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Can You Use Period Underwear for Swimming?

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Any woman out there knows that the menstrual cycle is something that cannot be prevented by any means. Therefore, the only thing we can do about it is to keep it under tight control, through a lot of different measures. We are all aware of the measures like tampons, menstrual cups, or sponges.

However, the real problem with the menstrual cycle is that you cannot fully know when it will happen. For that reason, many women out there are under stress whether it will happen in a situation when they don’t need it to happen, like when they are on a beach.

A common question women have is whether they can use period underwear for swimming. We will address this in the following paragraphs.

But first, what is period underwear?

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When we talk about period underwear, we’re talking about a relatively new product that can help with controlling the menstrual cycle.

What needs to be said about these is that they are usually completely eco-friendly and reusable.

However, the most significant aspect of period underwear is that they are multi-layered.

Thankfully, it can be said that period underwear comes in a wide array of different shapes and sizes. Among them, you can find designs that were made for athletes. So, you can see that there’s something for everybody. In case you need any of these types, be sure to pay a visit to Modibodi.

Period Swimwear vs. Period Underwear

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Even though it looks like period swimwear and period underwear are two distant terms, it needs to be said that they are pretty much the same. The only difference between them is that swimwear can be worn in the water, and it is not possible to use underwear in the same capacity.

Swimming while wearing period underwear is simply not possible since these do not have all the characteristics needed for all the protection under these circumstances. Not to mention that these two have completely different designs. On the other hand, period swimwear is almost completely waterproof.

Period swimwear used to be conservative in the past couple of years, with only a handful of colors being available. Thankfully, many companies have released a high number of new designs that come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. So, there really is something for everyone.

Other Methods to Consider

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Now, we want to talk about some other approaches you might consider when it comes to swimming while on your period.


Tampons are definitely one of the most widespread products women use for personal hygiene. Many women are not aware of the fact that tampons can be effective in preventing leakage while swimming.

It needs to be said that choosing the right swimwear is something that can make a crucial difference in a tampons’ effectiveness.

Therefore, you can see that these work solely when there’s a good combination of a couple of elements that work together.

For that reason, pay attention to these aspects.

At the same time, we cannot stress out how crucial it is to change the tampon you’re using before you’re about to swim. The reason is quite simple. When these are used for a longer period, the absorption will decline. So, using a new one before you go into the water is an absolute must.

Menstrual Sponges

Another method we want to point out is using a menstrual sponge. If you do not want to use tampons for whatever reason, you can consider using these, and you can be sure this will be a safe thing to do. There are two main types of menstrual sponges to choose from, such as non-lubricated and pre-lubricated.

The reason for their effectiveness is the place where they are used. They are put inside the body of the user, and the absorption of the blood is immediate, without any leaks.

That’s why many athletes are using them, including those who participate in water sports.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t be worried about removing them too much. They are individually wrapped and you can remove them without any sort of inconvenience in the process. Therefore, we would say that menstrual sponges are one of the best approaches you can undertake when you need this sort of prevention.

Menstrual Cups

The last method we would like to discuss is using menstrual cups. They can represent quite a big help to someone who is about to swim. If you take a look at opinions that come from experts, these are the most effective methods, more effective than tampons or pads, by far.

Not to mention that a lot of these are completely reusable, which immediately knocks down the costs since you do not need to purchase these frequently. At the same time, women who have used these know that handling these is not always easy, and it requires practice.

Plus, we would like to say that changing these frequently is an absolute must. Many experts advise that you should change them every six hours, depending on the flow. That way, every woman can ensure the highest possible level of personal hygiene. Make sure you do that frequently.

The Bottom Line

Using period underwear for swimming is something you should not do. Instead, make sure you select period swimwear. It is important to know the difference between these two. We’ve provided you with the differences between these. Also, we’ve presented you with a couple of other methods that can help, even though they will not simply be as effective.