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6 Do’s and Don’ts DIY Gutter Cleaning

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Regular and optimal maintenance of all parts of the household is necessary if you want everything to function perfectly, to avoid major breakdowns and accidents, and to enjoy your home to the fullest without any worries. Gutter maintenance is an integral part of this process.

Paying special attention to how and how often you clean gutters can prevent problems that occur due to improper maintenance of this part of the house. You are probably aware of this. However, are you sure that you know how to properly clean your gutters? If you’re not, no worries: we have a few major dos and don’ts in DIY gutter cleaning that will be helpful to you.


1. Clean gutters regularly

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The first thing that is definitely one of the most important ‘dos’ for gutter cleaning is to do it regularly. If you allow leaves and dirt to accumulate in the gutters, and you constantly forget to clean them, it can lead to some serious consequences. Clogging of gutters can lead to an accumulation of bacteria and mold, and also to the inability of water to drain freely, which can lead to cracking of gutters or leakages in the house. In any case, you will be doomed to solve a number of problems in your household just because you didn’t think about some things in time.

2. What does REGULAR gutter cleaning mean?

In most cases, it is quite enough to clean the gutters twice a year. It would be ideal to carry out this process in late spring and late autumn. This is the period in which most leaves and dirt accumulate in the gutters due to the greatest amount of rain, snow and wind, but also due to flowering trees and flowers and scattering seeds and pollen.

Of course, there are also some situations where cleaning twice a year is simply not enough. If you live in a very rainy and windy area or have a lot of trees around the house, you will also need more frequent gutter cleaning.

3. Use protective equipment

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When preparing for the gutter cleaning process you need to gather all the necessary equipment. For starters, grab a pair of quality gloves that will protect your hands, which is especially important if you plan to remove most of the leaves and dirt with your hands.

You will also need a stable ladder with which you will be able to climb and access all parts of the gutters. Be careful in order to prevent injuries.

4. Use hands

As we mentioned, one way to remove dirt from gutters is to use your hands. And this is exactly one of the best methods if you want to be as fast and efficient as possible in this cleaning process. The fact is that it is much easier to operate with your hands than with a trowel, so why not take advantage of that? Remove all available leaves with your hands, and rinse off the rest of the dirt with a hose. And once again: don’t forget protective gloves to prevent cuts or soiling of your hands.

However, if you are not skilled in this area and would rather hire someone to clean the gutters for you, why not?

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1. Do not climb on the roof to clean the gutters

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One of the main don’ts when it comes to cleaning gutters is to climb on the roof and clean them from there. This can be very risky because you don’t have stable ground beneath you, so you can easily fall and get seriously injured. Why would you bring yourself into this position? Always use quality ladders that are stable enough when you clean the gutters. And never try to reach beyond what you can realistically reach. Move the ladder each time you want to get closer to the gutter.

2. Don’t throw that debris around

While you may feel unmotivated to neatly collect leaves and dirt in a bag or bucket at the same time you take them out of the gutter, we still advise you to do it. Don’t throw rubbish around, because that way you will only create more work for yourself.

We agree that twigs and dry leaves won’t make too much of a mess if you scatter them around, but that doesn’t apply to damp dirt that will further soil your lawn and paths, so you’ll have to spend a lot of time cleaning and tidying up your yard. That is why we recommend that you have a bag or bucket with you while you are on the ladder and that you immediately leave all the waste in the right place.

3. Don’t postpone the cleaning

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Another important don’t when cleaning gutters is not to postpone this job. We advise you to determine the exact time when you will clean the gutters every spring and autumn. You can link this to some other household chores, to make it easier to remember when it’s time to get this task done.

It is very important that, when you start maintaining the household, you firmly decide that you will do all the tasks. If you decide to move the gutter cleaning to another day or month, it is very likely that this job will not be done in the end. Time passes quickly, and an unmaintained gutter during that time can create a huge mess in your home. Clean the gutters regularly and do not postpone this process if you don’t have to.


Gutter cleaning is one of the household chores that should be carried out at least twice a year to remove leaves and all dirt that accumulated over time. It is important to use protective equipment, ladders, as well as to use your hands for easier and faster cleaning. On the other hand, do not delay cleaning the gutters indefinitely, don’t clean them from the roof and do not scatter dirt around, because that will only create more work for you.