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Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Usage and Maintenance

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Cleaning robots move only on the floor. They will not vacuum shelves, walls, ceiling or upholstered furniture. This type of device will not completely free you from manual cleaning, but it can reduce the frequency of vacuuming the floors, where dust and other dirt accumulate the most. Cleaning robots will be least effective in small apartments with numerous appliances and hard-to-reach places, which they simply won’t reach, leaving part of the floor untidy. A robot vacuum cleaner is a relatively expensive piece of equipment. When deciding on a robotic cleaner, it is worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with the parameters and functions.

The invention of Roomba robot vacuum cleaners has taken a lot of load off the housework. It cleans tight, inaccessible surfaces for you on a schedule you decide.

However, as the invention is fairly new, users have questions such as how often should it clean. How long will the machine last? What is the maintenance procedure? Let this article answer for you!

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How Often Should I Clean with a Robot Vacuum?

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Users have reported running the robot vacuum four times a week is enough to keep away the dirt from their floors although daily cleaning is advised.

If you have allergies, pets, or children you might want to increase the per-day frequency. Let’s look at it in detail.

With Children

Children can be sensitive to dirt, especially crawling toddlers whose hands come in contact with the floor. Vacuum the living room and kitchen daily along with mopping the non-carpeted areas. For areas with stubborn dirt build-ups, it is recommended to use a broom and a dustpan once a week.

Thick-coated Pets that Shed

If you have pets that shed then the frequency of usage will go much higher. Set the cleaning schedule of your vacuum daily and run it twice a few days of the week to keep the hair and dander off the living space.

Usage According to the Environment

You will have to assess your environment and conditions before vacuuming for the best results. Crank up your vacuum thrice a week if you live in a busy city with air pollution and fine dust.

If you live in the suburbs or the countryside you will not need to use the vacuum more than twice a week.

Health and Allergies of House Members

If your housemates have any respiratory diseases such as asthma or dust allergies make sure to use it five to seven times a week to eradicate bacteria and pollens from the environment.

What is the longevity of a Robot Vacuum?

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As Robot vacuums are an essential investment one should select the model wisely, according to one’s needs but most importantly use it efficiently so the life of the vacuum is maximized.

Factors its lifespan depends on are:

Let’s look at how exactly how these affect its life.

Batteries Types

Robot vacuum batteries are made of two chemicals.

  • Lithium-ion
  • Nickel-Metal hydride

Lithium battery usually has a longer life than nickel one. A Nickel battery lasts around  400 full-charge-and-discharge cycles which are roughly 2 years while lithium batteries can stretch for 1500 to 2000 cycles which are roughly 4 years.

Type of Flooring

It is advised that brushes should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Brushes can wear out of they are used on uneven, textured surfaces. These will last longer on smooth tiles or glass-like floors.


If filters are clogged and not replaced they can reduce vacuums’ overall life. It is advised to replace the filter every time it clogs which is usually once in 2 months.

Robot Vacuum Usage Tips

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We have gathered the following tips so you can get the best out of your robot vacuum.

Set a Schedule for Your Robot Vacuum

The most vital feature of a robot vacuum is that you can set a cleaning schedule and let it familiarizes itself with your space. This feature comes in handy when you are away from home and are looking forward to a clean house on return.

You can also customize settings on days when the traffic in the house is more than average such as a party.

Clear Cords and Curtains

It is highly advised to remove any obstacles such as cords, chargers, children’s toys, and pieces of cloth that can be entangled in vacuum brushes and as a result damage them.

Do a Test Run

It is important to do a test run to avoid issues ahead. The vacuum will need your help to get to know your space, and you need to be present for the first few runs in case of any issues to troubleshoot.

Doing these test runs will ensure that in the future you can leave the robot vacuum unmonitored.

Main functions of robot vacuum cleaners

A robot that vacuums and cleans can be equipped with a variety of features. Some have intelligent navigation systems – your robot should learn the layout of your home over time to improve its efficiency. Scanning the space allows it to vacuum rooms more efficiently. Most robot vacuum cleaners use smart sensor technology to help them move around the house. For example, it has three sensors and a digital camera to keep it from falling down stairs or colliding with furniture.

A HEPA filter, on the other hand, prevents dust from re-entering the home. Some robots have remote control, so you can direct them from the comfort of your couch, and a remote control allows you to direct the robot into the desired space of your apartment. Still others are equipped with remote control via everyday devices. They are launched and controlled by a mobile app and operated by a smartphone.

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You should run your vacuum ideally every day but you can reduce the usage to even 2 times a week if you do not have any allergies, pets, or kids.

An economical model such as Roomba 675 is able to give 1 year of service while high-duty models such as iRobot j7+ will offer up to 5 years. You can expand their lives by mopping the floors and removing hard objects in their paths.

Which automatic vacuum cleaner do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section.