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Behind the Scenes: Exploring the Development Process of Online Casino Software

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The online casino software industry is no longer like the development of a traditional slot machine with average graphics. We get to see thrilling visuals, realistic gaming experiences using technologies like AI and VR, fully-secured transactions with blockchain, and unbeatable data security.

But how do software providers succeed in such a challenging industry? Which pitfalls do they meet to provide you with the best gaming experience? Read on to learn more about the online casino development process!

The Common Challenges of Games Development

Developers walk on thin ice to create online casino software that becomes popular among experienced and new casino players. They jump through hoops to:

  • Create a casino game that offers an immersive experience.
  • Keep the game bug free as long as possible.
  • Use technologies like AI and VR.
  • Take care of players’ privacy.

It’s a never-ending list. So, let’s find out the secret ingredients of perfect software which are considered to expand your gaming opportunities!

What Is Casino Software?

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Let’s start with knowing what casino software is without beating around the bush. It’s an application or software that offers an opportunity for online players to bet with real money and try their luck.

It is the virtual version of games played in a real-time casino. For instance, we have slot machines, live dealer games, table games, and Random Number Generator software that are part of games like Bingo.

Key Features of Online Casino Software

No wonder why the global online gambling industry is going to touch the mark of USD 153.57 billion by 2030. The software is optimized to be used on leading data-driven devices with the help of the Internet. Some of the key qualities of reliable online casino software are:

  • Engaging UX and UI experience
  • Smooth payment processing
  • Unbreakable security
  • Compatibility with leaving data-driven devices
  • Great speed and lagging-free operations

Just remember your gaming experience with the most popular software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, or Play’n GO. They did a great job working on the points mentioned above to provide you with smooth gameplay.

Getting Started With Online Casino Development Process

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Roll up your sleeves as we will now decode what goes into developing casino software that allows you to have fun while gambling in the comfort of your home.

Shape the Idea

The first stage of casino software development is ideation. Developers have to storm their minds to figure out what sort of software they need. Is it a slot machine or an RNG software? Once this is finalised, developers need to estimate:

  • The spending capacity
  • The time they have for the development
  • The type of development models like outsourcing or in-house
  • The theme of the game
  • The type of primarily targeted devices
  • Which development methodologies to adopt

Mockups and Initial Design

The next stage is creating wireframes and mockups for the concept developers had in mind. The designers from the basic design, wireframing involves reinforcing the structure, and a rough idea of how the games’ characters, symbols, backdrops, and other visual aspects will look will be provided.

Creating a Prototype

Based on the inputs received from the second stage, the developers start creating a basic prototype of the proposed online casino software. Prototyping is essential because it’s the only way to have first-hand experience with real-time casino games.

Apart from the prototype, the developers can also create an MVP. From a functionality, point-of-view, MVP or Minimum Viable Product is bound to be more practical.

Code the Game

HTML 5 is the best programming language to build casino software as this language is widely supported, compatible with mobile and desktops, and is supported by most of the leading browsers. Choosing it for development is like winning on every front.

Front and Backend Development

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For every casino software, two development aspects are involved. The front end involves designing and developing components like UX, UI, visuals, etc. The backend is designing the brain of the software. Developers have to build different backend components based on the type of software they’re creating.

For instance, it’s necessary to develop an RNG for games like Bingo. To build a live dealer game, developers need to include features like audio integrations and live video streaming. Slot games are based on slot machines requiring different programming.

Test the Software

No matter how diligently developers perform coding and designs, bugs and errors become a part of the development process. This is why excessive testing is performed simultaneously.

Testing is often more than looking for bugs and fixing them. It is also concerned with testing the real-time capabilities of the game, filling out the gaps so that players only have good times when software lands on an online casino platform.

Launch the Game

When the game development is done, the software providers are ready to start the launch process. Mostly, you will be able to find your favourite games on the online casino platform, Google and Apple App Stores.

Features of an Impressive Online Casino Software

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That was the quick overview of a standard casino software development process. Almost all the software follows this pattern. But, some software becomes a hit while many get lost in the crowd. This is because of the features that these software offer.

For any casino software to win players’ hearts, it’s imperative to have the following:

  • A detailed profile section related to key information about the casino and its software providers
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Quick withdrawal and deposits
  • Customer service support to resolve any users concerns
  • Bonuses and promotions sections
  • Social media integrations

Technology Stack Required

While developers can pick suitable technology for development, here are some of the most famous technology stacks that have shaped many famous casino software.

Designing & Modeling Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D
UI/UX Design Axure RP, Adobe AD, InVision, Figma
Programming Languages JavaScript, HTML5, C++, Java, C#, Python, Lua
Sound and Music Audacity, Adobe Audition, FMOD, Wwise
Testing Unreal Engine Automation System, Appium, Unity Automated Testing
Gaming Engines Unreal, Unity, Cocos2d

Get Ready to Have the Best Gaming Experience

Developing casino software is a painstaking process, and developers must overcome multiple challenges simultaneously. But their efforts contribute to the bright future of the industry and provide you with advanced gaming solutions.

There is a huge demand for professionally built casino software that can attract players and keep them engaged. Would you like to join this amazing process or prefer to enjoy the released games? In any case, the casino industry has something to offer for everyone!