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How to Run an Skin Care Business as Your Side Hustle

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Side hustles are becoming more popular as the generations tend to become self employed. People wish to start off with something that they are passionate about so that they can get out of their regular routine of working jobs or studying. Out of so many businesses and industries, skin care has become the need of the hour. Hence, if you have sufficient knowledge about skin care and the different skin types, you can invest some time and effort in making it a side hustle for yourself.

A side hustle is not only good for elevating a person’s skill level and practical knowledge, but it also allows higher levels of income for an individual. There are plenty of businesses that you can browse through when it comes to a side hustle. However, there are some critical factors in each and every side hustle that may seem familiar to you.

Prerequisites Of Any Side Hustle

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A side hustle, by definition, implies that you must already have a particular occupation or activity that you are involved in significantly. The extent to which you are supposed to be involved in your primary activity, be it education or employment, must be substantially large. Usually, if you spend the majority of your time being involved in the activities mentioned earlier, it becomes your primary activity. Another way to measure the primary activity is to compare on the basis of income generation rather than the time investment.

If a large portion of your income is generated by the occupation you are currently involved in, it becomes your primary occupation.

A side hustle is meant to give you a cushion in terms of financial freedom and is also a way to follow your passion and dreams while being able to pay your bills. Therefore, side hustles can become a means of sustenance. Another important factor why people start a side hustle is because it can actually grow into a more prominent source of income and free the person from the occupation they are currently occupied with.

When it comes to a side hustle business, you must know that the time you will get for it is drastically low. You will have to prioritize your primary occupation before you can sit with your skin care side hustle. Another factor is the capital investment. You must know where you are going to finance this business of yours. A loan or debt is not always the most accessible means to finance a business because of the interest liability and paperwork involved in it. Other means of finances must be explored and learned about.

Understanding A Skin Care Business

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Market Research

A skin care business primarily requires knowledge of skin types and customer requirements. It would be best if you began to learn more about what customers actually want by doing some proper market research. The market research will also involve a process called segmentation. You must know which segments of the market consumers require what. By knowing such information in detail, you can understand what products to develop. It is not possible to create a product for all segments. It is ideal to start off with one to three products at first.

Product Development

Beyond the development of the product, the synthesis of materials is essential. For the purpose of formulating the chemical composition of your product, you should either have a certified degree in dermatology or hire someone who has the ability to develop such products. Certification and patenting of processes are essential. You can also decide whether you wish for a cream, liquid, or a gel base. It is best to stick to basic formulations at first because complex formulations may lead to unpredicted side effects.

Production Decision

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You must also figure out where you wish to produce the different types of skin care products. The plant layout and location decisions are essential. There is a trade off between having a product at your own facility and outsourcing the production to another chemical factory instead. Outsourcing is going to be more expensive per unit produced but will also avoid the problem of a high capital requirement.

Staffing And Recruitment

Staffing is a part of the management function, which may come a little later as the business grows. However, staffing is termed much more crucial when you are looking at a company that is going to be your side hustle. The reason behind it is that you will not be available all the time. In your absence, there must not be a situation where things fall apart. Therefore, hiring both technical and functional staff is quite vital to your business.

It is best to have the right balance of experience and youth to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. You can also invest heavily in Research and Development because skin care formulations should keep evolving.


Marketing your finished product will significantly affect your business’s sales revenue. If people do not know about your product and brand, it will be futile to produce the items.

The skin care segment of the industry includes customers that are very particular about the brand of products they use as it directly impacts their skin. Therefore, becoming a reputable brand is quite fundamental to building a good business. Brand management, advertisements, and personal selling can be initiated at first. Eventually, sales promotional activities like discounts and offers can be done. A good marketing mix shall ensure that the image of your organization stays afloat. You can try out your private label skin care products by allowing professionals to launch your product in the right way.


As it is the case with every business, there are plenty of risks involved in skin care businesses. You should not leave out on your primary source of income to fund your side hustle. Balancing both out will ensure that your risk is well managed. With the right set of objectives and hard work, you can turn your side hustle into a giant eventually.