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7 Great Ideas for Mother’s Day, Especially if You Are Far Away From Her This Year

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Mother’s Day isn’t something you should forget any year, and that’s, even more, the case for those who don’t live near their parents. The special day is a great opportunity for children and grandchildren to show their undying, unconditional love for those who mean the most, family.

There are many occasions, anniversaries, birthdays, and special dates you need to remember every year, and that’s why many of us tend to forget about one or two of these, but to do so can prove a fatal mistake.

Your mother isn’t likely to be all that pleased if you’ve forgotten Mother’s Day entirely and might be even less ecstatic if all she gets is a perfunctory phone call on the day itself. So this year, why not put a whole lot more effort into the occasion?

In the US, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, the 8th of May, so remember that date and forget it at your peril. So now we’ve established the importance of remembering that date and why it’s crucial you get your mother something worthwhile this year; let’s move to possible options for a gift.

Here are a few ideas that should help you get centered and focused on the task at hand.

1. Personalized Jewelry

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Custom-made jewelry items have been hugely popular for a while now, and it’s the right time to surprise your mother with a delivery of a sentimentally effective, beautifully crafted name necklace that either spells out her name or those of her children or grandchildren, like these ones here. We are absolutely certain that if your mother receives a package in the post with something of this nature, then you’ll have won Mother’s Day 2024.

Personalized jewelry is a massive market now, and that means there are plenty of options to select from that match all budgets and styles. This will make it easier to match an item with your mother’s tastes. If you want advice on this, you can always ask your dad for suggestions; that way, if it isn’t gleefully received, he will then also shoulder some of the responsibility.

2. Pampering Package

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If your mother is the type who is constantly on the move, either within the house or garden or has a number of outdoor hobbies, then what better way to treat her than to arrange for a pampering package.

This can include a great many items, all geared to help her relax and recharge. You can look to include a foot massager, plush towels and robes, scented candles with essential oils for a therapeutic bath.

If you have the right budget, you could even cover the cost of a masseuse to come and massage your mother for extra bonus points this Mother’s Day. The purpose of this gift is to make her feel human again; this is more relevant for mothers who are on the move 24/7 and will certainly be gratefully received, not least as it’s the kind of present that requires a bit of work and effort.

3. Stylish Hamper

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If your mom is a fan of the more refined lifestyle and is a bit of a foodie, then why not send her an extravagant hamper. It can be geared towards savory treats, perhaps even better if your mother has moved away from her childhood abode and can’t access certain foods and brands.

We are thinking caviar, truffles, and champagne, the whole nine yards. Similarly, if she has a bit of a sweet tooth, then you can get her some delicious cakes and biscuits, and the hamper can be topped off with some flowers.

Here is where the presentation really counts. Don’t look to cut costs; go to a fashionable store and make sure the hamper itself is ornate and showy. That way, she’ll be smiling and happy before she even opens the hamper to find what’s inside.

4. Designer Label Goods

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If your mother is a style guru or goddess, why not pool money from your brothers and sisters and splash out on a designer bag. Something that will make the talk of the town.

We are talking something like a Balenciaga item or perhaps Prada, something that reeks of opulence.

This won’t be cheap but will show you how much you care, not least because you will have spent hundreds of dollars on a gift. This works best if your mother is very specifically a trendsetter and won’t, clearly, work well if she’s more down-to-earth and reserved when it comes to her fashion choices.

5. A Gift Experience

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If your mother is based far away from you and you want to give her a gift that is a little different from those above, how about a present that is based on an experience? Maybe a pair of theatre tickets or an all-expenses-paid meal at a swanky restaurant.

This works well as it shows that you’d like to be there with her too, but as you can’t, you are giving her a gift that is relevant to her locality. This will work best if the city she lives in has some very high-end experiences to offer, and obviously, if she lives in a village in the middle of nowhere, then there’s less bang to this possible gift.

6. Subscription Ideas

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Do you have a mother who likes to read, loves wine, and is always glad to have fresh flowers placed around her house? Well, maybe a subscription-based gift would work well.

For instance, if she’s a bookworm, then offering her a year-long subscription to a book club will mean that she regularly receives a great book to read, and this works well also if she’s a lover of wine.

The good thing about this kind of present is that it keeps on going and can last through until next Mother’s Day. Be sure to pick a suitable subscription; in other words, if you sign her up for a gardening-based subscription and she lives on the 14th floor of an apartment block,, you may not hear the end of it!

7. Surprise Arrival

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Maybe the biggest gift you can give your mother if she lives far away from you is a surprise visit. This could be far more rewarding than any physical gift you might get her; if you can do it, why not consider this an option. Now that the coronavirus pandemic restrictions have reduced significantly, you might be able to make the trip with a minimum of fuss.

Obviously, if you have children, your mother’s grandchildren, then bringing them along would be an even bigger bonus, and it would make for a Mother’s Day she won’t easily forget. Clearly, you can always bring a gift or two with you.