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Why Using Filler Flowers Is a Very Good Idea for Any Floral Arrangement

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Picking the right filler flowers to go with the main flowers you want in your arrangement can be tricky, especially if you plan on using a wooden flower somewhere. That’s because you will have to make sure that the flowers you use do not clash with each other and that they are complementary to one another. This way, you will get a beautiful and unique arrangement.

How Do You Pick the Right Filler Flowers for Your Bouquet or Arrangement?

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Creating the perfect bouquet takes a lot more than simply putting together some flowers and tying them up with ribbon. It takes inspiration in order to pick out the perfect flowers for each event and person that will use them, and also quite a bit of insight when it comes to design and color association. That is why some bouquets may look better than others. Because it isn’t just the size of the bouquet that matters, the flowers that actually go into it are also very important. So picking them out can be very difficult sometimes, especially if you want your bouquet to have that full but not crowded look.

This is where filler flowers come in. They can be used to bulk up a bouquet while also creating a sort of visual support for the rest of the flowers. But in order to create that, the florists have to know how to pick the right ones. For instance, you shouldn’t pick flowers that clash in color. Always go for bold colors on your main flowers and softer, more neutral tones for the fillers. Also, you can go with complementary colors between the mains and the fillers. This way, you can create the sensation that the whole arrangement is designed to harmonize with the other colors used in the event.

Also another way of picking the right filler flowers is by their size. Because these flowers are used to give the arrangement more bulk, some people may pick the larger fillers just to get the job done quicker. But that is actually a mistake. Because there will always be more fillers than main flowers, they will tend to stand out more, and having the bigger ones in the arrangement might overcrowd and create an uneven look for the arrangement. One should better go with proportional distribution of smaller fillers on the whole arrangement. This way, the arrangement will look nice and even, and it will give a very full but not heavy look.

Why Using Filler Flowers Is a Very Good Idea for Any Floral Arrangement?

Filler flowers may sound like something not important, but they are actually very important as they offer a lot of support to the whole arrangement, besides bulking it up and making it look richer and fuller. They are also used to support any structural components the arrangement might have. They can be used to anchor smaller elements of the arrangement in place and also to offer support to bigger ones. They also have an aesthetic role in the whole construction of the arrangement. They can be used to cover up any holes or patches that might reveal structural elements used in the arrangement. Things like sponges, wires or strings can be hidden under these fillers so that everybody will think there’s nothing there.

Another reason why filler flowers are so important is because they can cut down on the cost of the entire arrangement. That’s because they cost much less than other flowers. So, for instance, if somebody wants to have a bouquet made out of white tulips but cannot afford a whole arrangement, they can simply just use a few and then fill up the rest of the spaces between these tulips with fillers. This way, the overall costs of the arrangement go down, and the client also gets to use the flowers he wants. So keeping a supply of fillers on hand is pretty important when you want to create affordable arrangements that also look good when displayed.

So How Can I Buy Them?

You can buy flowers to be used like fillers for almost all flower suppliers. Just go to your local flower market or greenhouse, and pick the ones you want. Or if time is of the essence for you. Simply go online and pick out the right supplier from the one that is listed online. It might cost you a little bit more, but they usually handle shipping and handling, and some even give insurance for their products.

Can A Wooden Flower Be Used in a Natural Bouquet?

A lot of people nowadays are interested in using nonconventional materials and including them in their events. So they come up with original ideas about how to integrate them into the event. For instance, one such idea is to use a wooden flower, or several, in a natural arrangement or bouquet. While the idea isn’t bad, you have to be careful about how you do it. That’s because different textures might clash if used in the same arrangement. On the other hand, they can be used to draw attention to the arrangement itself. Also, wooden decorations have the great advantage of being totally customizable. So they can be integrated seamlessly into the arrangement.

Another way somebody can use a wooden flower in an all-natural bouquet is by positioning it on the outside of the natural flowers. That way, it will not interfere with the natural flow of the bouquet but will still be a part of it. Creating the right balance between natural and artificial is very tricky. That is why anybody wanting to combine the two must be careful about what flowers they mix together. Also, if they decide to customize their flowers, they have to make sure that those customizations are in tune with the overall aspect of the arrangement.

How Can a Wooden Flower Be Customized?

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Customizing a wooden flower that will be going into a natural arrangement must be done carefully. That’s because, although customizing such flowers is pretty easy, they are very delicate and must be handled carefully. Also, there are plenty of things that need to be taken into account when doing this. Everything, from general shapes used in the bouquet to color and tones, must be carefully examined. This way, the artificial flower will not clash too hard with the rest of the bouquet.

On the other hand, customizing a wooden flower is pretty easy because it offers a lot of opportunities to whoever wants to do it. They can change anything, from color to smell and texture. This way, you can create something unique that really reflects your own ideas about how these flowers should look. Using such a flower can leave your mark on the arrangement.

So Are They Hard To Customize?

Well, it depends on the customization you have in mind. For some, a few color brush strokes and a little spritz of perfume can be all they want. But for others, this can turn into something more complicated that takes time and requires imagination and a lot of tools. The flowers themselves are very versatile, so anyone can test their imagination on them.