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Selling Your Dubai Property? Tips for Attracting Potential Buyers

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Real estate demand has fallen as a result of the worldwide economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus outbreak. Unsurprisingly, homebuyer tastes have shifted as the already challenging and stressful process of buying or selling a house has become much more so in these terrible times. This article discusses what factors are most important to homebuyers who are searching for properties for sale in Dubai. For more information about them, keep reading!

Dubai is not just a popular vacation resort, but also a booming real estate market. The city is a prominent real estate market for investors due to its wide variety of property types, including residential and high-end options. Whether they are searching for their ideal home or seeking to make a long-term investment, homebuyers in Dubai can pick from a wide variety of properties, including villas, flats, condos, and single-family houses.

With the ‘new normal’ now in effect, the process of purchasing and selling a property might seem intimidating. If you’re thinking about selling your house soon, it’s important to know what features potential buyers are looking for. As a result, here is a checklist of sorts that we hope will be helpful to attract Dubai homebuyers.

1. Living Room Featuring Hardwood Floors

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The flooring in the living room, in particular, is a big selling point for any home. Hardwood flooring is ideal for this strategic area. It’s more aesthetically pleasing, practical, and long-lasting than carpeting because of its natural appearance and low maintenance requirements.

This flooring just has to be refinished every once in a while instead of being replaced every few years. Hardwood flooring is less allergenic than other luxury floors, hence it is more popular among Dubai homebuyers. Many sellers on a tighter financial budget choose engineered wood flooring as well.

2. An Effective Cooking Space

A kitchen is, without a doubt, the single most appealing room in a house to prospective purchasers. For the same reason, prospective homebuyers in the UAE will likely pass if there are problems in this area. Primarily, they care about the kitchen’s practicality and the presence of essential amenities like a water filtration system, a double sink, a walk-in pantry, a small dining area with seating, a center island, and a water purification system. These eco-friendly appliances save utility costs in addition to helping the environment.

3. A Courtyard

A courtyard is a major selling point in the United Arab Emirates, so don’t skimp on them when you’re renovating your house to put it up for sale. Outdoor kitchens and living areas are the most sought-after outdoor features by homebuyers right now. The prospect of entertaining guests in the courtyard is appealing to most homebuyers, and a house with a lovely yard increases the likelihood that the buyer will go through with the purchase.

Since an outdoor living area does not need a major structural alteration to your house, it is also quite inexpensive to create. Patios are also inexpensive and simple to maintain since they are often built with concrete or pavers.

4. Elevation Lighting

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Exterior lighting in the United Arab Emirates is often overlooked by homeowners but is highly valued by prospective purchasers. One of the most sought-after eco-friendly additions is energy-efficient outdoor lighting. If you want to attract buyers’ attention to your well-kept lawn, you should use the appropriate outdoor lighting.

The outside of a house is the first thing potential buyers see, so it’s crucial to put some effort into its external lighting. Actually, external illumination is more crucial than a front porch or patio. A property’s curb appeal is boosted by bright lighting.

5. A Complete Bathroom on the Main Floor

Buyers are more likely to be interested in a house that has a complete bathroom on the main level. The four essential components of a bathroom—the tub, the shower, the sink, and the toilet—make up a complete bathroom. The majority of families want a house with a bathroom on the main floor because they have children who need to be watched over when they shower while the adults are engaged in other activities, such as cooking or relaxing in the living room.

If you want to sell your home soon and it does not already have a full bathroom on the main level, you may turn a powder room into one. By repurposing unused space in a nearby chamber, closet, or corridor, a solution can be found.

6. A Clean Laundry Area

When searching for a property in the United Arab Emirates, a laundry room is the single most critical amenity to have. When house hunting, most people look for a separate laundry room. It’s a must-have spot to stow away soiled garments and find clean ones later. Homeowners who want to keep their living spaces clean and uncluttered will find this to be the most indispensable of all storage areas. As a result, it seems to be a major advantage among prospective purchasers.

7. Power Saving Measures

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When it comes to environmentally friendly touches, energy efficiency is at the top of the list. Buyers in today’s market are seeking properties that have already been updated to include energy efficiency features. When we talk about energy efficiency, we’re referring to things like double-paned windows and large, fixed appliances rather than things like light switches and ceiling fans.

Energy-efficient windows may cut HVAC expenditures by as much as 12 percent, and high-efficiency washers and dryers can save money on both utilities. If you lack these amenities, it is suggested that you review your remodeling budget and attempt to include them. If a seller wants to attract more potential buyers to their listing, they could highlight the property’s energy efficiency and other cost-cutting measures.

Final Words

Most homebuyers in Dubai specifically look for these characteristics when purchasing a property. In addition, a lot of homebuyers are on the lookout for things like a front porch, an eat-in kitchen, a dining room, a walk-in closet, and garage storage. If you’re thinking of selling your UAE home soon, you may want to include any or all of these key upgrades in your next remodeling project so that you can attract more buyers and avoid having to sell at a discount.