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How To Make Your Cellulite Disappear?

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Because of the current situation with the pandemic, many of us are facing problems with lack of physical activity and changing eating habits, which can lead to forming cellulite on the hips. Even though we promote body positivity, some people are insecure to wear bikini before they get rid of them completely. It’s unfortunate that most women are affected by this condition, but it doesn’t mean men can’t suffer from cellulite thighs, and skin that looks like an orange peel. According to Linda from ecellulitis.com even slim and fit women can have cellulite, but only 10% of the men are “lucky” enough to have it.

Everyone has cellulite, on the thighs, butt, and belly, but not every person is lucky enough not to be visible when wearing swimsuits. It’s followed by a lot of myths and misconceptions, so we all consider it as a huge problem, and think we must completely remove it from our body. The truth is that most women have it, since the female body stores more fats, due to hormonal properties.

If you want to get rid of it, you can’t be 100% efficient at home, and even if you can, the results aren’t permanent. That means, you will have to use different skin treatments, and massages, to make sure the results are durable. Surely, these local treatments promote better-looking skin and smoothness, but the cellulite is often very deep. So, if you are looking for a treatment that can help you get rid of the layers of fats under the skin, you will have to consider using some medical treatment. The professionals can figure out what you need exactly because not every case of cellulite is the same.

It can be caused by bad lifestyle choices, but also as a result of hormonal imbalance. Genetics also plays a huge role here.

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What can I do to prevent it?

You can’t do much. You have to eat healthy food, exercise regularly, drink enough water, and it’s still not guaranteed that cellulite won’t appear. But, surely all these actions, especially if they are a part of your usual living habits, can make the situation much better, even at the first signs of it.

So, can I do something to remove it?

As we said, there is no guarantee that the usual methods will be efficient enough, but if you combine a healthy and active lifestyle with regular dermatologist treatments, self-care, and massages, you can decrease the levels of cellulite in your body. Also, there is a very expensive laser treatment, and cupping one, that is more affordable. Recently, the Madero-therapy is one of the popular treatments to reduce cellulite.

At home, you can make easy and light exercises, and use lotions to reduce the appearance of the dimples. If you can get rid of the stress, you can have more control over the hormones, which are also a huge trigger for cellulite.

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You can start with exfoliation with mild massages while you have a shower. Use a body scrub with active ingredients, so you can boost the drainage. You have to do this at least once a week, so you can see results.

Also, fill your bowl with green salad, and remove all the processed food. Try not to use white sugar for tea and coffee. Invest in body lotions that contain caffeine, retinol, and hyaluronic acid, and take vitamin supplements so they can boost collagen body production.

If you want to start some more invasive treatment, you must be sure it’s approved in your country, and that it will be done professionally. No matter what treatment you choose, you have to be consistent, and not give up after the first few weeks, because the whole process is pretty long and time-consuming, and the results are slow. After the treatments, you have to moisturize the skin and apply the needed products. Consider researching about products like cellulite creams to help you. There are several online guides such as B-Tight Lift & Firm reviews you can check out. Some serious cases should go to laser removing or even surgical intervention, and that requires additional attention during the recovery process.

The best way to have control over it is to prevent the situation to become really bad. Sometimes we can’t affect genetics, but it doesn’t mean we have to behave badly to our body. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the ways to control the current situation, but also to stop it to get more serious.

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Laser therapy is known as Cellulaze, and it’s maybe the most effective way to make it disappear. But, at the same time, it’s the most expensive one. The results are durable, and if you take care of yourself properly after the treatment, you can be sure you’ve fixed your problem for life. The laser helps melt the fat and water lumps under the skin, but you need a few treatments, depending on the current condition, so you can get rid of cellulite.

Carboxytherapy is injecting carbon dioxide because it boosts the production of collagen and stimulates circulation. It makes the body think it needs more oxygen, and with that process it speeds up the metabolism on a cellular level, making the “waste” go away. It’s a smart option, but it’s still expensive, and can be a little painful at the beginning.

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Also, the way you treat it depends on the type of cellulite. For example, Type-0 is the easiest type, and you can easily get rid of it with a couple of changes in your lifestyle. Type-1 is visible when pushing your skin, but not when you’re not doing that. But, Type-2 and Type-3 are visible, no matter what posture you get in. These two types require a more serious approach when treating it.

As you can see, there is nothing unusual about the cellulite in your body. It’s on you to find the right way to get rid of it, but also to be responsible to keep the results durable. Use proper cosmetics, rich in caffeine and retinol, drink enough water, and don’t forget the massages every time you have a bath, because that’s a great way to stimulate lymph drainage and prevent bumps and lumps under your skin.