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How Long Do Electronic Vaporizer Batteries Last – 2024 Guide

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In the recent years, there are many alternatives to cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes appeared as a healthier version and for those people who would like to stop but cannot quit that easily. However, there has been some questions whether e-cigarettes are healthier or not.

Although there is still controversy surrounding these devices used for smoking and vaping, millions of people around the world found them to be beneficial. There’s much less smoke coming out of the e-cigarettes and people and you don’t stink up the entire room. Furthermore, most offices allow e-cigarettes to be used, making you more productive because you don’t have to go on breaks that often.

Various electronic alternatives exist for vaping. While some replace cigarettes and are smaller, the other replace bongs and come at a bigger size. They contain much more tech parts and a battery that you need to charge.

But how long does the battery last? Keep on reading to find out!

A dead battery

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One of the biggest problems vapers have is the dead battery. Imagine coming home after a long day and you want to relax a bit and vape but the battery on your device is out of juice. Although charging doesn’t take a long time, it is never a good moment for the battery to run out. It feels as if whenever you are craving a hit, the battery’s out.

2 Types of batteries

As we’ve said, vaping devices come in different shape or form. Therefore, the batteries for these devices aren’t the same. There are two main types of batteries.

  • Integrated Batteries
  • Removable Batteries

Let’s analyze them one by one.

1. Integrated Batteries

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As the name suggests, the integrated batteries come inside your device and they cannot be removed. This is a good thing because all you have to do is charge them and you do so by plugging them via an on-board USB port. You charge these devices the way you would charge your phone. Integrated batteries are not stronger than removable batteries. However, people are more inclined towards choosing this option because it is more convenient.

Carrying another charger with you all the time isn’t difficult and you can always find a socket nearby. Also, it doesn’t take a long time to charge. An example of a device that comes with this type of battery is Boost: Black Edition. You can always learn more about this device, what it is and how it is used.

2. Removable batteries

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In case you want more power, you should go with the device that comes with removable batteries. You can take these batteries in and out and replace them in case that is necessary. Usually, electronic vaporizers that come with removable batteries have an external charger that you will use. Although they definitely require more work, you can plan out the life of your vaping device. What do we mean? Charge your battery during the night and you can rest assured that the battery will last. Or if you plan to go on a party, you can charge your battery just before it and you know that you will be able to use your vaping device.

Furthermore, you are not in constant search of ports and sockets. In case it runs out of juice, you may as well just accept it and move on with your day.

There are different types of removable batteries and you have to make sure to find the right one for your e-cigarette or an electronic vaporizer. Therefore, make sure that you know what your original battery is before you order a new one.

If you want to order a battery online and you are not sure which one it is, you can always call a store to help you out or simply buy your batter in store next time you drive by.

Vape Battery Lifespan

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The lifespan of a battery depends on its size and here, it’s no different. On average, however, with a full charge, you can have approximately 300 puffs. That’s about 2 days before you have to charge it again. Here, we are talking about 800mAh batteries, but there are also 650 mAh, 900 mAh and 1100 mAh batteries that are commonly used for vaping devices.

Each of these has slightly different numbers, but you get the estimate. When it comes the lifetime of a battery, before it dies completely, you get 2-3 years on average before you need to replace it.

How can you extend battery life?

There are some ways in which you can extend the battery life. These are simple tips but they will help you get the maximum usage out of your battery before you need to buy a new one.

Use the Intended charger

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When you are buying a vaping device, you may or may not get a charger with it. If you’re getting a charger, only use that charger and don’t improvise with other phone chargers. In case you’re not getting it, ask the seller which charger is the best choice for that device and buy it.

Don’t Chain Vape

Chain vaping is when the user takes multiple draws one after another, with just a couple of seconds in between. This isn’t something you should do. The first reason is that you must let your wicks saturate to reduce the possibility of a dry hit.

The other one is it’s not good for the battery to chain vape.

Don’t charge it all the time

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You need to charge your device when it drops to under 50%. If you keep charging it all the time, the battery will weaken as a result.

Turn off your device when you are not using it

This is something a lot of people forget to do. You get caught up and just leave your device turned on, which causes battery to run out. Whenever you are not using the device, make sure you turn it off for preserving the battery.