting with CB1 receptors.

Generally, it prevents certain enzymes from processing cannabinoids. Once that enzyme has been suppressed, the number of active cannabinoids will remain stable for a significant period.


You can find products in groceries, online stores, and even pharmacies. The attendant will gladly explain the percentage and contents of THC and CBD in the products. Remember that you should always maintain consistency once you have selected a particular edible.