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5 Surefire Signs That You Are Prepared to Adopt

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How does one even know that they are ready for something? How do they even prepare and stay ready? What is that gut feeling? Is it a decision, is it a situation? How can you be sure? What if you make the wrong decision, and even worse, what if you lose your chance at it? All of these are questions that need to be answered.

If you are someone who has asked these questions if you are ready to adopt or not, then do not worry, you are not alone in this. There are hundreds and thousands of people that go through the same thoughts and questions who are now with an adopted child or a baby. They say that it is completely normal to think like that. Therefore, foster care homes are ready to help you in this matter of adoption, but if you really want to know if you are ready, then you have to gander upon the 5 surefire signs that will tell you that you are prepared to adopt, they are the following:

1. You are aware and have known fully that you can love a baby or a child who is not genetically bound to you

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This is the main thing that needs to be looked at before adopting a child or a baby or even a teenager. Everyone wants a family, we all know that. Everyone feels as if they want their own child, through their own genetic link. They feel like that is what makes them parents. For some people, when biology is cruel to them, they look for surrogacy, but even when surrogacy fails there are people who go to adoption.

There can be many reasons why people go to adoption, not having the right biological requirements is just one of them. Others can be when a mother cannot or is not feeling mentally safe with pregnancy, although she can go for surrogacy, but even when surrogacy is something that she is not comfortable with or the family is not comfortable with, they can adopt a child.

But you have to jump the biggest hurdle, this hurdle is important to jump in order for you to really understand that you are okay with adoption now. That you will be able to love the adopted child the same way you would have loved yours. If you truly feel like this then you are on the right path and for such reasons, foster homes are made.

2. You have finally accepted that you are infertile and that you are ready to have a family of your own

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You have gotten to a point where you have accepted as a fact that you are infertile. As hard as it is to read and hear, this is the truth. Everyone goes through a grieving period when they are told that they cannot have babies, either by themselves or through surrogacy with their partner. This is truly saddening and one should be sad. But one should also know that this brings another opportunity for you to go towards another option—adoption.

Once you have fully accepted that the infertility is a reality, you can make room for adoption. This is a big sign that you are ready to adopt another child whom you are not connected to genetically at all, but want to connect with it through your heart and mind.

3. You as well as your partner have agreed upon the option of adopting

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If you and your partner are accepting to the idea of adoption then you are all set. But it is always advisable to ask your partner if they are only doing this because of you, they need to be behind this 100 percent by themselves just as much as you. This should not be done just to patch up a problem of infertility, instead, it should be an option which both you as well as your partner really want and need. Because if the intention is not there then you can be sure that there will be cracks in there in the future.

If you do not want the cracks to come, then now is the time to sit down and really have the hard talk to as why each of you are actually going for adoption. If both aren’t genuinely into it, then do not, if you both are, then contacting a foster care home is the right place at this point.

4. You are financially and emotionally ready

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By “financially and emotionally” ready means that you aren’t just able to provide for the child, but you are emotionally ready for the long and hard process of registering for a child and the tests as well as the waiting period required to check if you are the right candidate for the child to be living with you for the rest of their life.

Furthermore, the financial test will be there as well as adopting a child is not cheap at all, it can take from 20,000 dollars to 60,000 dollars to be able to adopt a child. Therefore, a lot of hectic procedure has to be followed before you can get to adopt the child you need.

Foster care homes can do that for you and make the process slightly easier to comprehend as compared to adoption agencies.

5. You are healthy, mentally and physically

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A healthy person can only take care of another human living with them, especially one that is young and naïve. You will have to give your undivided attention to your new adopted child, especially if it is a baby that you are adopting. Those sleepless nights will be a tough battle, but that is a part of being a parent and if this is what you always wanted, you won’t regret it but actually appreciate and cherish it.

Therefore, if you are 100 percent sure after reading all of this, then what are you waiting for? Click here and start the process of getting a family of your own like you always needed.