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19 Things I Love Most About My Spouse And Marriage

19 Things I love Most About My Spouse And Marriage

A lot of people focus on the negative side of their marriage. This actually causes unnecessary emotional distress and put a strain on the relationship. Today I would like to share 19 things I like about my spouse and marriage.

Talk About Anything Under The Sun

I love the fact that my wife and I can talk about anything. Whenever an issue comes up that bothers us, it can be work-related, something one of us did, or friend related issues, etc – we will talk about it. I think we squash a lot of bigger problems when we talk things out early on. Also, I like knowing that my wife wants to talk to me and seek comfort/advice about other problems affecting her

Laughing Non-Stop

what do you love most about your spouse

My wife and I always laugh together nonstop. We joke and pick on each other all the time and are always playful in our interactions. I am always doing silly actions in the bedroom( exclusive to my spouse) to make her laugh.

It is amazing my wife have withstood my nonsense for more than 10 years and is still not sick of it. Laughter is powerful medicine. Neither of us can get enough and both of us love to make the other laugh and smile.

Sharing Secrets

We share secrets together. We are like a secret keeper for each other. We don’t hide secrets from each other and know that our secrets are safe with each other.

Dating Time

We still find time to go for dating. Whether it is going for movies or a short trip overseas it helps to prevent the relationship from becoming stagnant. Even after having children, we try to arrange for our maid or in laws to take care of the kids for a few hours while we have some ‘me’ time together. I find it very important to maintain a longlasting marriage

Do Things Together

We do things together or share responsibilities in the household. She will take care of the baby while I will be doing the household chores. Sometimes we go grocery shopping together and she will cook delicious meals for me. My wife really knows how to capture a man’s heart through his stomach.

what do you love most about your spouse

Best Friend Forever

Your spouse SHOULD be your best friend. Considering the goal is to be together for a lifetime, you should spend it with your best friend and lover

Being Supportive

Be supportive of what each other want to do in their life or career. My wife always encourages me to plan for a better future as she feels less secure with someone who had no goals or dreams in life. She discusses with me how she should pursue her career path now that we have a baby. She wants to spend more time with the baby without jeopardizing her career.

She is also the main reason that I decide to pursue a career switch in my late 20s from the public sector to the private sector to challenge myself out of a comfort zone. Have not looked back since.

No One Is Perfect

There is truly nobody that I’d rather spend my time with, even when we disagree on things. I love that she’s not perfect nor doesn’t think herself to be.

Workout Together

Sometimes we plan on going work out together. We would go for a jog or swim together. She is suggesting to bring our baby boy along. She would relax at the park while I go for my jogging.

Bringing Different Strengths To The Marriage

My wife is a planner, an organizer and she is great at keeping us on the task at home. But she is terrible under pressure. I’m more disorganized and I don’t plan as much for our events. But when the chips are down and we need a quick solution to get out of a situation, then I can come up with some pretty creative fixes.

I’m great under pressure but get bored with routine. My wife thrives by setting up our routine but cracks under pressure. Just one example of how we bring different strengths to the marriage to create something special.

Being Grateful

being grateful

When my parents are still alive, my wife would always take care of them and treat them like her own. My mum loves her a lot and always joke that she is surprised that I can find such a marvellous and beautiful partner in life. She thought I would become a bachelor for life and no girl would fall for me. I miss my mum and I will cherish what I have now. I can’t stop loving my spouse.

No Grudges

We understand that life is way too short to hold grudges and resentments for the mistakes we make. In almost 11 years I can count maybe 10  fights (if you even want to call it that) we’ve had, and we didn’t let 12 hours go by without resolving whatever it was.

She has a willingness to get along and compromise, just like me. You would think with SO many things in common we would get on each other’s nerves, but it hasn’t happened yet. We’re even more passionate about one another now than we were 17 years ago.

We don’t seem to have lingering resentments.

Having A Meal Routine

We would try to have breakfast or dinner together on our working days. Great ‘WE’ time together. Sometimes she will also buy our groceries and cook together learning new recipes from youtube.

Hot Sex Life

We have a hot sex life and we can never keep our hands off each other. Cannot really underestimate how important this is. Lack of sex life is some of the major factors that can cause divorce in the long run.

I Love You

We never miss a chance to say I love you or are not stingy in giving hugs and kiss every day. My wife even makes it a point that I kiss and hug her every day before I go to work. Hehe.

i love you

Being Supportive

There are some things I love to do that my spouse are not interested in. However, she has never being a barrier for me to pursue what I want.

Endure The Rough Times

I feel like the really rough times in our marriage make it more valuable because we got through them. Admit that it is the most challenging when my wife suffered an anxiety breakdown when our 2nd child is born. We struggled to cope and she is also stressed out in work making her situation worst.

Luckily, we work things out together in the end and hired a maid to help in household chores. She left the job and is happier since. All these incidents made our relationship and marriage stronger than before

Trust In Each Other

Love it that we always trust each other. We do not check on each other handphone or question which friend he or she is dating. We respect each other privacy because we have full trust in each other. Our philosophy is if we cannot trust each other, what is the point in being together?

Appreciate The Simple Things

My wife loves it when I do the simple things for her. Buying breakfast for her or surprising her with flowers at her office are some examples