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An Ultimate Guide to Select the Right Size of Shapewear


Understanding Shapewear

Shapewear is garments meant to be worn underneath other clothing, and these help one to accentuate their figures or curves, or whatever body-shape related purpose you wish to solve. These have helped women of all shapes and sizes on many occasions and in many ways. These create the illusion of the so-called-perfect body shape from beneath your clothing like your lower belly pooch can disappear in minutes by wearing lower belly pooch shapewear.

These belong to the same family of that of corsets and crinolines, only of course perfected further through evolution and change. While corsets or crinolines used to be extremely uncomfortable shapewear often made of iron or metal wirework, to bring about the shape with a smaller waist and a larger pivot, shapewear is more or less committed to a similar task, only giving much more consideration to the convenience and comfort of the women of today.


Why Consider Shapewear?

Here are a few reasons or advantages of why one may consider shapewear.

  1. Corrects posture

One of the prime perks of wearing a Corset or shapewear is that it helps one to correct posture. Tight corsets have and continue to be suggested to the patients of the spine for posture correction.

The material and the structure of this shapewear is such that it uses compression to keep us erect and prevent hunching over. Not only does it support our core, but also serves the purpose of solving lower back pain issues for some people.

  1. Boosts confidence

With the enhancement of one’s posture and accentuates the features of one’s body, shapewear has helped certain people gain the confidence and esteem that one may have seen deteriorate due to body image struggles. If you have battled consciousness with the way you appear and may be seeking a quick fix to your insecurity, shapewear might help.

Although, we would first recommend some professional help for you to feel better about yourself. If shapewear has helped you feel better about yourself and has helped you gain some confidence, then there’s nothing better than that!

  1. Help lose weight

Shapewear also is one of the quick-fixes to losing a paunch or excess fat. While it might not be one of the healthier ways to do so, one can also not deny it’s capacity to do so. Some shapewear are specifically designed to suit such a purpose. Like, if you have large stomach then you can lose weight by wearing shapewear for large stomach.

These hug our bodies very tightly and help us sweat inside more to lose fat from one’s stomach, thighs or more. Some people also wear these while working out to fasten their weight reduction process. Using perspiration, shapewear has helped many people reach their body-goal sooner than ever. Although, we would highly recommend considering a professional before venturing out for such a product.

  1. Easy to maneuver

Shapewear is also one of the easiest to maneuver and indulge in when it comes to shape or posture correction or instant weight reduction. While many people also consider surgeries for quicker figure correction, shapewear can help one achieve a similar result in a much less fuss-free manner. These have now been made very easily available to the common person to purchase and utilize and are super easy to wear as well.

There are some more advantages linked to using shapewear but those might be subjective to just a certain bunch of people.

Coming to the main content, here are a few ways that you might be able to find the right size of Shapewear for yourself, suiting your body type.

Tips to find the most suitable shapewear

Be true to yourself, and your size!

The first step to always follow to be successful in finding yourself the right size shapewear is being true to who you are. Your body will refuse for something that will be forced onto it unnecessarily. So if you were considering buying a certain size shorter than what your stipulated size is, think over!

Not only will it be extremely uncomfortable for you to handle, but it will also hinder your body in some way or the other, and affect it adversely. Moreover, it might just kill the entire purpose.

But this shouldn’t be a reason for you to worry at all! Shapewear comes in so many different variations, that it’s certain for you to find the right one for yourself without having to compromise on your convenience.

The right shapewear for your body type

The second step in choosing the right shapewear for yourself is to know what body type you are. There are mainly 4 types of body types, namely, Apple, the Pear, the Hourglass and the Square. If you’re not aware already about your body type, no worries! There are easy ways to judge your body type available on the net. Here’s a quick guide

  • Apple-shaped bodies have an inverted triangle-like shape, in which there are a heavier bust and a narrower pivotal region, which a short torso.
  • The Hourglass shaped bodies have their bust and hips in proportion, more or less, with an invariably cinched waist.
  • The Square or the Ruler shaped body type have very symmetrical bodies in terms of having more-or-less the same measurements of their bust, waist, and hips.
  • The Pear-shaped body type resorts to the bodies with heavier hip regions and a smaller bust. The waist is also of a wider measure than the breasts.
  1. The Apple

The right shapewear for the inverted triangle body type would be A shaping camisole. It might be an ideal buy for apple-shaped body types. The camisole will help smoothen love handles & suppress your breasts to a limit whilst giving the illusion of a long spine or torso.

  1. The Hourglass

A shaping bodysuit might be the perfect fit for someone with an hourglass body type. This will help in the provision of adequate smoothening and upliftment. The bodysuit will help to accentuate your curves and bring out the perfect body image suiting your body type.

  1. The Square

The high-rise briefs or the rear enhancement briefs suit the best to the ruler body type. It works wonders in tucking your paunch whilst providing for the rear upliftment and regular shaping. Shapewear fits on your waist and will help in refining muffin tops, if any,  as well. It is believed to be the perfect option for this body type and for bringing about a symmetrical figure.

  1. The Pear

When it comes to the pear-shaped body type, the ever so popular thigh-shapers might as well be the best thing for you in terms of purchasing shapewear. It projects in targeting any love handles or muffin tops. These also help with smoothening rears and the thighs. It also helps in creating this illusion of a slimmer and sleeker shape. It may help in symmetrizing your body.

Watch the following video for tips on how to choose proper shapewear for your  body type:

While considering shapewear may seem very exciting and the most suitable option for figure and weight correction, It has its own pros and cons. Here are several side-effects or disadvantages explained below.

  1. Bacteria breeding

Not many people are familiar with this side of opting for shapewear. As mentioned earlier, shapewear uses sweating and perspiration for the body to lose weight. But sometimes, the covered area, due to application for longer durations and because of the moisture, may develop bacterial or yeast infections. These can be very difficult to deal with at times, especially if you don’t maintain hygiene with the clothing.

  1. Hindering the lungs

Sometimes, shapewear may cover your entire body, or your lungs, in specific. Studies have suggested that shapewear can have an adverse ill-effect on your lungs. The main functioning of the shapewear depends on compression and pressure. With excess pressure being applied to the lungs, it becomes hard for them to function properly, in conjunction with the rising and lowering of the diaphragm. shapewear also makes it difficult for one to breathe.

  1. Discomfort

One of the MAJOR disadvantages of shapewear is that it’s extremely uncomfortable to wear. Good things don’t come easy. But when it comes to compromising one’s comfort and well being, shapewear may not be very appropriate. We want you to prioritize your convenience first. So if shapewear is making you feel uncomfortable, quit, and with no shame!

  1. Other health hindrances

Shapewear can be associated with many other health deteriorations and side-effects which may affect us for the worst. These include indigestion, numbness in the legs and also a bad effect on the bladder. Forceful and excessive pressure on certain if not all parts of your body can do more harm than it feels like.

These issues may seem minor, but in the long run, especially if the use of such shapewear continues, it can turn into major health concerns.

If shapewear has helped several women with the confidence that they deserve, it has also caused several inconveniences to other women as well. One is always advised to not interfere or hamper with the natural aspects of our bodies. But we wouldn’t advise you to compromise on your happiness or confidence as well.

Go ahead and purchase and utilize the shapewear of your liking. But always be aware of the side-effects that this may have on you.

Stay confident and stay safe!