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From Trade Shows to Festivals: the Power of Branded Marquees for Outdoor Event Marketing

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Branded marquees are an excellent marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are promoting a small start-up or a large corporation, a branded marquee is an effective way to get your message out there. Branded marquees are tents or shelters that have been customised with your company’s branding, such as logos, colours, and slogans. These marquees are typically used at outdoor events, such as trade shows, fairs, festivals, and concerts, to promote your business and attract potential customers.

There are many different types of event marquees available, but the most common sizes are 6×6 and 4×4 marquees. A 6×6 marquee is a larger size that provides more space for branding and advertising, while a 4×4 marquee is a more compact size that is easier to transport and set up. The choice of size depends on your specific needs and the types of events you plan to attend.

Here are some tips on how to market your business with branded marquees:

1. Use high-quality materials and printing techniques

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When designing your branded marquee, it’s important to use high-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure that your branding looks professional and lasts a long time. Look for a marquee that is made from durable materials, such as heavy-duty polyester or vinyl, that can resist outdoor weather conditions. Make sure that the printing is done using high-quality ink and techniques, such as dye-sublimation or screen printing, to ensure that your branding looks vibrant and clear.

2. Increased visibility

Branded marquees stand out in outdoor settings, drawing attention to the company’s products or services and creating a memorable impression. They can also be seen from a distance, helping to increase the company’s visibility and reach.

3. Keep your target audience in mind

When designing your marquee, it’s important to consider your target audience and what will appeal to them. Think about the colours, fonts, and images that will best represent your brand and attract your ideal customers. You want to make sure that your branding is consistent with your other marketing materials, such as your website and social media pages, to create a cohesive brand image. Branded marquees can be customized with specific messaging or calls to action that are designed to engage and attract customers. This can help to communicate the company’s value proposition and encourage customers to take action.

4. Professionalism

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Branded marquees provide a professional and cohesive look that enhances the company’s brand identity and reputation. They create a welcoming and engaging space that encourages customers to interact with the company’s brand and products.

5. Brand reinforcement

Branded marquees can be customized to match a company’s brand identity and style, providing a consistent look and feel that reinforces the company’s brand and messaging.

6. Create a standout display

At events, there are often many other businesses competing for attention. You want to make sure that your event marquee stands out from the crowd and draws people to your booth. One way to do this is to use eye-catching colours and graphics on your marquee. You can also add branded signage, such as flags or banners, to further promote your business. Additionally, consider adding promotional items or giveaways to your display to attract visitors and encourage them to interact with your brand.

7. Create a memorable experience

A branded marquee is not just a way to advertise your business; it can also be used to create a memorable experience for your customers. Consider incorporating interactive elements into your display, such as games, activities, or demonstrations. This can help to engage visitors and create a positive impression of your brand. Additionally, consider offering samples or demonstrations of your products or services to give people a taste of what you have to offer. This can help to create a unique and engaging space that stands out from the competition.

8. Consider the placement and layout of your marquee

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When setting up your 6×6 marquee at an event, consider the placement and layout of your display. You want to make sure that your marquee is positioned in a high-traffic area where it will be seen by a lot of people. Additionally, consider the layout of your booth and how people will interact with your display. Make sure that your branding is prominently displayed and that there is enough space for people to move around and explore your products or services.

9. Accessorize

Using lighting can be a great way to create a dramatic effect and draw attention to your branded marquee. Consider using spotlights to highlight your branding or adding coloured lights to create a more festive atmosphere. This can help to make your display stand out from the crowd and create a memorable experience for visitors.

10. Use your marquee as a backdrop for photos

Branded marquees can be a great backdrop for photos, whether it’s for event attendees or for social media promotion. Consider setting up a photo booth or incorporating a branded backdrop into your display. This can help to create a fun experience for visitors, as well as increase the visibility of your brand online.

11. Mobile advertising tool

Branded marquees can be a mobile advertising tool, allowing you to promote your business at a variety of events and locations. Consider using your compact 4×4 marquee at outdoor markets, community events, or even at your own business location to promote your brand and attract new customers.


Branded marquees are an effective marketing tool for businesses looking to promote themselves at outdoor events. We are sure that if you follow our tips, you can maximize the impact of your marquee and create a powerful marketing tool for your business. But remember to be creative and think outside the box when designing your display, and always keep your target audience in mind. So, go ahead and invest in a branded marquee today to make your next outdoor event a success!