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How To Use Bulk Greenery In Wedding Flowers?

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An important element of the image of the bride is the bridal bouquet. For its creation, a dizzying variety of colors and materials is available today. But is it possible to make a stylish but budget bouquet for a wedding? How to save on flowers and decorations? Add more greenery and bulk filler flowers!

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Many inexpensive greens can be used to create a lush bouquet. This will cut costs, and the longevity of the greenery will help the bouquet look great all day long.

Be careful: too exotic greenery sometimes costs more than the usual flowers.

Graceful stems, leaves, spikelets, and green panicles make the bouquet lively and natural, create an atmosphere of unity with nature, and emphasize the original adherence to modern trends.

The main rule in such a bouquet is dynamics and lightness, a combination of a dense leaf with soft grass. The deeper the texture, the more interesting.

Greens are a trendy and budget-friendly alternative to classic flower bouquets. But, as with any bouquet, it all depends on your imagination.

Let’s deal with the most popular green plants, which florists, customers, and recipients of bouquets are crazy about.

A large variety of bulk greenery for bouquets: The most popular types presented in FiftyFlowers

To make the bouquet sparkle with new colors and not look poor and dull, florists complement it with fresh complementary greens. Decorative bulk greenery for bouquets is not only greenery but also leaves, branches, and herbs. The online store has collected the most popular and luxurious specimens in the floristic business.


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What else do the most luxurious and sophisticated flowers need? Almost every bouquet will benefit from the addition of aspidistra leaf. Dense leaves of dark green flowers open up incredible opportunities for the realization of the most daring and original ideas. The surface of its leaves is smooth and shiny; therefore, it creates a beautiful contrast to bright buds. Aspidistra can also transform into different forms. Aspidistra is twisted and bent, cut and folded into stunning combinations. Despite such creative experiments, greenery continues to retain its decorative properties and spectacular appearance.

The glossy surface of aspidistra sheets is organically combined with bright and saturated colors with a rough structure. Florists use this decorative greenery in romantic arrangements. The most popular combinations are with:

  • Daffodils
  • Chamomile
  • Tulips
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Roses
  • Lilies

In this case, aspidistra leaves are used as framing flowers. Thanks to this, florists create unusual bouquets and compositions, bending the leaves of an ornamental plant at their discretion.


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Fragrant eucalyptus leaves are a new trend in floral art. They give the bouquet airiness and tenderness due to their rounded shape, which resembles coins, and a beautiful gray-green tint.

Matte leaves of blue-green color look spectacular in the photo, and they can emphasize the tenderness of the buds, especially in white, beige, or pink shades. The most frequent “companions” of eucalyptus are:

  • Eustoma
  • Ranunculus
  • Peonies
  • Hydrangeas

The classic evergreen is used in the preparation of decorative compositions. This property is actively used for wedding florists. Due to the durability of eucalyptus, it is added to fall and winter bouquets, including in a stabilized form.


Even the simplest bouquet benefits from the inclusion of decorative Ruscus leaves. The rich green color of the plant looks spectacular with bright flower buds, giving the bouquet a special solemnity. Ruscus compositions become textured and voluminous. The main advantage of this ornamental green is its excellent cut resistance.

Florists recommend using ruckus in mono-bouquets with white, pink, or purple buds. The most beautiful are combinations of branches with:

  • Roses
  • Lilies

The composition is immediately made more interesting, complex, and spectacular by the inclusion of such vegetation.


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This plant can take any form given by the florist. Therefore, it is twisted, bent, and created in three-dimensional structures. Beargrass can be effectively placed along the edges of the composition or arranged in bunches in a chaotic manner. This plant is deservedly considered one of the most spectacular from an artistic point of view. Thin and flexible grass allows you to create incredible compositions with dynamic shapes and a refined and sophisticated appearance.

Beargrass greens go well with flowers such as:

  • Peonies
  • Roses
  • Irises
  • Chrysanthemums

The leaves of this ornamental herbaceous plant resemble long twigs that are collected in a rosette. Beargrass is indispensable in the design of bouquets or compositions, especially if you need to add volume and splendor to flowers. These emerald “threads” will look great even in a vase. As an additional greenery to a bouquet, beargrass can be used both in whole bunches and separately around the entire perimeter of the composition. The plant retains its fresh and bright appearance for a long time.

Dried leaves deserve special attention, which retain their elasticity and can be used in fall and winter bouquets.


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Small bright green leaves allow specialists to create delicious compositions. These are sprawling large-scale bouquets. There are options for miniature compositions. In this case, the pistachio is used as a “green background,” emphasizing the tenderness and harmony of the buds.


The exotic appearance of the fern creates mystic surroundings and emphasizes the originality of the bouquet. This decorative greenery is frequently used in wedding decor arranging and even in business bouquet preparation.

The original and symbolic fern can give an elegant spreading to any composition. The arrangement of the leaves can be varied, based on the idea of the florist. This allows you to create cascading, one-sided, or around bouquets.

Twigs of boxwood or myrtle are actively used as amulets in the bride’s bouquets. They do not have a pronounced decorative effect but allow you to turn a classic wedding decoration into a protective talisman for young newlyweds.


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Unusual fluffy branches of green asparagus are one of the most indispensable and popular ornamental plants for decorating bouquets and arrangements. Graceful sprigs of asparagus add more elegance, airiness, and volume to the bouquet, giving the appearance of the flower arrangement a particularly unique style.

Green leaves are diluted with several colorful buds that attract everyone’s attention. If the composition involves different inflorescence, then adding a couple of green branches of asparagus will allow you to place the necessary accents. Depending on the style of the bouquet, you can use a plant of different shades:

  • Yellow-green
  • Emerald
  • Light green
  • Bluish-green

This decorative greenery is used in wedding decor and even in the preparation of business bouquets. Asparagus blends perfectly with both traditional and exotic flowers.

If you want to create flawless floral arrangements, greenery and bulk filler flowers are a must. The online store FiftyFlowers offers to get acquainted with the assortment so that you can buy decorative greenery in bulk and cheaply today.