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Tips to Successfully Manage Your Property and 3 Tools That Can Help You

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Property management is not at all simple and everyone who has tried working in this field will probably tell you the same. This is a competitive industry that requires you to have the right knowledge and skills in order to be successful. Yet all this can be learned. With the right information and useful tools to help you optimally manage your assets, you will notice that you improve significantly over time and achieve better results. To help you along the way, we share with you some of our tips to successfully manage your property as well as a few tools that can help you. Let’s start!

1. Good organization is an indispensable part of this business

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As a property manager you will have many things on your plate. It is crucial that you learn how to juggle several things at once to ensure that all tasks are completed and that everything is on time. Establishing procedures to help you keep up with all your responsibilities is an important step in improving your qualities as a property manager.

The to-do lists are essential if you want to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Sometimes you’ll just have to talk to a few different people in one day and keep track of expenses, payments, inspect multiple housing units, and who knows what else. If you are well organized, none of this will be difficult for you. Find ways to constantly improve your organizational skills to achieve more in less time and expend less energy.

2. Work on your communication skills

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Good communication skills are essential to be successful in the property management industry. This is a job that involves continuous work with people: with landlords, property owners, contractors, tenants and others. It is important that you know how to establish optimal communication with all of them and find a common language to ensure that the collaboration runs smoothly. Never stop thinking about how you can improve your communication skills. Find some courses you can attend and keep practicing daily, and then observe how your business level up along with the development of these skills.

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3. Focus on your customers

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If you want to become a good property manager, learn to focus on your customers.

Customer service in your company should be at a high level, which means that you need to make sure that each tenant gets an answer to their question as soon as possible, and that all their problems related to renting are resolved. Your clients will certainly have many questions and concerns, and it is up to you to make sure that all these doubts are resolved. Working with people is not easy, but it is very rewarding. When you are there for your tenants and offer them support throughout the process, they will certainly appreciate it and recommend you to other people, which is always the best marketing strategy.

4. Develop marketing and sales skills

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In addition to organizational and communication skills, you will need to develop marketing and sales skills if you want to become a successful property manager. This part people often tend to overlook, which is one of the main reasons why they do not have enough interested clients, and therefore no profit. It is important to know how to advertise your vacant housing units and talk (or write) about them convincingly enough so that someone really wants to rent or buy them. You can’t expect your clients to come by themselves – you also have to make an effort to find them. Learn what are effective marketing strategies are at Ziprent, that can help you provide information about your services to as many people as possible, including your future customers who will want to pay you in exchange for the service you provide.

Tools that can help you to successfully manage your property

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1. Mashboard

One of the useful property management tools that is gaining popularity today is Mashboard. This tool offers a property recommender feature that allows property managers to find rental properties. The algorithm shows great accuracy and makes it easy to find the perfect property for your current clients. And retaining existing clients is always a good way to go! Mashboard offers property managers the opportunity to expand their business with just a few clicks.

2. Buildium

Buildium is another tool that greatly facilitates the business of all property managers and allows them to expand it, regardless of whether they are currently managing one or dozens of properties. You can use this platform to find tenants, sell real estate, manage finances, and much more.

3. Rent manager

Another tool that will be useful to all property managers is Rent Manager – a platform that comes with a set of different options, such as integrated accounting, contract management, various marketing solutions, and more. You can use Rent Manager to organize and track your financial statements, but also for all repair and maintenance issues. The Rent Manager offers so much! Another good thing is that you can create a website that is integrated with this platform, which you can use to find buyers and tenants. Rent Manager is completely adapted to mobile devices so you can use it whenever it suits you!


The property management industry is very competitive nowadays and it can be difficult to stand out as a really good property manager. However, this is a skill that can be learned, and you need to make an effort to get familiar with a few new things. It is important to improve your communication skills because you will be talking to a large number of people on a daily basis.

Learn how to organize yourself in the best possible way and keep writing down to-do lists that will ensure you don’t forget any important tasks. Marketing and sales skills are also of great importance because you have to keep reaching new customers and make them interested in your offer. Focus on leveling up your customer service and remember to use a variety of tools to help you become the most successful property manager you know.