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How to Make Massage Candles – Guide 2024

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From time to time, we all like a body massage, and if this is done with candles, massage will be more pleasant. A massage relaxes us and relieves stress that we accumulate during the day. Today we give you the option to do at home massage candles with lavender.

Benefits of massage candles

The massage candles can be a good gift as a detail for any event or to enjoy as a couple.

It can be a good element to have in a craft stall or for your candle business. On how to organize your business for the production of candles can be read here.

The massage candles are made with low melting points: soy wax, vegetable, and essential oils. In addition to treating the body, it will be moisturized and nourished with the butter and oils we incorporate.

A perfect cocktail to apply in the form of massage candles and enjoy with all five senses!

You can modify the composition of these massage candles by adding different essential oils, depending on the treatment we are going to perform or the results we want to obtain. Choose from the variety of essential oils that you will find in a great evening, and prepare a personalized candle for each client.

Relaxing massage candles

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As we have said above, we need very few products to make massage candles. We have enough oil for a body massage with one of these candles. It is necessary to use a glass or can-type container since the soy wax by itself does not have consistency to make figures.

We use aluminum cans, very comfortable and thus to be able to make personalized candles. You can prepare the amount of waxes you need and then add essential oils to each of the containers. In this simple way, you can have massage candles for each client.

To make the lavender massage candles, we have used:

• Soy wax with a low melting point.
• Refined shea butter
• Sweet almond oil
• Lavender essential oil
• Fine waxed wick
• Guide rod
• Aluminum candle jar

How to make massage candles at home

The soy wax and the butter we use can be melted in a wax melter or in the microwave. In any case, we will use clean and disinfected utensils and containers.

We melt the soy wax and the shea butter in the indicated quantities. While it is melting, we continue with the candles.

We weigh the sweet almond oil and lavender essential oil in another container.

Once the butter and wax are melted, let the temperature drop a little and add the reserved oils. Mix with a spatula and fill the aluminum jars.

We let the candles cool completely; once we have them cold with a stick, we make a hole in the center and place the wick.

How to use the massage candles

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Prepare the environment, relaxing music, and dim light in a room with a pleasant temperature, and let’s start!

Using massage candles made at home is very simple. Light the candle’s wick and leave it for a while until the wax melts. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes until the wax is completely liquid and ready to use.

Pour it on the skin and massage the area to be treated. The sensation is very pleasant, with warmth and a soft oil that facilitates the massage. At the same time, it gives off the scent of lavender and creates an idyllic atmosphere. The wax will be hot, but its low melting point will not burn your skin.

Personalized massage candles

We can make personalized massage candles depending on the treatment we want to apply. Relaxing massages, descontracturantes, anticelulíticos. Candles in which, depending on the essential oils that we add, can be used for one treatment or another.

The essential oils are extracted by current steam distillation if they are of plants or by squeezing if the oils are fruits. Essential oils incorporate the properties of the plant or fruit that bears their name.

Here are some of the properties of some of the essential oils that you can add to your massage candles.

• Peppermint essential oil is an astringent, anti-inflammatory, refreshing, and stimulating oil. Perfect for decontracting and relaxing massages.

• Bergamot essential oil, healing and antiseptic, perfect for body treatments of acne skin with eczema or psoriasis. You can apply it in facial treatments and the back area, where this problem is most concentrated.

• Lime essential oil, perfect for anti-cellulite massages, activates circulation and eliminates fat accumulation.

• Basil essential oil plant is related to relaxing treatments and to combat nervousness and stress.

• Orange essential oil, diuretic, and draining properties. Stimulator of the lymphatic system that helps eliminate toxins, fats, and liquids.

This is a small sample of the number of essential oils you will find in Granada. Remember that you can make your massage candles by combining different types of essential oils and even substituting almond oil for another vegetable oil.


Source: freepik.com

Is it possible to use another type of oil or wax instead of soy wax

Soy wax has been chosen for its low melting point. This means it won’t cause any burns if it is used correctly. When applied to the skin, it behaves more like an oil rather than a wax.

Paraffin wax has a low melting point which makes it a popular choice for spa treatments.

However, many wellness professionals don’t like paraffin as it can cause toxic fumes to be released when it is burned.

You can experiment with other waxes if you wish. However, I wouldn’t recommend using coconut oil or beeswax because they can cause severe burns.

Do massage candles hurt?

They shouldn’t. Let the wax cool down slightly before you apply to a larger area of skin.

Do I need to wash the candle wax from my massage?

It’s your choice. Oils are rich in skin-soothing vitamins, humectants and will leave your skin softened and moisturized. If the idea of being slathered with oil makes you feel gross, don’t be afraid to rinse off.