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The Difference Between Italian and American Underwear Quality

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When Americans visit Europe and vice versa, they will see that there are many differences between these two parts of the world. Europeans often say that life in the United States is completely different from what they are used to in their native countries. At the same time, we can see that there are many different concepts we use every day.

For instance, the shoe and clothes sizes are completely different. For instance, XXL size is much bigger in the US than in other parts of the world. When it comes to underwear, we can see that the situation is pretty much the same as with all other clothes. For instance, underwear in the US tends to look pretty much the same. They are unimaginative and utilitarian, especially male underwear.

On the other side, we can see that the design is much more interesting in those who are made in Europe, especially Italy. If you want to take a look at some of the underwear made in this Mediterranean country, be sure to take a look at boglietti.it. Since these two concepts are widely different in almost every aspect, we would like to talk about the main differences between those made in the United States and Italy.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve been able to gather on this topic.

The Design

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We’ve already mentioned that one of the main differences between these two productions is that America’s products are not as imaginative as the ones we can find on the old continent. At the same time, it needs to be said that they are not made to fit the male physique, which is the case in Italy. So, it’s not uncommon for men to experience these as uncomfortable. With products made for women, the situation is widely different.

They are made according to the female physique in both cases. Italian manufacturers are interested in providing the utmost comfort to their customers. That’s why you will see that the underwear they product will fit the male bodies completely. Some people would argue that the European culture is widely different from American, mainly in displaying the male body. We can see that there are a lot of statues from ancient times who are not afraid to show beautifully shaped male bodies. But this is the topic for another time, let’s stick to the underwear.

The Shops

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While it is not uncommon to see shops that sell lingerie in the United States, finding a shop that sells only male underwear is nearly impossible. In Italy, the situation is widely different. There are a lot of manufacturers, who have their shops, that specialize in this kind of product. In fact, we can see that almost every manufacturer will make at least two different models so more people can find something that fits their needs and preferences. The situation is much simpler in the US. Male underwear can be found in boxes in some chains of markets like Walmart. There is almost no attention to these products.

For example, males will not come to these with an intention to try out a couple of these before they buy. Instead, they will just find their size and they will buy it without any test. Since there are almost no shops where you can find these, it needs to be said that this kind of occurrence is not something that should surprise us at all.


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When it comes to the size you can find in the US, you will see that there are much fewer options to choose from. It needs to be said that this comes for all kinds of underwear, both for males and females. On the other side, you will have a chance to choose from a wide array of different sizes in Italy, and in the whole of Europe for that matter.

It needs to be said that some sizes can be found in both of these parts of the world. As we’ve mentioned, the sizes in America are much bigger than in other countries. Therefore, you will need to be ready to make these choices when you are in these shops. Surely, we don’t have anything against these sizes. In the end, all customers will have a chance to find something that fits them perfectly.

The Production

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When it comes down to underwear production, it needs to be said that Italians tend to pay much more attention to their products. They do that by adding numerous design features that will make them more unique. We are drawing the analogy with what we’ve mentioned at the beginning of our article. That’s why their production is much slower than the one we can see in the United States.

In North America, you will see that not much attention is given to this kind of production. Underwear is made massively, and there is no time for adding some particularities that will make some products stand out from the crowd. That’s why there are no specializes shops in this part of the world. You will find them in stores where all sorts of products are sold, and they will not be given any kind of spotlight.

The Quality

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Now, we’ve got to the most important question of them all, which one of these productions can provide you with more quality. From our experience, we would say that Italian underwear has much more quality than those made in the US. The reason is rather simple, the manufacturers invest more attention into creating their products, which cannot be said for others. Therefore, we would say that, if you are looking for quality underwear, who will fit your figure perfectly, you should opt for those made in Italy.

The Conclusion

We don’t believe that the difference in quality between underwear produced in the US and Italy attracted a lot of time in the past. However, we can see that these are pretty clear since both of these can be found on all markets in the world. Here, you can take a look at all the differences between these, especially quality, which is the most important one.