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11 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Invest in Comfortable Shapewear in 2024

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Shapewear can get a bad reputation for making women feel they must fix their bodies. However, many people should be made aware of key health benefits, such as promoting better eating habits and improving posture.

Comfortable shapewear can make you feel good about your best features and motivate you to lead a healthier life. Before you decide shapewear isn’t for you, learn about the top ten benefits of wearing it with your outfits.

1. You don’t have to compromise comfort for style

Shapewear doesn’t have to be painful or otherwise unpleasant to wear, nor does it have to be ugly. Luckily, shops like SheBird know that women deserve comfortable options for undergarments. They have created stylish shapewear that does not compromise comfort.

2. To feel more confident

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Every woman should feel confident wherever she goes, but many do not. Unfortunately, some people often stress over those extra few pounds, the creases in their shirts, or how they slouch while sitting.

Even though women don’t need shapewear to have the right to be confident, it does improve self-esteem in many ways.

The first thing that comes to mind about shapewear is its slimming effect. As a compression garment, it slims your figure and makes your body appear smoother. That effect can help women feel more confident in clothes that never quite fit right before.

Shapewear also improves posture, which boosts self-esteem over time. When you walk or sit with better posture, you appear more self-assured. Soon, you begin to feel the same because you know that is how others see you.

When you value yourself, you encourage others to show respect for your confidence. Regardless of how shapewear changes your appearance, your boosted self-esteem will be evident to those around you.

3. To help clothes fit better

Once you select the right size of shapewear, your clothes will instantly fit better. Every woman’s body differs, but most clothing lines only account for general size differences. Realistically, however, curves in any area drastically impact the fit of clothes.

With shapewear, you have a smooth base for your clothes. They will fit the same way on you as they do on a mannequin.

Plus, women are often more adventurous with fabrics when wearing shapewear. If you typically avoid clingy materials like silk or chiffon, you might be more open to these possibilities with a barrier between your skin and the fabric.

Finally, women who have recently gained a little weight can fit back into their old clothes. Slimming the stomach slightly lets you pull out some of your old favorite pieces.

4. To highlight your best features

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Most women have a favorite part of their bodies, such as their hourglass figure or long legs. When your clothes lay effortlessly over these features, they will be even more apparent than they were before.

For example, you might work hard to keep your butt looking toned, but it doesn’t show when wearing jeans. With the right shapewear, you can slim your stomach and really pop in your favorite pants.

Likewise, you may feel that your hourglass figure is overshadowed by pants that sag too low. Shapewear holds your pants in place, creating a lifting effect and accentuating your features.

5. To reduce joint pain

The compression aspect of shapewear is not only helpful in slimming your figure. It also takes the pressure off your joints, making you more comfortable during daily activities.

By compressing your body, shapewear lifts your spine. With this added support, your spinal alignment will be more accurate than ever.

6. To improve posture

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Shapewear supports your body by pulling in your stomach. In addition, it holds your spine tightly, keeping it straight whether you sit or stand.

This pressure reminds you to stand straight and tall. If you struggle with posture, shapewear will break you out of your slouching habit quickly.

After repeated wear, your posture could improve even when you are not wearing it. When you practice sitting and standing straight, you build healthy habits that you can carry into any situation.

A better posture builds self-esteem by making you appear and feel more confident.

7. To increase energy levels

Nearly anything can leave you feeling drained, from a low mood to physical pain. Shapewear can target the cause and increase your energy level.

When shapewear boosts your confidence, it can also increase your mood. Happier people are more likely to be energized than others. That attitude could improve productivity at work and let you enjoy hobbies you abandoned due to a lack of energy.

Moreover, shapewear decreases joint pain, meaning everyday activities won’t drain your energy so quickly.

8. To improve the quality of breath

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With proper posture, you can breathe more efficiently. Sitting or standing straight leaves plenty of space for your lungs to expand fully, which promotes deeper breathing.

9. To promote healthier eating habits

Most people lose weight more easily when they eat several small meals instead of two or three large ones. However, making a habit of portioning your meals can be challenging.

Shapewear compresses your stomach, which helps you control how much food you eat in one sitting. When you feel fuller, eating smaller portions more frequently is easier.

10. To motivate you to stick to a weight loss plan

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In addition to helping you form better eating habits, shapewear reminds you of the weight loss goal you are working towards. It can be discouraging when your body doesn’t change despite diet and exercise, and you may give up before seeing results.

Wearing shapewear gives you an image of the body you want. Every time you look in the mirror, you will feel more motivated to make this your natural figure.

11. To increase efficiency during workouts

Finally, shapewear helps you lose weight by increasing the efficiency of your workouts. The clothing materials hold in your body heat, stimulating perspiration.

The more you sweat during a workout, the more effective it is. Thus, wearing comfortable shapewear during your typical exercise routine could allow you to lose weight faster than you would otherwise.

Before you go

Many women do not realize how versatile shapewear can be. Contrary to popular opinion, its uses are not confined to changing your appearance. When you find comfortable shapewear, it can benefit many aspects of your life.