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5 Useful Tools For Developing Mobile Apps Faster

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Mobile app development is an increasingly attractive field to professional developers and hobbyists alike. The ability to share your apps quickly and reliably through many app stores available trumps the other markets where our application may be more easily buried by the slew of new software. However, no developing endeavor goes through without proper tools. Apart from the base equipment we need, which includes picking a language and an app to unravel your code in, it’s very fruitful to have supplementary tools that will speed up the process.

1. jQuery Mobile

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The well-known JavaScript library is now available on mobile with a touch-optimized web framework. The jQuery Mobile framework contains features that will allow you to improve the responsiveness of your websites and applications while offering throughout support that allows them to be used on a variety of smartphones.

The use of jQuery Mobile will also allow you to utilize some of the various themes available with its supplementary tool, ThemeRoller. This tool allows you to drag and drop desired colors onto the elements you already implemented into the user interface, making any visual adjustments take a very short time.

2. Framework 7

While coding from scratch can be good to practice your fundamental knowledge of a coding language and improve our logical thinking to some degree, the reliability and simplicity of already finished frameworks dwarf them when it comes to utility.

Framework 7 provides you with a very decent set of UI components that you can use to create web apps, mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and even utilize some of your UI work on computers due to the tool’s compatibility with multiple types of devices. There’s a wide selection of elements no matter whether you are looking for layouts or coded in popup notifications. However, it does require the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This leaves a lot of room for experimentation and the noted items you’ll be using with it are very frequently utilized in the industry. Framework 7 does justify this narrower focus by providing additional libraries to JavaScript users, allowing for additional simplification of the everyday coding process through snappily available finished codes of JavaScript methods.

3. Mobile Angular UI

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Speaking of the user interface, here comes Mobile Angular UI. This tool has a similar application as Framework 7 with the added benefit of Twitter Bootstrap. Of course, its true strength lies in exceptional range of mobile components. It has switches, overlays, sidebars, better positioning options, as well as improved scrolling components and scrolling behavior. It also utilizes several potent libraries, resulting in a great programming experience. The compatibility with computers is also present, causing the two to be very good picks that you can choose between. Or you could simply use both, broadening the number of available libraries which will increase your programming speed significantly.

4. Xamarin

While the past two entries mostly cover UI and utilizing existing libraries, Xamarin assists developers with some tools of its own. Xamarin is an extension of the .NET developer platform that’s made up of tools, programming languages, and libraries. The tools it adds and expands on are focused on providing as many tools as you need for building apps for Android, iOS, and many other systems.

Xamarin offers APIs that are hardware-specific which will allow you to configure the application to be optimal for each device. Although, that’s not the extent of this aspect’s usefulness. API, or Application Programming Interface, is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other and is a very important element of many applications. If the application you are creating is supposed to interact with other apps APIs are a must and Xamarin will provide some simple solutions. On top of it all, Xamarin is also open source. This means many people are working on it, be it the initial creators or contributors, causing it to be a lot more polished and optimized. This also means that you can configure the source code freely in case there’s something you want to alter, although it may be more fruitful to look for solutions elsewhere.

5. Gappsy

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There are very few ways one can improve on the simplicity of quickly accessible libraries and prepared development tools. However, Gappsy manages to add a new layer of convenience to it all. To make an app with Gappsy all you need to do is pick a design from their numerous templates and layouts, all fully customizable, and then drag the features you want to add to the app from available libraries into the interface.  While this feature is Gappsy’s most potent addition to the app-making market it’s not its only one.

Planning your projects adequately is an important process in any development cycle. To assist you with this Gappsy offers an appointment planner feature and a built-in calendar. These features are a great way to stay on top of it all when developing more complex applications.

Applications can also be easily monetized with a slew of monetization features. These include the ability to monetize your app with ads, sell items online, and many others. You can also create a variety of loyalty programs for your business through the features available on Gappsy.

The apps you create can easily be expanded with communication features such as chat systems, social walls, user profiles, popup notifications, and inboxes. These features expand the versatility of your apps while also easing the process of creating apps that firmly focus on utilizing these features to obtain their goal, for example social media platforms.

There are even more available traits that Gappsy allows you to implement while also allowing integration with other apps.


With these tools, you should be able to streamline your development process. The available options of ready frameworks, optimized UI, a stunning choice of elements, and simple modification of visuals make it easy to create an appealing-looking app in a very short amount of time. Functionality won’t be lacking either with the items that are on offer with these tools being fully capable of providing you with effective features. There’s very little you could do to further improve the process after injecting these tools into it, as they cover every step of it.