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Why You Should Buy a Short Wedding Dress – 2024 Guide

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No doubt, some women look for a special wedding dress that they can wear during their wedding. These women can consider finding flowing cathedral veils and grand ball gowns. On the other hand, other women can choose an elegant tea-length wedding dress and box-cut knee grazers. In such a case, it means purchasing classic and simple short wedding dresses.

Remember that this style of wedding dress can usually be overlooked or not considered by some brides just because it may look slightly boring or outdated. A short wedding dress is actually more modern than many people previously thought. There are many reasons why short wedding dresses have become more appealing than full-length wedding dresses. This article discusses why you should buy a short wedding dress.

1. It can suit the wedding’s theme

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You should note that a short wedding dress can be more practical when it comes to walking down the aisle. Most brides avoid feeling constrained by fitted trumpet wedding dresses or cathedral trails. On the other hand, others just like how complementary and flattering a short wedding dress is to their types of bodies. You can also find various designs and styles of these wedding dresses.

That said, before you decide to buy a wedding dress, you need to know the location of your wedding. A grand ball gown can fit well at church weddings, but it cannot be perfect for a beach wedding. When you see knee-length wedding dresses, there is a good chance that an open-air garden wedding comes to your mind.

This is a perfect wedding dress for a summer wedding, especially if you intend to have an outdoor reception. The skirt’s length can offer a refined and elegant tone to the outfit and get rid of the extra fabric at your feet. Also, it can help to keep your body temperature low.

2. You can show off your shoes

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The wedding dress’s length may not be your top priority. You should remember that your wedding priority list often starts with what you consider to be the most important, regardless of whether it’s a specific type of silhouette you desire or cannot even think of getting married without a wedding dress.

Whatever your priorities are, they tend to be different for each person. In most cases, the priority cannot even start with the wedding dress at all. Instead, your priority can be an accessory.

There is a chance that you may have already decided to purchase a specific shoe for your wedding. Therefore, you choose to frame the wedding gown around these show-stopping shoes. In such a case, the right wedding dress can be a short wedding dress so that the wedding guests can see your shoes throughout the wedding.

3. They can be elegant

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A short wedding dress can be the essence of ladylike elegance. You can rely on this wedding dress as it guarantees a sense of grace and elegance. Perhaps, it’s the second time walking down the aisle, so you may already have experienced the ball gown thing.

This gives you the chance to try something more refined and simpler. A short wedding dress when paired with a stunning jacket can leave you feeling stylish and regal at the same time.

A short wedding dress doesn’t need to be overly feminine. Some people assume that all short wedding dresses are dainty and flowing A-line gowns. This can be an ever-loved silhouette you can find in short wedding dresses, but they can also feature an edgier undertone. A short wedding dress can have dramatic hemlines, plunging bodices, illusion necklines, and many more to give you a wedding dress that is full of drama and sensation.

You should note that the box-cut hem that has a high neckline and full-length sleeves can give a sense of drama. But the perfect ratio of bare skin on the bottom and full fabric on top can help you to look bold and fearsome.

4. They can be multidimensional

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A floor-length wedding dress and skirt that already gives the bridal silhouette can bring a high level of adornment and can be out of place. But a shorter-length wedding dress can bring a balance that you can enhance between the shape and level of decoration. You can leave your legs bare and on the show so that you can have a lot of room beside the volume and embellishment.

This can work in your favor, especially if you want to add a little drama and glamor to your wedding gown without feeling overwhelmed by its emphasis and weight. You can find some wedding dresses that have details of lace and ruffled skirts to give that great glamorous dress that goes just before the knee.

Regardless of whether it’s a jacket ensemble, a fitted dramatic mini dress, or a flowing swing gown, short wedding dresses tend to offer you exactly what you need as a bride. You can find endless options when you consider how to wear a short wedding dress, and you can create any look you desire on your wedding day. Even better, after you choose the right wedding dress, you can then move on to selecting the proper pair of shoes.

In conclusion

Some women tend to grow up thinking about their potential wedding gown while others may take too long to start thinking about it. Either way, when you decide to wear a wedding dress for your wedding, several things have to be considered. Your stylish preferences can be the most crucial thing when it comes to shopping for the perfect wedding dress. Most people want a wedding dress that can fit their budget, their body, and the theme of the event.

In the past, women usually had fewer wedding dress design options. But modern brides are now looking for personalization in most aspects of their nuptials including the wedding dress. As a result, you can find a wide range of hemline options available to brides, and some of them choose to wear a short wedding dress or tea-length dress rather than the traditional long wedding dress.