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3 Pros and Cons of Hiring A professional Interior Designer

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We are so lucky to live in a modern age where you can be playful and make some adjustments with the interior of your own home. Imagine having a bad day at work filled with stressful situations and all you can think about is leaving the workplace, going home where you can take a hot bath, put on some music, make a beverage and relax in the coziness of your home and forget about all your problems for a moment.

It’s scientifically proven that a simple change of the color of the bedroom walls, hanging a picture in the living room or any kind of decoration of your living space can make great changes in your mood and bring joy and happiness in your life. We spend maybe 60 to 80 percent of our time indoors, so why not make it unique and aesthetically beautiful to the eye.

You can even express your creativity through the spectrum of colors, textures, types of furniture. Start with small steps, work on some details like buy a new lamp, get some fresh flowers and put them in a vase on the dining table. Change the old cushions on the sofa with new ones with brighter colors or interesting patterns.

Then go bigger, paint a mural on the bedroom wall, make a wine cellar under the stairs, or a small library where you can spend your free time.  Also, there are numerous types of interior design styles you can go for. For example there is the modern style with well-defined shapes and shades of neutral colors.

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Or maybe you should go for the retro style if you are a fan of the 60s and 70s which is all about patterns and bright colors. The Bohemian style is very popular where you can reach for the earthy colors and plants are always good decoration. If you are passionate about owning a little cabin in the woods up on a mountain- rustic style is the perfect choice based on woody furniture and natural shades. To learn more about the Bohemian style check out this amazing guide from https://www.landofrugs.com/.

If you are feeling a bit insecure about the type of style you should implement and what kind of sofa you should buy or what color to paint the walls, or does the lamp match with the rest of the room, did you hung the painting in the right place, what pattern should the kitchen tile be etc you can always hire someone a professional who can help you with the choices.

Perhaps you are feeling unsure about hiring a professional for the job, we are here today to solve the problem with the help of this article. We can offer you 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages why you should or shouldn’t hire a professional interior designer.

First let’s start with the pros

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1. By hiring a professional designer, you should have in mind that you hire someone with knowledge of the field and taste for aesthetics, someone who has sense for details and understands how the spectrum of color works. He can make a piece of furniture belong in a certain corner of a room even if you are not able to picture it in your head.

Imagine having a waterfall wall in your living room. If you’re planning to hire a recommended interior designer, try Swiss Interior. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, the professional designers there will be able to give you great advice when renovating your home.

2. He can make your wishes come true. For example, you dream of your bedroom walls to be pink, but unsure which shade of pink. He can guide you through the process of picking up the right tone, so it is pleasant for the eye. A color that can fit perfectly with the sunlight penetrating in the morning and acceptable for rainy days. Or you wish to have a ceiling window with a perfect view of the sky and you can see the stars.

3. Open-mindedness, or to know how to accept new suggestions and ideas or even encourage you to bring your creativity onto the next level. The designer should make you feel that any idea or thought is welcomed no matter how silly you think it would look like.

Cons of hiring professional interior designer

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1. It’s going to be a problem If he does not respect your ideas and requests and simply does what he thinks is the best. You would like the kitchen tiles to be blue, but instead he chooses white because white matches perfectly with the countertop. If such a situation arises you will lose a huge amount of time and money and most importantly you will lose your patience.

2. Another disadvantage is rejecting any kind of criticism and discussing flaws in the process of decorating and renovating the place. For example, the chandelier in the living room is hanging so low you are getting hit by it every time you pass by. Again, you will end up with a result that does not satisfy your expectations.

3. Third obstacle but not least important is the budget limitation. Hiring a professional designer can be very expensive. The average costs can vary from 1000 up to 10000 US dollars and if you are not ready financially to pay the costs then maybe you should try with a cheaper option. Your home can look nice and elegant without using a lot of money.

In this little article we have presented our pros and cons of hiring a professional interior designer. We gave you three advantages and three disadvantages. Now it is up to you to decide if you are going to hire one or maybe go for the cheaper option and try to renovate or decorate your living space all by yourself. If you are financially limited and want to implement some style in your home or don’t have any clue how to do it, hometipsor.com is the perfect place for you. You can find some useful tips and tricks which you can apply in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or in the kitchen. Designing the home can bring a cheerful atmosphere and bring the family closer. Еverybody can contribute with their own idea in this mission and help to build an enjoyable living space.