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Designing Your Dream Bathroom: the Latest Trends in Bathroom Furniture

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Are you eager to take your dull and tired bathroom and transform it into the bathroom of your dreams? The right furniture additions can make a huge difference, converting a tired shell into an ultra-modern and fresh space.

With so many bathroom items to choose from, it can be a challenge to come to a final decision but with the right guidance, it’s possible to make the choices required to finish off the ideal bathroom.

This article will dive into the latest trends in bathroom decor and furniture so you can create the perfect space to relax in.

Use wooden furniture to boost your bathroom

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Including wooden details in a neutral bathroom is becoming an increasingly popular trend as it gives the room character with its warm and natural appearance.Using light oak or dark wood can help adjust your bathroom furniture sets to ensure they match and stay in keeping with the room.

When choosing wooden items for the bathroom space, ensure they are made from high-quality materials that are resistant to moisture and humidity so that they last longer and still look the part over time. Items with waterproof finishes, like lacquer and varnish, will further enhance and protect the pieces from water damage, a key factor for any bathroom furniture.

Wooden furniture pieces help to create a cozy atmosphere, where you can relax with a nice bath after a long day. Items such as rustic carvings and decorative pieces also make the space look more homely and inviting and the special touch will help your room feel unique, standing out to guests and visitors.

Give your bathroom an industrial look

The industrial look in kitchens and bathrooms has been a popular look for a number of years and remains a classic style befitting modern spaces.

The style is known for its dark black, gray and brown color shades while raw materials and robust furniture complete the main look.

If you are looking for a clean, slick style, piping set on light-colored tiles will add a strong and tough industrial aesthetic to your room. Bare brick walls can also emphasize the look with its rough and defined texture.

Choose marble for luxurious style

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Marble furniture is a stunning choice for homeowners keen to focus on the different accents in the bathroom. Available in different shapes and colors, there is always a pattern to match the style of the space.

If a calming atmosphere is desired, neutral marble colors are most suitable while darker marble tones will give the room a more sleek look.

While marble will give your room a luxurious and stylish appearance, it is also practical too. Not only is it waterproof, helping it to be maintained for a long period of time, it is also easy to clean with soap, water and a brush or cloth. It can last a lifetime if it is properly looked after.

Simple and elegant white furniture

The white bathroom trend has made a comeback, with more and more people opting for the elegant look.

From matte white to glossy details, the color is minimalistic and brings calmness to a room. Opting for a single white piece of furniture among more colorful features also offers a smart look.

If a simple and sophisticated style is the aim, you can’t go wrong with white as it’s always a good choice whether used alone or to complement other shades.

Install a freestanding bath to create a larger space

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A free-standing bath is a great bathroom piece if you want to create the illusion of the area feeling bigger.

Bathing in an open space will also help you to relax and de-stress, making your bathroom a haven of tranquility and luxury. The standing of the bath will also enhance other items as they complement it, particularly if it is used as a focal point, immediately drawing attention to one part of the room.

Positioning your tub by a window will also help to prevent mold and mildew, making it a smart move when it comes to the practical element of building your perfect bathroom too.

Opt for the country to add a natural feel

Another take on the wooden feel is the country look which combines elegance with nature. The style is heavy on natural materials such as wood and stone, that are enhanced by earthy color tones.

Plants and greenery should be used to add to the natural vibe while also bringing a splash of color to the room. Ropes to hang towels will also make the space feel more outdoors.

Opting for this style will make you feel at one with the world around you and help you to relax at home.

Utilize storage to maximize your space

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Whatever the size of your space, storage is key when it comes to making the most of your bathroom.

Whether you opt for floating vanity units or cute wicker baskets, having compartments to store appliances can be a real game-changer as you decorate and design the area.

It’s important to utilize vertical space and so a mounted towel rack can help you store more without the room ever appearing cluttered.

Hanging baskets and cabinets are another savvy way to get more out of your space. The elevated pieces will help the room feel neat and tidy while keeping the appliances tucked away out of sight will ensure it is clear.

Overall, designing your dream bathroom can be a truly exciting experience, that will see you come up with a range of ideas and innovations to enhance your space. From incorporating wooden furniture for a natural feel to achieving an industrial look with darker colors, different styles can help create the perfect room for you to relax in and feel completely at ease.

Remember to balance aesthetics and functionality, aligned with your own taste and have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to try out different storage ideas or alternate colors and styles as you look to shape your ideal bathroom.