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Don’t Skip Working with Influencers on your Marketing Campaigns

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Influencer marketing, one of the fastest-growing marketing strategies available today, is a revolutionary tool for brands to establish their social media presence. For smaller brands with lower marketing budgets, it’s also one of the easiest options to use.

Working with nano influencers is the key. Despite having fewer followers than you might anticipate, these content producers cultivate solid relationships that increase brand engagement.

Nano Influencers: Who Are They?

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Content producers who have fewer than 10,000 followers on any given account are considered nano influencers. While TikTok, Twitter, and even Facebook are where you can find these creators, Instagram is by far the most popular platform for influencer marketing.

The marketing experts at Peersway believe that any brand should have between one and ten thousand followers. Nano influencers have a stronger connection with their followers than more expensive content creators with larger followings, whether you’re a household name or a startup.

Every campaign run by Peersway’s experts uses nano content producers, demonstrating that there is no need to waste budget dollars on accounts with 500,000+ followers.

There isn’t much that a nano must possess in addition to their follower counts in order to fall under this category. You can collaborate with writers who specialise in a huge variety of niches, including fashion, food, gaming, technology, travel, parenting, fitness, and many more.

In a Nutshell: Nano Influencer Marketing

Nano influencer marketing takes the best elements of traditional word-of-mouth advertising and applies them to the digital world. There, content producers with small followings give advice to their fans much like a friend, member of the family, or coworkers would in the real world.

In contrast to the typical person in your life, they have built a sophisticated brand to support all of their recommendations. These creators have the social cachet of influencers without being distant, which gives any recommendations they make enormous credibility.

So what makes a nano content creator a good partner?

The use of nano influencer marketing strategies strikes the ideal balance between cost, engagement rates, and credibility. For a deeper understanding of why this trend is gaining traction in the market, let’s take a closer look at these features.

They Are More Real

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In social media, authenticity is a powerful motivator. 96% of consumers distrust advertisements, so most Instagram users scroll past traditional marketing posts, but they are receptive to the viewpoints of nano content producers. They create genuine content because they are regular people.

They are not just some famous person promoting the newest product for a million dollars. Nanos might not even be able to support himself as an influencer. Nano content producers are viewed as more trustworthy and relatable sources of information about brands, products, and services because they may have a day job that helps them pay the bills.

Their engagement rates are higher

Nanos have higher engagement rates than other content producers thanks to their authenticity and solid connections. Even though 2-3% may be the standard in the industry, an expert influencer marketing company can guarantee much higher deliverables. When working with the right nano influencer and campaign manager, some can even secure double-digit rates.

They foster more solid relationships with followers

Relationships between nanos and their followers are heavily influenced by relatability. Customers are more likely to get in touch with them to like, subscribe, or leave a comment because, in many ways, they are a digital friend who occasionally appears on their followers’ screens.

Additionally, since these content producers might only have a few thousand followers, responding to those who engage is simpler. When their followers know their comments, direct messages, and suggestions will be taken into consideration, they are more likely to continue engaging, which creates the ideal feedback loop.

The same cannot be said for the most popular accounts because much of the fan engagement is buried under spam and attempts at engagement from other fans. Even with the best of intentions, the largest accounts are unable to speak to everyone.

They Develop Niche Content

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Working with smaller accounts also gives you the opportunity to really focus on the niche audience you want to reach. Nano influencers frequently concentrate on one or two areas of specialisation that draw a particular demographic of followers.

Furthermore, they frequently specialise in passion projects that aren’t overtly commercial. Since some nanos work on side endorsement deals, as was previously mentioned, there is a good chance that they are selecting the best options for their online brand.

They Want to Prove Themselves

Nanos still have a lot to prove in the world of influencers, so they end up putting a lot of effort into each endorsement they publish. The outcome? You can be sure that the post will be carefully crafted to represent your company in the best possible way.

In contrast, the most famous people frequently end up copy-pasting marketing guidelines onto the post they created in under two minutes.

They Are More affordable

It would be simple to assume that in order to receive all of the above benefits, you will need to promise a significant portion of your budget. Nano influencer marketing is actually one of the most economical ways to promote your brand on social media.

One macro influencer (15 times more expensive than one nano content creator) has 500,000+ followers.

You can decide whether to work with one nano or go on a social media spree and collaborate with hundreds of creators because the best influencer marketing agencies offer scalable services.

The upfront costs of a single nano mean that, whatever you decide, you could obtain an even higher return on investment than usual.


Influencer marketing is a legitimate trend that is expected to continue growing in the near future, not a passing fad. You must level the playing field as your rivals launch influencer campaigns on social media.

Work with a nano influencer marketing agency for genuinely impressive ROI, engagement rates, and quality posts. You can use these businesses to find the ideal content producers for your brand.