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How to Manage a Move When Moving with High-Value Items?

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Moving a house is no child’s affair. You need to work a lot, do a ton of planning and ensure that everything goes as per the plan. as you are already dealing with a lot of things at once, there is another concern to handle if your moving inventory has a lot of high-value items.

From the fear of damage to things getting lost, there are a lot of worries that must be put to an end before you venture into the moving process. You can always choose to hire one of the good long distance moving companies at PricingVanLines, but then again, your understanding plays a crucial role in deciding how you can manage such an expensive move with success.

So, to help you with a move that involves high-value items, we have crafted this guide that would help you ensure the safety of your valuables at all times.

What are high-value items?

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Before we get started, it is important to understand what it means with high-value items.

Generally speaking, any item that values more than $5000 is considered to be of great value. However, Price is not always the decisive factor as certain items value way more emotionally than they do in price. So, in all, high-value items are any of those items in your moving inventory that are expensive or carry a high sentimental value.

Some of the common high-value items in a general household include:

• Jewellery made of precious metal, jewels, stones, gems, watches, and more
• Fine wines, silverwares, expensive China, stemware, and more
• Art figures, figurines, paintings, and antique pieces
• Valuable collection of coins, art, clothing, or more
• Family heirlooms
• Fur items including clothing and accessories
• High-value appliances including laptops, washing machines, fridges, refrigerators, and more
• Musical instruments
• Memorabilia, medals, gift, sports paraphernalia, and more
• Equipment: gym, trade or sports
• Important and confidential documents and more

Right from packing these items to shipping them safely, you must be very vigilant about how these assets are handled during the move. While many of these assets carry a great monetary value, others may be irreplaceable of their high sentimental value to the owner.

Tips to handle your high-valued possessions during a move

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Coming to the ways to ensure the safety of your valuable assistants. We have a handful of tips to offer to make the move safe and comfortable. Here is how you can ensure all your items are safely shipped to the new address.

It is recommended to choose professional moving companies to help you in packing and moving such high-valued possessions. However, if you are facing trust issues or have an understanding of the moving process, you can always try to attempt doing the packing and shipping on your own. However, the risk will be yours.

Tip 1: Gather your valuable items in one place

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To start with the process, you must gather all your valuable items in one place. Now take out time and sufficient of it to sort out the items in like categories. You must identify items that are the most delicate and vulnerable to damage. Making an inventory list is a great decision. If you are doing it on your own, it will help you or be a basis to make calls for the moving company should you decide to work with the movers.

The inventory should be detailed and must have every item listed in it, you can track your belongings through this inventory so keep it safe until the move has completed and you are ready to unpack.

Tip 2: Take necessary precautions when packing

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Packing the right way is your only chance to ensure you have a safe shipping experience with your pricey and delicate items. Delicate items must be packed proficiently and hence professional care is advised. For those attempting a DIY move, here is what to do:

• Use the right packing supplies: you must know what is the best packing supply for any item that you are packing. Whatever packing supply you buy, never compromise with the quality. You will need a lot of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, moving boxes, tape, and more. You can choose to buy online or from a physical store, whichever offers you the best product at the right price.

• Do not overpack the moving boxes: overpacking the moving boxes can cause you significant damage as things are stuffed in one single space. It is best to avoid overpacking and instead use right-sized moving boxes for each item. You can always club smaller items in one moving box but then again make separate packing for each item with bubble wraps first.

• Do not under-pack the moving boxes: much like overpacking, under packing the moving boxes can also cost you big time. The space in the moving box allows the items inside to move and hence makes them vulnerable. Choosing the right-sized moving box is the key to safe packing and shipping.

• Buy specialty boxes for special items: such items as antique pictures, paintings and mirrors must be packed in special boxes to ensure safe transport, you can also use wooden crates to pack such belongings. Professional moving companies supply tailor-made wooden crates for such valuable items in the moving inventory.

If you aren’t confident with your packing skills but have the means to transport the items safely on your own, you can always hire a standalone packing service. The best moving service providers offer packing services exclusively.

Tip 3: Buy a moving insurance

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While you take all necessary precautions to make it safe, there are chances you might lose control and things get damaged. Should any such ill happen to you moving inventory, having a backup is always the best plan.

Moving insurance ensures that any damages that you incur during the transportation of your high-value items will be paid. Again, when buying insurance makes rue you choose the right type and coverage to minimize your losses.

Moving high-value items is a risky job and you must not try it alone. While you can make the transport safer for yourself using these tips, working with professional movers zeros down the chances of damage or any risk to your expensive assets.

We hope this guide helps you make the right decision and that you reach your new home with all your valuable belongings in great shape.