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6 Essential Technical and Soft Skills for Node.JS Developers

Node.js is one of the top-rated open-source JavaScript language server frameworks all across the globe that is made for performing JavaScript programs.

This JavaScript runtime environment is used for making online and mobile programs by facilitating the development process of accessible back-end services and APIs. Considering its purpose, the programs are always made with the user’s ease in mind, which is actually the most important thing.

However, since no framework does the work itself, you must hire dedicated Node js developers who have both excellent technical and soft skills. One doesn’t work without the other, and all their experience and knowledge won’t mean anything if they aren’t great team players.

Therefore, we will see the essential technical and soft skills every Node.js developer should possess.

Technical Skills

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Before we address the primary soft skills, first, let’s see which are the most important Node.js technical skills for a developer.

Programming Expertise

Your future developer needs to know basic aspects such as how to run Node.js, syntax, what Mysql integration is, and so on.


Because your developer is, first and foremost, a programmer. During the recruiting and hiring process, your candidate will talk a lot about their knowledge and experience, which is undoubtedly essential. Still, you need to test their programming skills.

This aspect means that having a degree may be important, but there are a vast number of fantastic Node.js developers out there who studied software development via online courses. Therefore, look at every potential employee with an open mind.

Testing their programming skills will showcase which candidates are better and should pass into the next circle of selection.

Do They Know Various Node.js Frameworks?

It’s also valuable to see whether they know various Node.js frameworks since it allows them to reuse pre-written code pieces and functions. Therefore, it’s a wise move to ask your potential employee whether they know some of the top-rated frameworks such as Meteor, Derby, Nest, and others.

Of course, the essential thing is for them to know the core Node.js functionalities, but frameworks such as these can optimize the duration time of the project, which will provide your business with offering excellent features.

Once again, address such questions with complete openness since the ultimate goal is to find the best but also the most suitable candidate for your company’s projects.

Database Management

Last on the list of essential technical skills, but also critical, is database management. This skill is highly beneficial, especially if your goal is to find a Node.js developer who can develop business apps that comprise a large amount of data.

You should also check whether they can maintain database security, but the basic skill of this aspect is whether they can handle several databases and integrate multiple data sources at once.

Also, your future Node.js developers should have knowledge of creating database schemes that support business processes and make sure all services given from your side are appropriately provided and according to the requirements.

Soft Skills

Since we’ve covered the technical side, let’s move on to the essential soft skills every Node.js developer must possess because a highly skilled technical developer won’t do the trick without excellent soft skills.

Communication Skills

Every person who uses Node.js has to improve communication skills continuously since they aren’t only a developer but also a future leader of a team.

However, people often make the mistake of thinking that communication is all about talking, but that is not true since it is a lot more about knowing how to listen to colleagues and various clients.

Your future Node.js developers must know how to listen to their colleagues’ ideas, comments, and opinions to show respect during the development process. An excellent communicator will allow coworkers to showcase their knowledge and take their opinions into perspective.

The same goes when communicating with clients since some of them won’t understand development, so your developer must be able to explain technical things in a simple way.

Time Management

It won’t be realistic to say that time management is more important than any other soft skill, but it’s undoubtedly essential for every successful Node.js developer. Your future employee must know how to manage their time to deliver projects on time.

A Node.js developer works on multiple projects simultaneously, so they must have the ability to decide which projects are more important but also meet the deadlines for each one.

If they don’t have time management skills, your business will be in a situation where there’s no solution, and missing deadlines will negatively impact your overall company goals.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of the cornerstones regarding software development of any kind; therefore, the same rule applies to Node.js developers. It’s pretty simple; one can not be one of the best developers on the market without the ability to think critically.

The reason is that critical thinking affects how your future employee will approach complex issues and to what extent your developer is willing to go to think outside the predefined norms. Thinking outside the box is essential, and this applies to each challenge that shows up in the development process.

In short, your developers will have to solve complex challenges with critical thinking and be able not to give up right away when the first challenge comes across.

To Sum It All Up

Now you know the essential technical and soft skills that every Node.js developer needs to possess, so the only remaining thing is to start the hiring process and select the best and most suitable candidates for your projects.

Please don’t waste any more of your precious time and start the hiring process right away since your competitors are already doing the same, and it would be a pity to let them ‘steal’ the best available developers on the global market.

Good luck, and don’t forget to address all of these skills during the interview!