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Why Should You Invest in Commercial Outdoor Lighting?

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Sure, commercial outdoor lighting can make a business look better, but that’s not all it can do for you. Sunlight lets shoppers know you’re open for business during the day, but at night, it can make your store less visible, and fewer people will come in. When people see lights on your building or landscaping, they know you’re open for business, have a unique style, and will make them feel welcome inside.

The smart landscape lighting system from Highlux Lighting makes it easy to get the most out of business outdoor lighting. This piece discusses outdoor business lighting, why it’s important, and the different kinds of commercial outdoor lighting fixtures you can use.

Advantages of Business Outdoor Lighting

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Getting outdoor lights is a good idea for many reasons. This breaks down four of the best reasons to have outdoor lights for your business.

1. Gain a Competitive Edge in Your Industry

Each business has something that makes it unique and helps it stand out from others in the same field. However, this special selling point may not initially be obvious to your customers. When many stores offer the same goods and services, outdoor commercial lighting helps your business stand out.

Imagine walking by two stores next to each other that are very much the same. An “open” sign on one is dark, and beautiful colors light up the other. Most likely, you’ll choose the one with lights. Lighting up your business building in warm colors will give you a better chance of attracting more people. Things like colors and lights can help people see how your business and its goods or services are unique.

2. Entrance That Greets Visitors Warmly and Allows Them to Browse Easily

You may have felt a blast of cool air during the summer as you walked by a store. The store’s cool air makes you want to go inside to escape the heat. In the same way, outdoor business lights can make your entrances look friendlier.

It should be easy for people to find your store or office entrance if you mark it. People are more likely to want to shop or learn more about your services if they can easily access your business. If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor areas like a yard, offer customers the chance to explore parts of your property by setting up path lights that they can follow.

3. Obtaining Full Control Over Your Company’s Image

When it comes to standing out, there are several ways that your business can develop its style. Some of these are the styles you use outside your store, how you greet customers, the inside of your business, and more. A lot of people say that color makes a business more unique.

If you use certain brand colors on business cards and letterheads, you might want to use those same colors to light up your building. Be more artistic by lighting up something outside, like a water fountain. People will see your brand colors whenever they walk by your business building.

Having someone recognize your brand, even if your business is closed for the night, gives you a great chance to become known to your customers.

4. Facilitated Exploration for Both Clients and Employees

Even though how your business looks is important, commercial outdoor lighting is also a good way to keep people from slipping and getting hurt. Landscape lighting brightens walkways, entrances, exits, and the areas around your property. People feel safer going through areas of light that shine on everything around them, including other people nearby.

Customers will feel safer coming to work and going home at night if the parking lot, paths, and doors can be seen clearly. So will your workers. Outdoor commercial lighting is a simple way to improve the look and usefulness of your business.

Outdoor Commercial Lighting That Is Both Practical And Stylish

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Functional and decorative industrial outdoor lighting are both types of outdoor business lighting. You can use functional outdoor lighting to light up entrances and exits and decorative business outdoor lighting to set the mood you want or draw attention to a feature of your landscape architecture.

Lighting for a business outside is used differently than lighting for the inside. Bright white light from the sun could draw attention to a new display case in your store. This light might be more steady. You could use a similar bright light outside to help people see the parking lot safely. This light, however, might be spread out more to cover a larger area.

Types of Commercial Outdoor Lighting You Can Consider

Many different kinds of lighting fixtures let you do many different things with outdoor lighting. You’ll know which commercial outdoor lighting fixtures you need to make your business brighter if you know their basics.


Floodlights have a beam that can be adjusted to cover large areas, such as patios, walks, and parking lots. The light fixture is perfect for making slip-and-fall dangers brighter and adding an extra layer of safety. Customers will be impressed if you put up floodlights because it shows that you care and that they can see everything around them.

Path Lights

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Road lights make it easy for shoppers and guests to find their way along a road or walkway. These light fixtures are small posts that have lights built in. They’re great for framing areas and making people feel calm. When used with other lights, path lights can become an important part of your outdoor lighting plan that you can’t imagine not having in your yard.


Let the light from a stage bring out the artist in you. This light fixture focuses on the scenery and building details, making them stand out. You can put these around ponds, waterfalls, and stone features to see how they look and change in the evening. When you use this business outdoor lighting fixture, you should think about what you want to light up and what you want to leave in the dark.

Light it All Up!

You should hire an experienced electric company to help you choose the right lights, ensure they are installed correctly, and keep the lighting equipment in good shape. An electrician with the right skills and knowledge can change the lighting system to meet the company’s needs.