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How Different Creams Can Help You Look Slimmer

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Most of us know the struggle of trying to lose weight. Many have tried fat burners, prescription weight loss medication, diet pills sold online, and everything in between to shed those extra pounds.

While diet and exercise are key to weight loss, we could all do with a little extra boost or “quick fix.” Unfortunately, the weight loss market is crowded with fads and scams that overpromise and underdeliver. So what about slimming cream? Could it be the answer to a trimmer and leaner physique?

Many people are skeptical of slimming creams and how they work, and rightfully so. With so much distrust in the weight loss market, why should we believe creams will make us slimmer?

Below, we discuss the different slimming creams and how they can help you look slimmer.

What Are Slimming Creams?

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A slimming cream is designed to help burn fat and aid in weight loss. Different creams may be crafted for different purposes, so you should consider what areas you would like to target and what action you need most in each area.

Designed for topical application, weight loss creams can help minimize the appearance of cellulite, tighten skin, and increase suppleness.

Everyone has a different experience with these products. Some say it works, while others claim it does not. The key is to use high-quality products and the right products. For instance, a belly fat burner is designed to be applied to the stomach area and is unlikely to help with fat in other areas, like the bust or cellulite on the thighs.

Also, be mindful of the ingredients used. Many fat loss creams contain active ingredients like glycyrrhetinic acid. Originating from the licorice root, glycyrrhetinic acid attacks subcutaneous fat – found just under the skin.

However, many different formulas on the market feature different ingredients, like hemp cream from Premium Jane Australia. The primary ingredient in this hemp creams is cannabinoids, which may have their own slimming properties.

Lastly, although there are many effective slimming creams on the market, they usually don’t work as magic markers that instantly rid the body of unwanted fat and cellulite. These products work best when used consistently and combined with healthy habits, like exercise and a good diet.

How Do Slimming Creams Work?

As discussed, different creams may contain different ingredients, but the end goal is the same; to reduce fat and make you look slimmer. Typically, the ingredients work together to target fat receptors and prevent the further storage of fat or increase sweat rate, which helps to reduce bloat and water retention.

The user massages the cream into an area with excess fat, like the thighs, buttocks, or stomach. It’s important to massage the cream in rather than smear it since massaging helps to absorb the cream into the bloodstream.

This process reportedly reduces the size of fat cells by temporarily dehydrating them. Moreover, it improves blood flow to the applied area, and enhancing circulation leads to leaner, tighter muscles.

Ideally, you should look for a cream that contains fat-burning, firming, and draining ingredients designed to activate circulation, eliminate fat, tone, and moisturize.

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Here are the key ingredients to look out for in these creams and their slimming properties:

  • Glycyrrhetinic acid: Reduces subcutaneous fat, which accumulates from foods high in fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. It can build up in any body area but is most common in the belly, arms, thighs, and buttocks.
  • Caffeine: Often included in commercial fat-burning supplements, caffeine helps mobilize fat from our fat tissues, thereby preventing excess fat build-up.
  • Aminophylline: Research suggests that as a topical application, aminophylline cream can help reduce the thickness of subcutaneous fat. Moreover, it creates temporary dehydration, helping the body utilize fat as fuel and reducing body fat.
  • Copper Peptides: Encourage collagen production and may help firm and tone the skin.
  • Green tea, horse chestnut, or ivy extract: With a lymphatic drainage effect, these ingredients help to reduce water retention.
  • Bitter orange extract: Working to stimulate the cutaneous tone of the skin, bitter orange extract may help reduce cellulite.
  • Cocoa: Cocoa has a positive effect on blood circulation, which is strongly linked to weight loss.
  • Red Pepper: Providing a heating effect, red pepper may help burn fat and rid the body of toxins by increasing blood flow to the area.

Of course, these aren’t the only weight loss ingredients, but they are the most popular ones. Always check the ingredients contained within a cream and research their effects to determine if they may provide the desired results.

What Are the Different Types of Weight Loss Creams?

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The human body contains over six different types of fat, the most popular being subcutaneous fat, brown fat, and belly fat. Not all fats are the same, so different weight loss creams target different fat depending on where it’s deposited.

Here are the three main types of slimming cream on the market.

Belly Fat Cream

Typically, these creams target the subcutaneous and visceral fat that makes up belly fat. The goal is to break down stored adipose and tighten loose muscles in the stomach. When used in conjunction with light ab exercises, it aids in obtaining a perfectly toned tummy.

Thighs and Buttocks Fat Cream

High estrogen hormone levels make women more prone to thigh and buttock fat. Specifically, more subcutaneous is deposited in this area during puberty and pregnancy, leading to cellulite.

Many thigh and buttock creams are designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite by targeting the most stubborn fat deposits in these areas.

Arm Fat Cream

Many people struggle with loose and saggy skin around their arms due to aging, sun damage, sudden weight loss, and other reasons. Arm fat creams are designed to tighten and firm the skin. Look out for firming ingredients, like peptides, collagen, and elastin, which work to revitalize mature skin by stimulating new cell production.

Final Thoughts

Many slimming creams are available online, but not all are equally effective. For optimal results, buy high-quality products from reputable retailers, and be mindful of ingredients. Different ingredients serve different purposes, so it’s important to use a formula that suits your weight loss goals.

Also, people that incorporate these creams into a healthy lifestyle will have more positive results than those seeking a “quick fix.” Nothing can substitute a healthy diet and exercise, but adding a slimming cream to your routine can enhance slimming effects.