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Things You Should Never Do While Driving

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Many people choose to drive recklessly even after observing all the car accidents that happen around them. Not following the traffic rules properly and making reckless mistakes can jeopardize the driver’s life and anyone sitting with him in the vehicle. If you are a new driver or have just started learning how to drive, you should know about what you should never do while driving. If any part of your car is causing any kind of problem while driving, you can check out the process of 3D printing those parts of your vehicle on www.immould.com.

Below are the 6 things that you should avoid and never do while driving:

1. Using your mobile

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This might seem like an obvious thing to say, but many people still use their phones while driving. One of the basics taught to a driver while driving is to make sure that they don’t get distracted, and a mobile phone is a universal distracting object in itself. Using your phone while driving can be a fatal risk for you and your family, and the other people in the vehicle around you.

Even If driving and handling social media might seem like a good idea, you can end up in your car getting banged up by others around you while you like your friend’s post. So, it is preferred to keep your phone inside your pocket while driving instead of your hand to prevent fatal consequences.

If you have phone calls that you need to attend, then hands-free use is a good alternative and a safer one.

2. Influence driving

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This is one of the most significant reasons for the accidents that happen on roads worldwide. Being drunk and driving at the same time is not an ideal situation. While under the influence of a foreign subject, you lose your sense of balance and focus, which can lead to all kinds of dire consequences while driving.

Many people think that they are good drunk drivers. Well, the better term for them would be that they are running out of good luck. When you have to go to a place, it is preferred to avoid drinking. But if you are drunk in this situation, have someone else drive for you or call a taxi or a cab. Other than that, if you’re caught, then drunk driving will cost you, literally.

3. Speed driving

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Along with influence driving, this is another one of the most significant reasons for accidents that happen on the roads worldwide. Driving outside the speed limits of a place can put you in danger and everyone around you. Seeing other drivers often get above the speed limits, you might think that it is standard and fine. But this is the very reason that most truck and car accidents occur at high speeds and cause major deadly road injuries.

This is mainly because the more momentum that a vehicle gains, the more control its driver loses.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, keep within the driving limits specified at the place you are driving. You should also make sure to never go above the speed limit when you know that you can’t keep your vehicle in control anymore.

4. Adjusting your mirrors

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As said before, even a slight distraction can lead to life-threatening consequences. Whether it’s looking at your phone or you were trying to adjust the mirrors in your car, any such distraction can lead to a fatal outcome that can not only hurt you but everyone around. But changing the side mirrors is essential as they help you while driving by giving you an intelligent, better view of the people behind you. But adjusting them while you are going is not an intelligent thing to do. Adjust the side mirrors of your car before driving.

5. Listening to loud music

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Playing your favourite song in your car loudly is not a smart thing to do at all. Not only can it affect your sense of hearing the things that are happening on the road around you, but it also distracts you from the road that is in front of you and acts as a significant distraction. You might say that you keep the attention on the street in front of you, and there is no need to hear the noises from behind.

Listening to loud noise will distract you and would enable you from the honks coming from the back due to your speed being too slow or from hearing the ambulance’s siren behind you. So, make sure to not play loud noises in your car while driving to prevent any unnecessary risk.

6. Dressing up

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This can top the list of one of the stupidest things to do in a car while driving. Many people dress up while being behind the wheel, and the reason is never a logical one. By any means, you should stop somewhere if you have to urgently change your clothes but never do so while driving as your stupidity can cause risk for not you but others around you. Wearing any of the apparel on your body while driving can prevent you from adequately driving and hence, can cause an accident to occur.


Driving is quite an important thing to do in the time that we live in and so, to make sure that no one gets harmed while you’re driving, follow all the traffic rules and keep all the points stated above in mind. This also refers to keeping your car in good shape. If any part of it is damaged, the molds for injection molding result as they can provide you with better components. Getting better moulds for your car parts can also allow you to create better and customized versions of those parts without reducing their working capabilities.