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Is It Unprofessional To Bring A Backpack To Work

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A lot of millennials ask the question of whether or not bringing a backpack to work is professional. And this is a valid question to ask especially if you’re working in a professional setting where you’re asked to wear a suit and tie. 

But even so, we still need a way to carry our things while at work. So a backpack is a natural solution. But if you think it’s unprofessional to do so, then here are our 4 reasons why it’s not.

1. They’re Essential

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We’ve all carried backpacks in our life. Whether that’s in middle school, high school, or college, it is the most essential tool to own when you’re young. 

We also carry them whenever traveling. Considering that most airlines allow you a free carry-on with you, in most cases that “carry on” is a backpack.

So that begs the question, considering that they’re essential, why would it be unprofessional to carry one with you to work? 

The reason why many think of it that way is that carrying a backpack is more accustomed to college students or interns than full-time employees. 

Consider the following. Do you see yourself carrying a backpack in your law firm or a business briefcase? If you answered with the latter, then you’re wrong as you can carry both. 

Backpacks are better for carrying stuff and for carrying your laptop. So it’s a no-brainer as to why it would be unprofessional.

2. They’re Comfy

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Yet another reason why you shouldn’t be swayed by what others say is the fact that they’re so comfortable.

This is especially the case if you need to carry your laptop with you all day long. Those that work in IT will wholeheartedly disagree with the notion that they’re unprofessional. 

In the IT sphere, backpacks are the ultimate tools to have. Most IT firms even give branded backpacks as gifts to their employees. In it, you can carry extra clothes, a laptop, a charger, a mobile charger, and other pieces of tech without even noticing it.

They’re so comfortable that it would be quite unwise not to carry one with you while at work. 

This isn’t more evident than the fact that backpacks help you commute better. If you’re the sort of person that has to take a subway each day, you can imagine how easy it is for someone to snatch your briefcase. But the same cannot be said about a comfy backpack that will sit on your back for the duration of the ride to work.

You can even take it off you and hold on to it by the handrail. 

3. They’re High Quality

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When it comes to the material, design, and overall feel of a professional backpack, you can safely rest assured knowing that they’re made with quality.

This is even more evident by the fact that we manufacture them especially for the needs of working men and women. Knowing that you can transport your laptop safely from home to work in a quality-made backpack speaks volumes. 

If you also take into account that they’re super convenient and good-looking, then you’ll realize that it really isn’t unprofessional to take one to work.

Nowadays, you can find companies that really put in the effort of designing a working man’s/woman’s backpack. If you’re interested in finding out more about that, then make sure to visit emporium-italy.com.

4. How to Choose the Right One

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With all that said, it would be quite unprofessional if you don’t get yourself an adult pack. Showing up to work in your kid’s rucksack would raise quite a few eyes. So that’s why it’s important that we know how to choose the right one.

Let’s go ahead and do that.

Choosing the Material

First things first, let’s start with the material. There are really three types of materials that you should focus your attention on. Those are leather, nylon & polyester, and heathered & variegated materials.

Leather feels like the natural option for many people. It is classic and gives the person wearing it a “premium feeling”. Leather packs are quite stylish and can perfectly slot into a professional setting. This is what makes them highly popular in non-IT industries.

Speaking of IT, there is no better option for the average coder than nylon & polyester. Since you’ll need to carry a laptop with you, there isn’t a more durable material than these two. More so, both materials are quite stylish. Some amazing polyester options will be more than enough when it comes to safely transport your laptop from home to work.

And last we have heathered & variegated materials. These are wool and denim. While we rarely see backpacks made from these materials, do know that they’re quite stylish and modern. 

Choosing the Features

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As always, a multi-purpose pack will make all the difference. For that, you’ll need to look at what sort of features the rucksack provides you. 

For many working people, a padded laptop compartment is a must. And finding this feature is very easy as most adult backpacks are made specifically to be able to safely carry laptops and other tech.

For many others, the ability of the rucksack to be lightweight and portable is an even bigger requirement. And for a completely different group of people, the backpack has to be structured. A structured look makes you look more professional. More so, it makes you look more serious. 

Another feature many lookout for is comfortable back straps. No one likes carrying stuff and feeling the weight of it, especially on their shoulders. If the pack doesn’t have comfortable back straps, there is a likely chance you’ll go out of your way and find one that does indeed this feature. 


Considering that backpacks are essential and aid the needs of millions of working people, no one should question if they’re professional or unprofessional. If we also take into account that many manufacturers make backpacks more appealing to the suit and tie look, then we’ve gotten ourselves a winning combination.